The 3 Biggest Myths of Meditation

After I first began to meditate, I realized it wasn’t as easy as I
had originally hoped (or planned).

In fact, it was very difficult for me (for quite a few years).

But things got much easier for me as I learned about
the mind (and how it plays tricks on us).

In any endeavor, we realize that as we first begin, there’s
a learning curve that we have to go through in order to
understand and apply what we’ve learned.

The funny thing about meditation is its almost like we
face that “learning curve” over and over again each
time we sit down to meditate.

With that in mind, I thought I’d share some of the
biggest challenges and myths that people encounter
about meditation (and how to shift your perceptions
about what meditation is and what it can do for you)


Myth # I – “It’s too hard to do”

The one people complain about most is “it’s too hard to do”.

The funny thing about meditation is it’s not about “doing”.

It’s about being.

The old habit is to get so caught up in our “busy” life and when it
comes time to actually meditating it seems difficult.

That’s only because we haven’t created the habit of doing it.

Once we’ve had an experience of meditation, it’s much easier
to actually do it again. The key is in the experience.

Some have a good experience when they first try.
If you’re like me, I tried many times and didn’t have what I
would call a “good” experience.

But that didn’t stop me from trying. Because I knew the real
benefits of what he could do for me. Not just the facts
(and there are dozens of reasons why it works as well as
the scientific proof to back it up)

But there was a feeling within me. Like a homing beacon
was calling me back to my real self.

The restless ego mind makes it seem hard to let go.
But that’s because it wants to preserve status quo – in other
words to keep you safe.

But safety is not the path to growth is it?

When we meditate, we free our minds and allow ourselves to
connect with Life itself again. No preconceived notions of the way
it “should“ be.

Myth #2 – “I don’t have the time”

The second great myth of meditation is “I don’t have the time to do it”.

When you think about how much time you spend watching TV, browsing
the Internet, scanning Facebook, or “staying busy” each of these are choices.

They are the choice of spending our time.

Here’s where it gets interesting.

There’s nothing more important than tuning in and nurturing our
inner self. Even though there are countless activities that distract
us from doing that very nurturing.

So the question you can ask yourself is:

“Are my distractions more important than me?”

And if your answer is “yes”, you have even more reason to meditate.

Because if your distractions take you away from who you really are,
they will only continue to create confusion (and even pain) for yourself.

Thinking we don’t have enough time to do things like meditation is
based on the fear of “not enough”.

In other words, at the root, when we say things like:

“I don’t have enough time”
“I don’t have enough money”
“I don’t have enough love

We’re really saying is “I’m not enough”.

But the truth is you already are enough. Because we live in a world
of abundance. What we lack is attention.

Attention to what matters most.

So, next time your mind tells you there’s not enough of something,
step back, take a deep breath and notice.

Notice how you feel. Notice your breathing.

And just let go…

Let go into the present moment…

Myth # 3. “It’s not working”

Here’s another big reason why people don’t continue meditating.
And I’ve certainly had dozens of times in my life where I felt that my
meditations “weren’t working” for me.

Theres an old saying that says:

“The only bad meditation is them when you didn’t do“

Meditation isn’t an end goal. It’s not about getting anything. Even
peace or getting rid of stress.

It takes time to detach from the mind because it believes that it is us.
In other words every thought appears real (especially when it’s stressful).

But the real discovery happens when you realize that you are not your mind.
You are not your thoughts. And you are not your emotions.

What meditation essentially helps us do is to let go of identifying with
our minds. And by doing so we return to our core. At the center of our
being is a place of stillness.

That stillness is who we truly are. It is our Essence.

Every time we meditate, we let go of the mind and the illusions it creates.

Instead of thinking “it’s not working“, what if you have a sense of curiosity
like a little child each time you meditated?

And your heart was open.

To yourself and to Life.

Every moment is an opportunity to just be.

And meditation is a wonderful way of returning to your natural state of being.

Take time today my friend, to just breathe, step back and let go…

And allow your Essence to refresh your mind and your whole being.

