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A Storm is brewing…

There’s a storm brewing over my mention of Myth of the
Law Of Attraction and I’ve posted a short article answering
some questions about it…

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Here’s one lady’s comment:

“I was interested in your upcoming Tele-Seminar until
I heard you mention the Myth of the Law Of Attraction.
My family and I have profited form it immensely, so take
me off all your lists now.”

Be mighty careful of when things reach the fever pitch
that Law Of Attraction (LOA) has reached – there may be
more here than meets the eye…

We’ll go into greater detail on our special Tele-Seminar next
week, but here are several factors to consider about LOA…

1) LOA is being passed of by many as a “panacea”-like
prescription to daily problems. But it’s not a method, it’s
an environment. So, if you want to attract something, you
don’t use LOA, you use principles to attract it.

2) The key to having LOA help you is based on your
Origin Thought™. (the unconscious thought beneath
your normal everyday thought).

If your “Origin Thought” is one of lack, fear, greed,
or any other low vibration, even if you use LOA to get
what you want, you’ll cancel your “perceived” intent.

In other words, if your use LOA to “get more”, you’re
actually counter-intending because your “Origin Thought”
is focusing on what you don’t want.

3) LOA has become a “sacred cow” for many because of
its “celebrity” status as a “cure-all”.

4) The thought that you have to “do” something in
order to “get it” just places the focus on not already having it.

You dont need to “do” anything – that’s just “The
Polarized Mind” (the part that sees life as good and bad,
black and white) that makes it seem that way.

Many feel the way the lady above feels. But without
even hearing my perspective on it, she didn’t care to
to hear any objections about it.

Almost sounds like the making of a religion doesn’t it?

Be very careful about placing God-like credence into
anything that appears on your radar screen (including
my thoughts or anyone else’s on this subject).

Keep an open mind, inquire, and feel free to question.

You’ll build far more wisdom that way…

All the very best,

Paul Bauer

Next week’s special FREE Tele-Seminar will cover more
on this controversial issue.

In the meantime, feel free to post your questions and feedback.

We’d also like to hear your input on your optimism of
what’s up
for you and humanity for 2007.

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  1. 43 Comment(s)

  2. By Tom O'Connor on Dec 29, 2006 | Reply

    It is about time a personal development expert has clarified the loa,I have several students that stopped progress after buying into the myth.
    Thanks Paul

  3. By Carna Zacharias-Miller on Dec 29, 2006 | Reply

    Paul, I completely agree with you. LOA has become a holy cow and a dogma. In my therapeutic line of work (childhood trauma) it becomes obvious that RECEIVING all the good stuff is not easy at all – because it reminds us of very painful childhood experiences involving not receiving enough love, appreciation, and attention.

  4. By peter on Dec 29, 2006 | Reply

    finally, some common sense ! LOA is just using focus to increase chances. If goal is not realitic or ony using willpower chances remain slim if not zero.

  5. By Elena Zanfei on Dec 29, 2006 | Reply

    I totally agree with your response. It is our individual responsibility to collect information and only after having all pertanent facts are we to make a decision to accept or decline that information in a way that best supports our individual needs, ideas and values. Taking anything at face value (a comment, an opinion, a view point, a cause…) without considering all the fact, can quickly pull us into what, after clear examination, might be the wrong rabbit hole for us. It’s important to always keep an open mind, consider all facts and then, and only then… CHOOSE.

  6. By Susan K. Minarik on Dec 29, 2006 | Reply

    I’ll look forward to more of your comments on the subject, Paul. Personally, I think many LOA presentations are superficial and leave people feeling inadequate for being unable to think or feel in “the right way,” without providing any guidance or methods that would free them from their blocks. Thanks for the gentle encouragement YOU provide!

  7. By Dr. Jill Ammon-Wexler on Dec 29, 2006 | Reply

    Paul. The Law of Attraction is real alright, but presenting it as some kind of ooo-gum-boo-gum magic does not really serve those who wish to “attract” a better self or lifestyle. But when properly understood as a valid brain-based phenomenon that is activated by taking certain logical, self-driven steps…it is very real. Willpower alone is nothing if the subconscious mind contains ANTs (Automatic Negative Thoughts) that override a person’s dreams! BUT creating passionately-held, clear cut and constantly reinforced goal CAN activate certain portions of our brain (the RAS in the brain stem and the Amygdala in the Limbic Center.)THIS causes your brain to pay focused attention to anyuthing related to your goal that you might otherwise NOT have noticed — and increases the probability you will attain that goal. THIS is the physiological basis of what people call the Law of Attraction. There is NO magic involved! It is simply smart use of our most important organ — our brain. There is solid scientific research behind this. I agree! Let’s get past magic and think smartto attract what we want in our lives!

  8. By Paul Bauer on Dec 29, 2006 | Reply

    ken andert writes

    Hi Paul,

    I think that you make good points regarding the misunderstanding, and perhaps hype and greed by some, regarding the LOA. I appreciate your courage to express your concerns.

    ken andert

  9. By Wanda Taylor on Dec 29, 2006 | Reply

    Wow! Finally. Life, thoughts, actions without balance is dogma. Thanks for reminding us to “think” again.

  10. By Melody Saxton on Dec 29, 2006 | Reply

    Thank you for your clarification. LOA is a wonderful tool but it is just a tool. There is so much more to be whole and complete. Thanks for putting this back into perspective.

  11. By Rhonee, The Feng Shui Queen on Dec 29, 2006 | Reply

    Paul, I have great respect for you, and your work. I agree, as a coach, that there is much more than a myth at work here. Dr. Jill Wexler’s feedback is also great. What I feel LOA has done is bring people to the awareness that more is possible…we still have to do the opening of our hearts and know what we desire. In a culture where we ‘follow’ more than often than we consciously ‘choose’ this film and book, movement, will help to show us that there are options and the experience of exploring more deeply from WITHIN will help to open the minds and manifestations into reality.

