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Seeing Through The Veil

Since I began Dreams Alive, I’ve been privileged to assist people in finding
their Dreams and passions in their everyday lives. As I’ve listened to these
great souls, I’ve noticed several themes…

One that frequently comes up is:

“I don’t have focus or clarity of what my Dream
is Paul, can you help me find it?”

I often share wisdom from sages like William Blake in his quote from above
because it helps us see with “new eyes”.

In our culture, we’ve been led to go “head-on” towards problems and “fix” them.
While this may appear to work in the short term, in fact, pushing too hard &
overworking is pulling us even further away from what we so dearly Love
and need.

People tell me that they’ve never looked at their problems that way. In other
words, from the point of view that when you look at a problem and want it to
change, you actually ENERGIZE the problem itself.

Instead, all we need to do is seek the solution – a fresh, new, inspired way of
LOOKING at life.

If you read William Blake’s quote from above, you’ll notice
how he says:

“We’ve been led to believe a lie
when we see with and not
through these eyes”

Notice how he states “when we see with”
“and not *through* these eyes”.

When we see “WITH” these eyes, we’re actually seeing with our filters based
on past experience and conditioning. In other words, sometimes our past
can significantly affect the way we view our world.

But, It is possible to see clearly with less effort and ALLOW flow (living your
life freely) to just naturally happen.

Do we choose to look on life with optimism and wonder?

Or do we allow old thought patterns, habits and past
conditioning to hold down our natural abilities and Spirit?

“Seeing *through* these eyes” means seeing life with willingness and
open-ness. Through Loving eyes… eyes that allow light and inspiration
to flow in and THROUGH you. Eyes that allow your Spirit to shine through
and attract the right people and results to you.

In his wonderful book called “Take Off Your Glasses and See”, author Jacob
Lieberman teaches us that the eyes are just “windows” that allow light in.
In many cases though, they become filters that block things out.

From his book:

“Usually vision is like a searchlight. Like most people,
I had always focused on one thing in life. At different
times it had been professional success, making
money, or finding the right partner.

Yet when in was looking for one thing, I was missing
everything else. It always seemed that the truly
important experiences – the MIRACLES – were
always those that I wasn’t looking for. I figured that
if looking at one thing caused me to miss the rest,
then maybe I would look at “nothing” and see

Notice how Jacob says:

…then maybe I would look at “nothing” and see “everything”.”

Have you noticed this paradox in your life before?

What miracles have you missed by focusing too much?

Try this exercise today…

Find an object in the room you are in. For a moment, focus really hard on
this object. Then relax and softly view it. Notice that the harder you focus
the less you can see.

(You may notice that the harder you focus, that your
peripheral vision dims and shrinks).

Now look at the same object without staring…

Gently become aware of your breathing…

Notice how your eyes feel. tired? tense? numb?

Breathe deeply and release any tension in your body…

Allow your field of vision to expand until you see not only
the first object, but everything around it.

b   r   e  a   t   h  e

d   e  e  p  l  y .  .  .

Now look around the room and allow your focus to soften and expand until
you can see the entire room…

Or better yet, go outside now and try this exercise – you’ll be amazed at
what you see…

As you do this, your eyes are drawn to whatever needs attention, allowing
your intuition and creative flow to move freely.

You may find this exercise helpful when you’re feeling stressed. Stress may
be just “over-focusing” on something. Stress in our lives just tries to tell us
to let go, to focus LESS on what stresses us, and focus more on what we’ve

Our children
Our families
Our planet


Take a moment today to step back and notice and re-member
what is MOST important in YOUR life today. And may you
shine brightly and allow life to flow through you…

And so it is…

: – )

Paul Bauer

Please leave your comments below…

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  1. 9 Comment(s)

  2. By Brooke Seeliger on Jul 21, 2010 | Reply

    Thank you, Paul, for the comforting email and article. I have several issues going in my life right now and I know I’m “overfocusing” on them, but it’s been hard not to. Thanks for the reminder that I’m not the only one and that, yes, I can change my focus. Take care, Brooke

  3. By Leila on Jul 21, 2010 | Reply

    Hi Paul, your article is refreshing to read. When I look in the way you suggest – without too much focus – I do find my personal identity is less insistant and I can be a part of my surroundings more easily. Thanks.

  4. By Linda on Jul 21, 2010 | Reply

    What a wonderful reminder of how truly miraculous our subconscious can be if we only let it work in harmony with our consciousness! How amazed I was to discover that what I had been viewing as “minor priorities” actually helped me to solve several problems that were taking most of my time. MU-AH!

  5. By Bonnie on Jul 21, 2010 | Reply

    Thanks Paul. Timely blog always. I too have has some things come up and I found myself focusing on the outcome but not the kind of outcome I would like to have. It was a case of the “not so good” what ifs”. But one night I asked myself,”what if things could be the way I intend them to be?’ and I did the same the next morning and kept on each day. Soon my worrry and fear disappated and I could actually feel things changing to the outcome I wanted. I was happy with the outcome however it turned out and amazing things began to happen. I realized I was not in the present moment but once I am, things change.
    thanks for the words of wisdom.

  6. By Sean Clarke on Jul 21, 2010 | Reply

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks so much for the reminder! I’ve been working/playing a lot with this kind of technique over the years, it really works wonders.

    One dramatic experience was when I was at the coastline with a family member and we were chatting along, basically I guided us to see this HUGE panorama of vision that is ALWAYS THERE, it was like stepping from a tunnel into full surround 3D hyper colour and depth, really quick (few mins) and quite easy!

    What I’ve found is the hyper-focusing is a habit of “needing to feel existence”, it is like a handle into this reality and a gripping, and we certainly FEEL a leverage and existing but loose about 99% of Reality with a capital R, the vast breadth and depth of field. All fear is from that “tunnel vision”, and as the field/expanse there is just total awe, real crystal clear simplicity 🙂

    Warm wishes

  7. By Annaliisa on Jul 22, 2010 | Reply

    Thank you Paul,

    Great article. Nice reminder. Learning to let go of problem based thinking (focusing) and focusing more softly on the solutions e.g. letting the answers flow in naturally Challenges have a way of clearing as I allow empty space in this ‘busyness’ of life and learn to listen the inner voice.

  8. By Christina on Jul 22, 2010 | Reply

    Hi Paul, Hi fellow explorers 😉

    Thanks, yet again, for the reminder.

    When I remember, I choose to allow vision and beauty gently enter my eyes instead of looking “out” of my eyes. We’re saying the same thing, of course, in slightly different ways.

  9. By Dana on Jul 24, 2010 | Reply

    Thanks, Paul for this thought provoking article.
    This situation in our lives is why having animals in our homes is so wonderful, they MAKE you stop focusing on ‘problems’ and be in the “Now” because that’s all they know. Then everything else seems to fade away or at least can be approached with fresh eyes because you let go of your unproductive focus, even if for a moment or two.
    It works for me…

  10. By Mara on Jul 27, 2010 | Reply

    For months I am having a discussion with a friend that he should stop being depressed as something bad has happened in his life years ago. But he still says, he can’t get over it. I have made this mistake at some point in my life. In the meantime I learned that you need to focus on somthing else to get over something bad. Reading your post I am affirmed that I am right. You offer exercises, but – sadly – I can’t get my friend to have a look at your article.

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