And so it is…



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Are You Ready For A Quantum Leap?

“If you have the answers and structure and
certainty up front, it’s not a quantum leap”
 – Price Pritchett

We all seem to be looking for something in our lives…    

More energy and health
A return to youth

But what we’re looking for can’t be found in the physical plane. It can
only be found within Our “Inner World” is far larger than we’ve ever
imagined, and the only reason we haven’t noticed it more is due to old
beliefs and habits that prevent us from seeing it and harnessing its
vast potential. Today’s quote is about quantum leaps.

As Pritchett’s quote above says:

    “If you have the answers and structure and
certainty up front, it’s not a quantum leap”

Quantum leaps don’t happen because you “try hard” to get them.
They occur because you allow them.  

Pritchett says:  
“See, a quantum leap is a move you’re already prepared
to make. You just haven’t done it yet” You’ve got all
the inner resources… 

The ideas
The imagination
The network of people
The inner drive 

What’s missing is your decision to simply “jump” without a net. The KEY is to
focus on the end result with your whole imagination. If fears come up, you
know they’re based on the old “familiar”programs stuck in the subconscious mind. 
(You can easily clear these – see more below). 

When you decide, when you commit your whole being to making your
quantum leap, you usher in a whole new series of forces (primarily un-seen) that
will assist you in your endeavor. How do I know? Because we’ve all done it before,
you may not actively remember HOW, but the HOW isn’t important.

What’s crucial is for you to stimulate your imagination (your inner genius)
to help you see,feel, taste, breathe, and LIVE your ideal BEFORE it ever shows
up in the physical (3rd dimensional) plane.  

Today’s Abundance Tip 
1. Grab a sheet of paper

2. Write down the things you would absolutely LOVE to manifest

3. Quiet your mind and breathe in each of your manifestations fully – in full detail.
Really allow yourself to be in the full sensory detail of each manifestation already 
being real.

4. If you have internal resistance, use Clear-Mind or your favorite tool to clear
the NRM’s (Negative Reinforced Memories) from your energy field

5. Listen and allow your Higher Self and your subconscious to speak to you 

6. Take “inspired action” – act upon the things that make you feel excited, alive,
like a kid again

Tonight, before you fall asleep, review this exercise again, and
allow your inner self to harmonize your manifestations. As you
sleep, your Higher Self and subconscious will work on your behalf
to begin bringing your manifestations into reality.

Let your quantum leap happen today my friend – first, on the inside
then on the outside… We’re waiting at the finish line for you… 

And So It Is… : – )


Living at Zero Point

Back in 2006, I was browsing in a cute little new age bookstore in Sedona and I stumbled across a book that dramatically changed my life.

That little book opened my eyes to an entirely new way of living and Be-ing. It discusses the new frontier of DNA Clearing and Activation which I’d already been doing for several years.

The Amazing Power of Zero Point
But it was the way it was done that completely transformed my life. The author shares the power of what’s called Zero Point. When we live from that state, our lives take on almost unimaginable new possibilities.

In essence, Zero Point means the coexistence of negative and positive polarities in the same moment. What this really means is instead of only focusing on the positive (which creates unconscious resistance within ourselves against the negative) living from Zero Point allows you to harness the power of whatever negative polarity or problem exists in your life and use it to help create your intent.

Yes, you read right – instead of trying to “get rid of” the negative, you instead learn to accept it and begin to access it’s “stuck” energy and balancing force.

Here’s where most people get stuck
We’ve been trained to focus on the positive and the problem with that approach is the more positive you try to be, the more you suppress any negative emotions or feelings that you have.

In other words, any feelings of guilt, anxiety, fear, etc that you feel won’t ever change by trying to be “positive” (or by trying to get rid of them).

“You cannot eliminate the negative by attaining
more of the positive”
– John Ruskan

The real key to working with negative emotions is acceptance of them. Without acceptance, you create inner resistance (or self rejection).

