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Best Part: If you've tried all kinds of self-help courses, been to the seminars, pumped your fist in the air, practiced "The Secret",
and all that other stuff but NONE OF IT WORKED...

On this page I'll explain why. And I'll show you verifiable
proof that in just minutes you can tap into your
own power to get what you really want.

Keep reading to find out how...

Dear Friend,

There's a mystery hidden deep within your DNA that's waiting to be revealed. As it unfolds, it will lead you to a realization that will simply amaze you.

What I'm about to share with you may completely fly in the face of what you learned about money, your self worth, and how you determine whether you have or feel "enough" in your life.

But as you read on, you'll begin to discover how your deepest challenges are actually blessings in disguise...

If you feel you've tried nearly everything to create results in your life, but for some reason, you still haven't gotten what you've wanted, you're not alone...

What I'm about to share with you may be one of the single most important breakthroughs you've ever discovered - and when you experience it for yourself, you may wonder why someone didn't tell you about it sooner...

If you're like many people, you've struggled with trying to get ahead, earning more, trying to create more security, feeling that there's not enough time, resources, energy or even love.

In some cases, you've successfully created what you've wanted - and yet you may have still felt incomplete in some way.

I know how you feel - for years, I struggled with these same issues. But one day I discovered the real cause of all these issues in my life - and with a simple exercise - I was able to clear it for good.

And you can as well - and I'll tell you more about it in just a bit...

What I learned was all our suffering is based one core false belief. And we've un-consciously agreed that it's true.

That we're separate from our Source.

But nothing could be further from the truth...

Even though the media, our schools and our own families have perpetuated this myth - there's a knowing inside of you right now that realizes that you're always connected to God/Source/Creator.

The key is knowing how to listen to it and act upon what you hear and feel...

Let's delve a little deeper into this myth of separation and where it came from...

"It's in Your Genes"

At the deepest level of our being is our DNA. It's our DNA that creates our physical body.

... but it creates even more...

Each of us has a unique DNA "fingerprint". Our DNA is the "hard drive" of our physical body - it stores all the memories of our lifetime. But according to modern research, we now know that it stores far more...

In addition to storing the physical map of your body, your DNA also holds the memory of your emotions, your mental capacities as well as your spiritual understandings and connections.

In working with hundreds of people around the world, I've discovered a unique gene that creates your "wealth blueprint" as well as how you think and feel about yourself.

It's called the Abundance Gene...

Your Abundance Gene determines not just your wealth consciousness, but it also controls how worthy you feel about yourself, about love (both giving and receiving) and your level of inner peace. One of the most interesting discoveries about the Abundance Gene is although it does affect your ability to attract wealth, and your feelings of "enough" in your life, we now know that it is not set in stone.

In other words, your DNA is not static, it can be changed.

This is one of the most remarkable discoveries of our lifetime.

According to Dr. Bruce Lipton, "genes cannot turn themselves on or off - they are controlled by their environment". In other words, even though you may have a physical ailment, the gene that turned "on" that creates the problem can also be turned "off".

This incredible discovery also affects all other aspects of your life:

Your finances
Your health
Your self-worth
Your confidence
Your ability to grow a business

and how you feel about yourself...

I can help you discover if your Abundance Gene is turned off and how to turn it back on. It's simpler than you can imagine and in my new Infinite Abundance course, I'll show you exactly how to do it.

But there's something even deeper...

Beneath the level of your DNA is a limiting belief that's been passed down from generation from generation.

That limiting belief is the "Not Enough Effect"

The Cause of the "Not Enough Effect"

The feeling of "Not Enough" is what causes:

  • Self doubt, worry and anxiety
  • Cash flow problems in your business
  • The feeling of your energy being "drained" when you make decisions around money
  • Worries over your future
  • The feeling of never having enough time for you to get things done
  • Indecision, regret, and guilt

Ninety percent of women who participated in a 2006 survey commissioned by Allianz Insurance rated themselves as feeling insecure when it came to their finances.