The “More” Culture

Our culture focuses almost entirely on getting more, being more, doing more, as if “more“ is a virtue unto itself. Nothing could be further from the truth. The real issue within all of us stems from our feelings of separateness…

Separateness from our loved ones
Separateness from money
Separateness from our own Hearts.

Separateness from our own feelings and our own True Selves.

Each day, any pain you ever feel is a feeling of separateness in some way.

So instead of pushing any unwanted feelings, away, you have a new choice.
The new choice is to begin to live in harmony at Zero Point and any negative feelings (and the negative charge that they carry) can be put at Zero Point and you regain the suppressed energy in that negative feeling.

If you resist that negative feeling, you’ll just create more negativity, stress, heartache and separation.

A Real Life Example

Let’s say you have a fear of public speaking. Instead of trying to “psych yourself up” to get in front of an audience, what if you tune in to the fear that you feel, and discovered that that fear is actually trying to help you?

In my own experience, when I used to get butterflies before I spoke in front of an audience, I got in touch with the feeling and I asked for its message. It told me was it was actually excited – not fearful!

That they changed my life because what I began to realize was that fear is just trapped energy waiting to come out. And it’s the mind that prevents it from releasing because of its old programs and limited thinking.

Ask yourself “Why don’t I do what I know I want to do?”

If you’re honest with yourself, the answer is because in some way, you fear doing it. If you force yourself to do it, you’re suppressing the fear. But if you discover the message of the fear, now you get the benefit of not just doing the thing you fear but also you learn the wisdom and the lesson that the fear was meant to teach you.

So to get back to Zero Point and how it relates in your life, when you live from Zero Point, instead of trying to make fears go away, you harness their energy and integrate that energy into your intent, your thoughts, your feelings and your decisions.

When you do this, not only will you feel better because you are in alignment with your own inner self, but you’re manifesting power dramatically increases as well.

So there are two essential choices:

1. Let your fears stop you or slow you down
2. Harness the energy of your fears and the from Zero Point in harmony and inner peace

Let today be the day that you choose to live at Zero Point, in harmony with your emotions, your feelings and what life presents to you, even if its not what you want.

Because if you resist what you don’t want, you’ll create more of it.


Let go…

And Let Life guide you on your journey…

And So It Is


Paul Bauer


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It’s All In Your DNA

If you’re into personal growth and you’re a seeker, you might just love what you’re about to learn. If you’ve tried method after method and gotten only limited results, you’re not alone (because the answer lies beyond normal awareness).

When we seek to change something about ourselves – whether it be physical, spiritual, mental or emotional, we’re often not aware of just how deep the block or trapped emotion actually lies.

More often than not when you try to make changes in your life your subconscious puts up initial resistance. This is normal and in almost all cases your subconscious is trying to protect you. But what it doesn’t know is that you are no longer subject to some of the old rules and beliefs that you bought into at an early age (when the belief or trapped emotion was originally created). That’s why it’s so valuable doing subconscious clearing work.

But working with subconscious isn’t always easy. It has a unique set of defenses to protect you from being harmed or manipulated.

I’ve been helping people clear subconscious blocks for over 20 years and I’ve helped thousands of people make tremendous transformations in their lives. But every once a while someone will still experience a stumbling block and they are not sure why.

One of the other key components of transformation that I’ve been doing since the early 2000’s is DNA clearing work.

Your DNA is more than just a standard genetic profile that you may have heard in the news. It holds literally every memory, belief, and literally every facet of your being. Up till now it’s been almost impossible to re-write what is in your DNA.

But new discoveries in the field of Epi-genetics, research now shows that your DNA is not static and responds to *how you feel* and the many elements of your environment. (see the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton for more on this fascinating subject).

The Great Shift

No there’s a simpler way to access and rewrite your DNA when it comes to any challenges or obstacles that you encounter your life. When I do personal sessions for people, one of things I help them do is determine whether there’s a defaulty program’s in their DNA that’s causing the problem.

Once we determine the faulty program, we replace it with one that is more empowering and harmonic. In many cases you feel results almost immediately.