Men do a better job of hiding it - and yet it's a concern for almost all people - regardless of wealth, status or power.

But you can clear these life-depleting thoughts and feelings for good - once you understand the unique cause in your subconscious and your DNA.

Remember, unless you solve the "Not Enough Effect", it will consume your energy and drain your life force from your mind and body. I've watched it happen to my own father and countless individuals. It began to happen to me - but instead of it happening all over again - it woke me up.

What would your life be like completely free of worries about money, time, love and health.?

Do you think it's possible?

I'm here to share with you that it's more than possible - and you have the seeds of activating a level of consciousness that's already within you that can solve any problem, any issue - and not just for yourself - but for your family, your friends and even our planet.

Is your "Scarcity Gene" Turned On?

In addition to the Abundance Gene is one called the "Scarcity Gene". This gene can lay dormant for years until an event in your life "activates" it.

Example: John had a good job for many years and one day he was suddenly laid off. Prior to being laid off, he felt fine about money, his self worth and most of his life. But after he lost his job, his life seemed to go out of control. His debt began to pile up, his relationship with his wife became strained and even began to affect his health began to deteriorate. He noticed how drained he felt - eve though he took good are of himself physically. He began to experience panic attacks and felt like he was going to "lose it all".

I worked with John and in one session, we found the root cause of his panic attacks and cleared it from where it originated - in his childhood. Within one week, he found a new (and better paying) job, his relationship was renewed and his panic attacks disappeared.

What John discovered was an old memory that affected his father had been activated when John lost his job. He remembered how his father also had panic attacks and how watching his father go through them created a traumatic memory that hid latent in his subconscious until John was laid off.

When he freed up this old memory in his DNA, John felt better than he felt in years...

"...a constant source of amazement and insight"

... hardly a day goes by that I don't find myself reflecting on principles and practices learned and honed during the course.

Working with you and the group and Susan brought new perspectives that were a constant source of amazement and insight. And the new technology, techniques were both challenging and mind expanding. Not to mention, the heart. I have done a lot of classes/courses over the years and read quite a lot. At least I thought I had until I worked with you. Your breadth and depth enable you to bring to your classes material that integrates a broad range of related subjects and synthesize those into new and useful skills and resources.

I can truly say the investment in time and resources with you was one of the more rewarding and beneficial for me in recent years. Many changes in my life and world are directly attributable to the new material and practices gained from the Mentoring Program. I can only imagine what you have brought to the new course and envy those group members who will benefit from those who have gone before. A new world awaits those who are prepared. Many thanks for the work you do and the work yet to be done.

Jack Moberg, Marietta,OH

PS - I strongly recommend doing the preview material to assist in making a decision to join the course. Time well spent and much learned before the course even began.

Unless You Clear The "Not Enough Effect", No Amount Of "Things"
Will Ever Make You Happy

"My experience with the DNA portion of the program left me
with a feeling of infinite possibility"

My experience with the DNA portion of the program left me with a feeling of infinite possibility. It gave me tools to affect my DNA and to actually see the changes in my physical world.

About 2 months ago, my heart started pounding really hard... like it was going to jump out of my chest. It was happening on and off for about 2 days. Then one day it got pretty consistent for one whole day. So, that day I went home and listened to what my heart needed... to get present with what it wanted. My heart started to calm down. One thing that was running through my mind is my mother mentioning that many of her brothers had heart issues. So my thoughts were, "oh no! I've inherited my uncles' heart issues!" Using what I learned in Paul's DNA course, I decided to work with this and asked to clear any and all heart issues from my DNA now, in the past and in the future... I no longer have that pounding in my heart. My blood pressure has also come down more than 40 points the last time I checked.

Pat Sullivan, Saugus, CA

Here's just a few of benefits you'll receive from taking this course:

  • Free yourself from the "Not Enough Effect" so you can attract what you want with less effort than you've ever imagined

  • How to tell if your "Scarcity Gene" is activated and how to turn it off. (Even if your Abundance Gene is turned on, its very possible that your Scarcity Gene is turned on as well - causing you to feel like you're "driving with your foot on the gas and the break pedal" - at the same time). A very large percentage of people who have done serious study for years still have this challenge - and they're not even aware of it.

  • Clear old beliefs, karma, and negative programming from your DNA and your ancestors. This single part of the course will be one of the most groundbreaking events of your entire life

  • Discover a whole new level of intuition and inspiration so you can trust your decisions and move forward in your life

  • The single greatest cause of all financial problems (and what to do about it). When you free yourself of this issue - it will affect your loved ones, children and everyone you come in contact with

  • Free yourself from worry over money and other physical possessions. When you learn the simple tools in this course, each morning you awake, you'll feel rested, energized and have unstoppable focus and clarity.

  • Learn why focusing on "getting more" actually causes you to lose more

  • Dramatically lower stress levels around money, your career and how you feel about yourself

  • How to integrate your spiritual beliefs with your material ones so you can be free of this age-old conflict

  • Learn the amazing power of focused intent and how to apply it in your everyday life to create results that you previously thought were impossible

  • How to harness the incredible power of "Mana" to create results in your life that will amaze you - even when your energy is low and things don't seem to be going your way (no matter what you've tried)

  • How to transform even your most difficult problems and challenges into success beyond your imagination

  • How to clear problems in your family, friends, bosses, coworkers and neighbors without harm or manipulation

  • How to help your loved ones increase their energy and stamina with a simple but powerful technique discovered by the Hawaiians over 5000 years ago

You'll learn practical new skills that you can use in all areas of your life:

In your relationships
How you view money and your finances
Your Spirituality
Your career
Your health
Your confidence and self esteem

Remember, there are no limits except for the limits you place on yourself.


The Incredible Power Of Focused Intent

Thus far, we've only begun to scratch the surface of the incredible power of intent. I'll show you how to detect un-conscious intent that short-circuits your goals and intentions and re-align your core energy with what you want, so you can have what you want in all areas of your life.

Radiant Health
Abundance of money
Clarity of focus and vision
Deep Inner Peace
Self confidence that lasts - despite the odds

Intent is working in our lives all the time - consciously or un-consciously. When you learn how to harness the power of intent, nothing is impossible.

But there's far more...

I will take you to a place within you that most people never discover and when you experience this place within you, you'll wonder why no one ever told you about it before...

Let me stop here for second, because I'm pretty sure that there is still one burning question left unanswered in the back of your mind...

How Is This Any Different
From Everything Else Out There?

That's a great question. After all, this might all sound a little bit too good to be true. I don't blame you for being skeptical at this point.

Infinite Abundance isn't just about manifesting or getting "stuff". It helps you rise above the limited view of your ego and helps you see and feel with more clarity than you've ever imagined.

Beneath the layer of what we call our problems lies a vast storehouse of hidden energy. For most people, this energy remains untapped for their entire lives. I'll show you how you can harness this energy and focus it to create astounding results in all parts of your life.

  • Energy that used to drain you - will revitalize you

  • Thoughts that used to make you hold back will create the confidence to move forward

  • Feelings that created uncertainty, doubt and fear will transform into clarity, focus and unstoppable intent

In other words, every negative situation in your life will become an opportunity to grow stronger. If you're ready to let go of the past and embrace the present and your Infinite potential, this course will one of the most important steps you've ever taken.

Through a powerful new process called the "Re-Sourcing Process", you'll be able to re-activate dormant forces within you that would normally take years of therapy, heartache and practice to accomplish.

But by using the "Re-Sourcing Process" daily, you be able to transform even your deepest problems into amazing results.

By tapping into the power of your Higher Self, the Infinite Abundance course helps you re-claim the trapped energy behind your life issues.

"I highly recommend any course by Paul"

I have attended many "mind-based" self-improvement workshops, which were beneficial to my personal growth; however, I found Paul's heart-consciousness approach to personal transformation to be far more empowering and effective. I use the tools I learned from Paul on a daily basis and my life has become much more peaceful, fulfilling, and prosperous. He does an outstanding job of blending the teachings of the masters into easy to learn methods of personal transformation. And, Paul always over-delivers."