Issues like:

Money and prosperity
Energy and health issues
Relationship challenges
Self-esteem and confidence issues
Youth and vitality issues

…to name a few.

When real transformation occurs within you, it occurs all the way down to your DNA. Because your DNA is the “record keeper” of literally *every experience* that you have in your entire life (and even past lives). Your DNA stores more information you can imagine (far beyond juts physical traits as once thought).

Sounds, smells, textures, stories, sensations – all of it is stored in the literally gigabytes of storage in your Cellular DNA.

One of the coolest discoveries I recently made has been in the field of abundance relative to our DNA. And I’ve created a new “Abundance DNA Activation and Clearing Process” that helps clear whatever blocks the flow of abundance in your life. People I’ve shared this new protocol have made dramatic shifts in their career, their finances and most importantly how they feel about themselves.

Now let’s keep one thing in mind…

Money is just one part of what abundance really means – it’s just the “wrapping on the gift”, not the gift itself. Once you clear your abundance issues, gifts beyond what you originally hoped for begin to show up in your life.


Inner peace (despite the ups and downs)
Friends that love and support you
Awareness shifts that turn stress into breakthroughs
Intuitive insights (in your career and your personal life)
Creativity that flows without trying

And we’re just gettin’ started!

And that my friend is a journey worth discovering…

May Abundance Flow To You and Those You Love…



P.S. – More news coming soon on the Abundance DNA Activation and Clearing Process. Watch your email for more…

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Gratitude Shift

“The struggle ends when the gratitude begins.”
– Neale Donald Walsch

Have you ever had an instance in your life where you didn’t get what
you wanted or hoped for? In other words, when things didn’t go your way?

It happens to the best of us, but the key is what do you when you don’t get what you want and more importantly, what do you tell yourself when it eventually happens?

Let’s say there are two basic options of what you do when things don’t go your way:

Option 1
Do you say, “Ok, that didn’t work out, I’ll just do it differently”
and move on?

Option 2
Or, do you get disappointed and allow circumstances to dictate how you feel?

For many years, I unconsciously chose the second option (disappointment)
and frankly that choice drove me nuts! At first, didn’t notice the choice
I had made (because it was an un-conscious decision). But the more it
happened, the more it got my attention. I recalled that any feeling,
good or bad, is a message from your subconscious. And the way I felt
was clearly not happy, because I felt dissatisfied.

The more it happened, the more it spoke to me and the more it woke me up.

Webster defines disappointment as:

Unhappiness from the failure of something hoped for
or expected to happen.

Hmm, I noticed several things about that definition.

* A state of unhappiness
* The feeling of failure
* Something expected or hoped for

That’s a LOT packed into one simple definition, yet this little word
often becomes the very thing that takes the wind out of our sails
and changes our mood (in a matter of seconds).

Often what happens when we want something, we set up an expectation and
we un-consciously get attached to that thing we expect. It’s like we place all our hopes and energy into it, and when it doesn’t show up in the very way we what, our feelings get hurt and we do our own version of “pouting”.

Disappointment = Lack of Gratitude

In essence, when we feel disappointed, we’ve shifted our vibration
dramatically lower than we can imagine.

Disappointment of not getting what you want = LOC 125 (on Hawkins Map of Consciousness.) For reference, Courage is LOC 200 and Peace is LOC 600.

The Problem with Lack of Gratitude

When you want more or when you are disappointed, you’re sending a
signal to the Universe that you are ungrateful. That lack of gratitude
“short circuits” your manifesting power because it acts as a limiter
and compresses your natural vibration.

“Gratitude also opens your eyes to the limitless potential of the
universe, while dissatisfaction closes your eyes to it.”
– Anon

Disappointment and dissatisfaction are indicators of our lack of gratitude.
And when you are disappointed that something has not gone your way,
the signal you’re sending is one of scarcity.

The Antidote for Disappointment and Dissatisfaction

If you ever feel like things aren’t going your way, and you need a shot
of enthusiasm, this article may be the very thing you’ve been looking
for to make your own “Gratitude Shift” to transform your life.
(Read on for a cool exercise you can use).

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine
jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.”
– William Arthur Ward

The Real Shift Comes From Your Heart

Let’s say you’re having a bad day and you’ve begin to notice that you
haven’t been feeling much gratitude. And you remember that “gratitude is
the antidote” and you decide to “turn on the gratitude”.

Here’s where it can get kind of complicated.

If you choose to be grateful because by being grateful you think it
will get you what you want, then the signal you’re actually sending is:

1) You don’t have what you want

2) You’re not truly grateful (you’re in your ego)

This kind of gratitude isn’t real – it has no real feeling. It comes
from the mind. The mind thinks it can win if it “does something”
(rather than feeling it and being it through your Heart).

And the intent is you send the feeling of “not having” into
your gratitude and splits it into two – having and not having.
In other words, it’s like “faking it till you make it” – a common
slogan from the motivational movement that relies primarily
on the ego mind to get ahead and “go for the gusto”.

Gratitude Shift occurs when you choose to step back and let go
and allow your Heart to be your guide. It is the part of you that
allows you to feel gratitude (and does the actual creating!)

“Gratitude is the key that unlocks the essence of
your Heart and all of life”.
– Dr. Joseph Dremer

So, how do you shift into gratitude? The kind of gratitude that lasts
more than just a couple of minutes? The kind of gratitude that makes
you feel good just by feeling it?

Imagine this exercise helping you make the very shift that
opens the flow
(and gives you peace of mind that lasts)

“Gratitude Shift” Exercise

1. Close your eyes

2. Begin to breathe slowly and deeply

3. Touch your Heart and begin to get in touch with how you’re feeling

4. Think of something you love, something you already have in your life
that you really appreciate (a friend, a pet, a loved one, a work of art)

5. Allow yourself to really feel that feeling of gratitude – from your Heart and just breathe into that feeling for at least several minutes.

Practice this exercise when you’ve got some time to appreciate it (like in the morning before you jump into the busy-ness of the day or right before bed).

And let yourself feel the essence of gratitude as it reminds you of your Essence…

And so it is…

“If the only prayer you ever prayed was thank you,
that would be enough”
– Meister Eckart

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The Fear of Loss (and the unexpected gifts)

The day my partner Susan passed away seemed like it lasted for several days.
My mind just wasn’t aware of “time” as we normally see it.

Later that day, I needed to go to the local health food store because my
refrigerator was almost bare. It had been over 30 days since I had a normal
meal at home because I had been visiting her in the hospital almost every
day in that that time span.

When I was checking out, the young clerk asked me those two basic
questions that most clerks ask:

“Did you find everything you need?”
“How’s your day going?”

The first question was easy to answer. The second one made me think,
“what do I say?” I chose to tell him. I said “This is probably the most
bittersweet day of my life. My wife passed away this morning”

The look on his face (and the woman who was bagging the groceries)
went from normal to shock in a matter of seconds. The young man said,
“I’m so sorry for your loss”.

I paused as I heard his words and looked into the woman’s eyes
who was helping and it hit me…

“It seems strange that almost everyone responds by saying that same
phrase “I’m so sorry for your loss”.

I said to both of them:
“You know what’s strange…? Our culture thinks that when someone crosses over,
that we’ve “lost” them. In other words that we’re “separate” from them. And
that feeling of separation creates a whirlwind of emotional ups and downs. Once
it starts it’s very difficult to pull out of.”

And then I said:
“The second thing is that we assume they were “ours”, like we had
“ownership” of them in some way.”

But what if neither belief is true?

The two people looked stunned – like they saw something they’ve never
seen before…

What if we’ve gotten all wrong? And our attachments to these Souls is
the cause of our suffering?

“Train yourself to let go of the things you fear losing most”
– Yoda

When I first heard Yoda’s quote from above, it completely changed the way
I saw life and death.