Kenny Brinson, Tampa, Florida

The Not Enough Effect - who hasn’t wrestled with this
one at some point in time?!

Paul’s classes on DNA and Abundance gave a plethora of tools for me to add to my tool-box. DNA is not something I may have read about or studied on my own, and I would never have guessed how integral it is to many daily activities, events and feelings... But the honest way in which Paul shares what he has experienced and learned help me to relate it to my own experiences and to begin to observe it in new experiences as well.

More than anything, I think Paul’s vibrations on these topics help me to remember myself, and to at least slow down the world around me and choose my reaction to it. ...I have found greater peace in being able quiet my mind and just be. Observing the Not Enough Effect from a playful, curious outside perspective where I can truly feel gratitude for the blessings in all things has served me well. I think it is both Paul’s humour and insight that make participating in these calls and listening to the recordings again and again a valuable part of the peace I now experience.

Some of the most powerful lessons I have learned are how to love the dark parts of myself, the down days, the feelings of anxiety, frustration and fear. To love and cherish both sides of the polarity I am experiencing and be ok with anything, and I truly mean anything that crosses my path. Blessings to you Paul for sharing your journey, and blessings to whomever is reading this comment right now. Breathe deep, close your eyes, touch your heart, embrace the white light within and let it shine….

And so it is….


Pamela French, Ottawa, Canada

Special Bonus with all levels:

New Clear-Mind™ Meditation CD - Level II
with SPECIAL Clear-Mind™ Training Session

If you've tried meditating, but haven't found that inner silence you're read so much about, you'll be delighted with the new Clear Mind - Level II program. This program comes FREE with all levels of the course.

This program is one of the most important parts of the Infinite Abundance Course. After years of research and development, and working directly with hundreds of people from across the world, Paul created Clear-Mind™ with the vision of helping you clear what he calls "The Polarized Mind".

Once you're free of the "The Polarized Mind", your stress levels will dramatically decrease, you'll have clarity and focus like a laser, and you'll achieve your goals and intentions with far greater ease.

Clear-Mind Level II

Clear-Mind™ will help you'll master how to calm your mind and achieve inner peace and harmony. Most people believe that it takes years to learn meditation, but with Clear-Mind™, you'll experience deep states of calm and clarity within just minutes a day.

Even if you've tried meditating with little or no success, with Clear-Mind™ and the "Ultra-Manafesting" System, you'll make more progress in a few days than you've made in years. I'll help you with live interactive training on the specific ways of clearing the overactive (polarized) mind.

"Clear Mind is fabulous. I can now go into a deeper meditation which I was previously unable to do."

Clear Mind is fabulous. I can now go into a deeper meditation which I was previously unable to do. I'm now more relaxed and less moody and able to handle a stressful situation. A new clarity I have from taking this Course is that I don't have to try and fix things including myself. To align with Spirit work through me.That was my biggest reason for doing this course.

I have already told my friends about your wonderful course. Compared to others, it's not hard work.....I tell them Paul is wonderful, and a very genuine man. This course is the best thing that I have done.

Susan Henderson, Brisbane, Australia

Special Monthly Mentoring Program

Last year, I held an invitation-only Mentoring Program for a select group of people from across the world. The results they created for themselves were life changing. For the first time since then, you'll have an opportunity to work with me live in my new Infinite Abundance Mentoring Program.

Here's some of what you'll receive as part of the Infinite Abundance Mentoring Program.

1. Weekly in depth sessions to expand your understanding and practice of the skills you'll learn in the Infinite Abundance course. You'll learn powerful new skills on awakening your DNA and clearing old programs and memories that have held you back. Special focus will be given to make sure you master the course materials and the ability to clear even the deepest and longest held issues and problems.