When you actually take the time to ask yourself:

“What do I fear losing most?”
“What if i began to train myself NOW to prepare me for its eventually
leaving my life”?

…you will shift your Soul’s vibration and evolution in ways beyond
your imagination. In other words, holding on to things or people
actually lowers your vibration and stunts your spiritual, emotional
and mental growth.

But letting go of those things and people actually allow your Soul
to evolve to a level that will astound you. You almost will not
recognize your old self when you’re free of the old self’s attachments.

As the great teacher, Pema Chodron shares:
“The ego hates the concept of death. Not just death of someone you care
for, but death of anything.”

The ending of a job
The end of a relationship
The end of a creative cycle in our life
When our children become adults
The end of a friendship

Anything that represents the “end” of something is almost automatically
resisted by the ego.

The key is to look past the judgment of “loss” and tune into the gift of
the process. What if it isn’t loss at all?

What if you’re gaining something you never knew existed when
that chapter in your life comes to a close?

In other words, what’s the gift of that supposed “loss”?

Does that mean that when someone leaves your life that you shouldn’t grieve?
Of course not. We all have our own timing and meaning about the words grief
and loss. The key is to nurture your own self and to honor your own feelings and emotions.

The Buddhists believe that when a person dies they pass on to the next life and they celebrate that passing because they know they will see their loved one again.

Can you imagine how different things would be in our culture if we shifted
our belief from “loss” to blessing the Soul that passes? Knowing that that
Soul has a higher destiny…

And knowing they are not separate from us at all…

When we choose you have the courage to seek that gift,
new worlds of wonder, peace, insights and wisdom open
themselves to us.

It all depends on how you view life.

If you view it through the lens of loss or separation
then you will feel disconnected and the feeling of
heart ache.

But when you view it from the eyes of a child with curiosity and a sense of
wonder, the gifts you may uncover your will be of unexpected proportions.

So, today my friend, ask yourself:

“What am I holding on to that no longer serves me?”

“How can I find the gift in this challenge that I’m facing today?”

And really allow yourself the time and space to feel your way through these
two questions.

…you may be pleasantly surprised

May you find peace in unexpected ways today my friend.


Paul Bauer

P.S. – Some people wanted the link to Susan’s Memorial Fund Site
Here’s the link

Finding The Gift In Everything

About 4 years ago, a major health crisis affected my partner Susan in ways we
could have never predicted. She was told she had 4th stage cancer.

For Susan, her world abruptly stopped. We had to put everything on hold and
focus on her recovery. What we learned during that journey was life-changing
to say the least.

The Real Lessons

From our perspective, it wasn’t really the cancer that was the issue.  It was
about what each of us feel on the inside about life itself. In other words, our
own personal connection to the life force and our desire to live (rather than
the fear of death).

I never believed in the cancer, nor did I see Susan as having a disease.
Whenever we saw “her CT scans (which showed a volleyball sized tumor) we never
gave the scans any power or belief.

We’re we initially concerned when she was diagnosed?

Yes, of course.  But after the initial shock, we stepped out of the “disease
model” and stepped into a simpler way of looking at what has become an epidemic.

Finding The Gift

The first major lesson was to find the gift.  Instead of focusing on the cancer
and its negative effects on her body, we looked for the deeper gifts of the disease, the daily events (going to the clinic, meeting new people, improvements
in her blood scores, etc)

And in less than 30 days, her blood scores improved dramatically and we knew
we were heading in the right direction.  Even though I wasn’t a fan of western medicine, and after we exhausted the alternative healing methods, Susan chose
to do chemotherapy, and we chose to find the gift in it.

Each day she had chemo, we would hold the chemo bag in our hands and bless
the bag with our deepest love and prayer.  Imagine the deepest love or
meditation you’ve ever experienced, and that’s the kind of intent we sent
into the chemo bags.

Occasionally, Susan would have a negative side effect and we would address it
with that same kind of love and intent.  Whenever WE encountered “bad” news,
we let go and let Divine intelligence guide us.  That letting go was the key
for both of us.  The more we let go of the “matrix” of cancer, chemo, etc,
the better things got for her and I.