You'll be able to clear not only your own life issues, but issues within your family and your ancestors as well. I've seen firsthand what this work can do - and when you join me in the Infinite Abundance Mentoring Program, you'll see them as well and you'll simply be amazed at the results.

2. Weekly Q&A Sessions - Each week, we'll work together as a team as you activate your DNA. These calls are all live - and in person - so you get to work with group energy and intent as well as make friends that will last a lifetime. No question or issue goes unanswered. No matter how difficult your life issue may seem, you'll never be left to "figure it all out on your own".

3. The opportunity to part of your own "DNA of Abundance" Mastermind Team.

4. Extra bonuses and surprises.

Additional Bonus (when you join the Infinite Abundance Mentoring Program)
Paul's new Infinite Abundance Software (worth 149.00)

Helps you discover the limiting beliefs, patterns and memories that no longer serve you and teaches you exactly how to clear them.


The new Infinite Abundance Software

Here's what you'll receive...

Here's what you get when you order the Infinite Abundance Course

1) 4 Weekly Tele-Seminar trainings - live with Paul Bauer

2) The new Re-Sourcing Process and the Abundance Activation technique

3) Clear-Mind Meditation Program - Level II

4) Weekly Q&A calls where you get to work live with Paul to discover and clear whatever blocks you from having what you want most in life

5) Paul's powerful new software called "Infinite Abundance" (when you join the Mentoring Program)

PLUS: All Mentoring Program Students will also have the opportunity to part of their own "DNA of Abundance" Mastermind Team.

Special Bonus Session (with the Mentoring Program Option)

  • How to eliminate the cause of money and abundance issues - - right from the root.

    I'll help you discover the beliefs and polarities (conflicts) you have about money that hold you back - and clear (integrate them) so you can have money flow into your life without undue strain or effort.

    Note: This class alone will pay for your entire training. When you practice and apply what you'll learn in this powerful session, you'll be able to clear the cause of your money and prosperity issues - right from their roots.

    We're having two special classes specifically focused on this issue - and we'll make sure you have the necessary follow-up to ensure your success.

    Even if your unsure of how to pay for the course, with these powerful sessions, you'll finally be able to detect and clear the cause of your money issues from their origin level.

Special Bonus #2: Free Admission to Paul's "Infinite Abundance" Weekend Seminar held in Chicago (worth $297.00). Date and location to be announced.

  • You and the person of your choice have tickets to work with Paul and special guest Susan Castle - LIVE. The value of Paul's live in-person training Course is $500.00 per person.

  • Take your experience of the Infinite Abundance course to a whole new level. Work with Paul one-on-one and clear even your most challenging issues and problems and maximize your results.

3 Options to Choose From

Option 1 - Infinite Abundance Course Download Version

Option 2- Infinite Abundance Course CD Version

Option 3- Infinite Abundance Course with a Personal Session with Paul Bauer

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If at any time "Infinite Abundance" Course fails to live up to your expectations—let me know and we'll promptly issue you a full refund. No questions. No hassles. Just a sincere "Thank you" from us for giving the "Infinite Abundance" course a shot.

In fact, it's more than a guarantee...it's a promise.

I look forward to you being a part of this life changing course - and making shifts that most people have never dreamed of...

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Paul Bauer - President
Dreams Alive

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"...the most beneficial program I have participated in
since I began my journey within"

Paul's course was by far the most beneficial program I have participated in since I began my journey within.

The interaction with the other class members and the collective energy that sent us over the top when we needed it the most was an awesome experience. Knowing now that I can still tap into that energy helps me daily to stay on track. Who would have understood the process DNA plays in our thinking and feeling? You mapped it out for us, with your knowledge, class aides, referred reading and interaction with the forum. I learned to feel from my heart and how to track that DNA and clear it. There was daily contact through the forum with other members and you were always there when we stumbled. Most of all, I was impressed that you taught us it is OK to stumble and that you still stumble with issues just as we do. Thank you for the tools you gave us to learn, the awesome journey that will continue onward and for being who you are.

Me Ka Mahalo Ihi,

Bonnie James, O'Fallon, IL

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