There were days that I’d sit and look into Susan’s eyes or watch her speak
with fellow patients and doctors and I was in awe.  She transcended the cancer. She didn’t act like a “cancer patient” because she knew that if she did, herbody would reflect that intent. She chose a different path.

How interesting, one of the worst events that can happen in a person’s life actually held deeper gifts than we ever imagined. Simply incredible.

How To Deal With Fear

If there’s one thing that can weave havoc in your life, it’s fear.  When we
learned from one of the healers we worked with that when a person has a
fibroid or a tumor, it could be benign to start with, but once a person
hears a diagnosis of cancer, their mind often unconsciously shifts into
“fear mode” and creates what’s called a “nocebo” effect (the opposite of a placebo).

A nocebo effect is when you hear bad news and then give it negative meaning (power).

When the mind drops into a fear response, and it hears the word “tumor” or
“cancer” (even if there’s no active cancer) the brain kicks into fight or
flight syndrome and begins to send a cascade of negative hormones and
stressors that can often create cancer where there
was none to begin with.

That day was a turning point for both of us.  A tumor can be benign but
when subjected to the fear response can actually turn cancerous.  Just amazing.

Once you feel any fear about a piece of news (health, finances, loved one
or your own inner self talk) you actually encode life depleting energy into
your cells, tissues, organs, blood and energy system of your entire body.

Messenger of the Divine

But what if the “negative” news is actually a Divine message?  A message
from your Higher Self to awaken and expand?  What if the cancer epidemic
isn’t really what it seems?

What if it was a global wake up call? In other words a “Meta” event
to force ourselves to look at our lives differently ? (and evolve).

And when you make that kind of shift – of “seeing with new eyes” you begin
to see life more clearly.  Life takes on new meaning. What once bothered you
now begins to just make you smile or step back and go “wow that used to bother me, and now it really doesn’t even matter…”

The Lesson of Gratitude

Years ago, I remember Susan sharing the lesson of Gratitude with one of our
retreat groups in Hawaii or Sedona.  I recall asking her – “How
do you do that?”

How do you feel gratitude?  She shared with the group her “how”.  And
everyone in the group sat in wonder – like a group of kids at the zoo.

Little did I know that that simple shift of mindset would make such a
profound effect on our lives. Literally every event on her cancer journey
was sprinkled with Gratitude. And it affected me almost every day. We always
found something to be grateful for.

In my next post, I’ll share some of the major things we did that made the
biggest difference and why my company, DreamsAlive isn’t the same as it was
before Susan’s diagnosis. Literally everything changed that fateful day in
October of 2012 and in ways we could not have predicted.

Where we’re going is a new paradigm. A new paradigm of thought, feeling,
and Be-ing.

If you’re ready to let go of the limits of the “matrix” and rediscover new
levels of your Soul and why you’re here, you will love what’s in store…

See you soon…


Paul Bauer

P.S. – Susan is now in perfect health and is cancer free.  She now is sharing the lessons
she learned with cancer patients, caregivers and advocates.

But what she learned can also apply in all of our lives.

What gifts have your biggest challenges taught you?

Please share below.

The beauty of the moment

Have you ever experienced the perfect moment?

The kind of moment where times to stand still and you’re so present that
there’s no thoughts of the past and no concerns about the future.

It’s more than a concept – because it’s the real you. Simply Be-ing in
the moment
– no judgements of things, events, or people being bad or good.

No worries about the future.  No regrets about the past.

Just simply being here now – with an open mind and an open Heart.

We’re all capable of this sense of presence – because it’s part of our being.
It doesn’t take long hours of study or meditation. All it takes is a sincere desir
to be right here, right now in the moment.

And the mind lets go.

Your Heart opens and your connection to the Infinite strengthens and reveals
itself. Random thoughts and distractions come in and go out like waves on the
ocean. Issues that once troubled you simply dissolve like the sea foam on the
crest of the waves.

The more you let go, the more you feel the presence, the beauty of the moment.
The irony is you can’t get there through wanting it or desiring it.

The paradox is you can only get “there” by letting go.

Letting go of desire
Letting go of fear
Letting go of needing things to go your way
Letting go of your version of the way things should be

But the mind often steps in and says things like:

“If I let go, nothing will happen…”
“I’m afraid of letting go, because I’ll lose control”

But the opposite is true. The more you hold on they to control the flow, the
more it slips through your fingers. The more you let go, the more you become
present and allow higher forces to assist you.  In other words, it gets easier the
more you let go.

Solving the dilemma of the “Restless Mind” seems complex…

But it isn’t.

That’s the mind judging something it just doesn’t understand
(and is often afraid of).

It’s as simple as making a decision.

A decision to make things simpler. A decision to return home again.

…home to the real you.

As you breathe deeply now, behold the beauty of this moment with innocence,
wonder and love. Like a child watching the clouds move across the sky.

That is where you’ll find your beauty – right here, right now.


Paul Bauer

P.S. One way to be present is to get in touch with your breathing.
Just listen to your breath as you breathe in and out…

As you do, you will begin to feel the Presence…

How will you choose to be present today?
Please share your comment below…

The Real Keys to Your 2015 Breakthroughs

It’s that time again when we all “re-set” our “internal” time clocks.
The time of year when we look ahead to the New Year.

How will 2015 be different for you?

What will be the catalysts that make the shifts that you want most?

Here’s a quick method to making the shifts you want (and how to find the
catalysts that make them almost automatic)

Take out a pen and paper and write down these questions:

1. At first it may seem counter-intuitive, but the first step is to “look back”.
Look back to 2014 and notice how it went.  Did it go the way you wanted?  What
things did you learn?  What did 2014 teach you about yourself?

The secrets of making 2015 your best year is to look back to 2014 first – then you’ll
begin to “connect the dots”.

Where did you stumble?
Where did you advance?
What did it teach you?

(This is one of the key secrets of your personal evolution – because
if you really look deeply into yourself, you will find some of the best
lessons you learned came from setbacks, obstacles, challenges or
even losses.)

And there’s one of the most vital keys to your personal happiness – the ability to
see the gift in these setbacks rather than judging them as “bad” events.

So, write down the above questions and answers. Take your time with is step and you
may be pleasantly surprised what you will discover.

2. After you’ve written down answers to #1, the next step is to be in the
present moment.
It’s just the very beginning on 2015.

How do you want it to start?

In joy and gratitude?
Wanting and regret?
Clarity and harmony?

Your answer is the the key to making 2015 something you’ll either look back in
2016 and say “Wow!” or “there goes  another year that flew by, and what did
I really accomplish?”

Write out a little description of your perfect year.

The projects
The people you’ll meet
The challenges you’ll overcome
The breakthroughs you’ll make

… And any other cool things you’d LOVE to experience.

3. Now, take time and breathe slowly…

Imagine it’s just after Christmas 2015.

Just before New Year’s parties and celebrations.

What do you want to celebrate from 2015?

What are you grateful for?
What love did you share?
How did you live to your fullest?
What did you let go of that allowed the shifts to happen?

This is your time.  Sacred.  Special. Filled with wonder and delight.
Feel the feelings of laughter and gratitude and connecting with
people you love and enjoy.

Now that’s a pretty cool way to celebrate 2015 – and to think…

It’s all in front of you…

What new choices will you make?

And how will you celebrate each moment and savor life – one moment at a time?

Blessings of wonder and awe,


Paul Bauer

P.S. – How will 2015 be different for you?  What new shifts will you make?

Would love your comments below…

: – )

Your own little tropical island

Thought you might enjoy this video…

It’s like taking your own little trip to a tropical island
(and many of us in the northern hemisphere could use a bit of this right now    : – )

[youtube Y_stBb8IoSU]

Stay warm and cozy   : – )