    Keep up the good work…helping others to think and take responsibility…

  12. By Robert Richardson on Dec 29, 2006 | Reply


    I agree with your comment that the individual’s “original thought”, rather than any subsequent analytical or reactive thought processes, is the blueprint for the creative process that begets manifestation on the physical level. From my perspective, several of the speakers in the “Secret”, particularly Michael Beckwith, describe this essential point but do so from a conceptual level. It would be good if you or another would take what was started in “Secret” and make it more useable for those of us that require a recipe for success rather than an abstract concept to work out for ourselves. Will you accept this opportunity to serve and create practical guidelines or drills that would aid those on the path to understanding?



    Hi Robert,
    The answer is yes…
    : – )
    If you’re on the call next week, you’ll hear
    about it…
    All the very best,
    Paul Bauer
  13. By Paul Bauer on Dec 29, 2006 | Reply

    Alex Newell Writes,

    Hi Paul

    the call sounds exciting and will you be doing a replay or other option for those of us far from your time zone?

    As for your blog post I see no contradictions. The LOA is working whether you are creating chaos or harmony in your life. You seem to be saying – clear out your “stuff” so that the loa will work better for you..


    Happy New Year!
    Best Wishes,

    Alex Newell

    Hi Alex, yes the call will be replayed…

    Happy New Year to you and your family..

    All the very best,

    Paul Bauer

  14. By rex on Dec 29, 2006 | Reply

    Hello Paul,

    Your comment in your blog, “Almost sounds like the making of a religion doesn’t it?” hits it right on the head. That’s exactly what LOA seems to be becoming, and not a few marketers even quote biblical references such as ‘ask, and it shall be given’ to support this idea (if they are not telling me that quantum science ‘proves’ that the universe is shaped by my thoughts). It’s being sold as pure wishful thinking – a sort of idle git’s charter: You don’t need to get off your butt – ‘just think the right thoughts and be grateful and everything you desire will come to you’. And if it doesn’t, then it’s the fault of the buyer, not the message. Wish I could afford your course to find out more about your approach.

    Best regards, Rex

  15. By Criss Bertling on Dec 29, 2006 | Reply

    Hi, Paul
    I have been on your list for some time now and always find your emails interesting and informative. They are some of the few of the 1500+ of the daily emails I actually read. I wholeheartedly agree with you about the LOA. It sad and often detrimental that people are so quick to misinterpret, misuse or exploit others with valuable truths. Thank you for putting it out there the way it really is.

  16. By Carol on Dec 29, 2006 | Reply

    Aloha from Toronto

    The beauty of honest and respectful expression is that there truly is enough room for all of us.

    I myself believe in the brain science of LOA. I however may not agree with how it’s being packaged. That’s where the power of personal awareness and conscious choice making come in.

    Whether someone reaches success through the use of LOA or experiences further confusion at its feet, they might want to ask themselves a few questions along the way:

    What is my intention in this pursuit – and why?

    What do I already know to be true?

    How can I build on those things I already do well?

    Personally I believe using a series of positive based questions (known as appreciative inquiry) goes further.

    Just adding another opinion into the soup.

    Mahalo, Paul.

  17. By Ruth Johnson on Dec 29, 2006 | Reply

    In short, LOA works but you’d better be ready for the consequences; that’s what we don’t think thru. The Prosperity Bandwagon is roaring down the avenue, so watch out & don’t join unless you really understand the Universal Laws.

  18. By Suzanne Stewart on Dec 29, 2006 | Reply

    Most people seem to want a “quick fix” and jumping on the LoA bandwagon is the latest thing. I am pleased that you are reminding people that it is a process that requires daily discipline, commitment and awareness. Thanks for all you do Paul.

  19. By Sally on Dec 29, 2006 | Reply

    Dear Paul, I read your response to the LOA comment with interest. Unfortunately the last para of No.2 point doesn’t make sense, thugh I know what you are sayihg. A line missing? It’s too imortant a point to be unclear.

    Hi Sally,
    Its been edited – see if it makes sense now…

    : – )


  20. By Betsy on Dec 29, 2006 | Reply


    I agree with Paul Bauer that there is more to manifesting than simply wishing and hoping. I also agree that sub-conscious negative core beliefs can undermine our conscious work. Mindful Loving, a powerful book by Henry Grayson, addresses this with tremendous clarity. The Chapter called “Going Furthur Upstream: Erasing Traumas and Canging Negative Core Beliefs”
    gives very effective and well researched methods for erasing
    negative core beliefs and
    installing new positive beliefs.
    It appears that low-self esteem is a very strong inhibitor when a person is seeking a better life. So is fear. There are many ways to increase one’s self-esteem and feelings of worthiness. There are also many avenues toward reducing fear.

    I am also grateful to the producers of The Secret. I have watched this movie four times and will watch it again for the inspiration it gives me to continue to believe that I deserve and will receive abundance in my life. I am also sharing the movie with all my friends and family. I see it as a helpful tool for the journey toward a peaceful, happy, spiritual, and fulfilling life.

    Many years ago, Norman Vincent Peale wrote a book called The Power of Positive Imaging. He said thinking in images or pictures was the key to success. Many other authors have said the same, so it really is not a secret.

    I am grateful to you, Paul, for your desire to help others. I am grateful for all people who are trying to help others find the Truth for themselves.

    For three years I did everything I knew to do in order to manifest my dream home on the water. Nothing happened. I tried advertising, contacting many real estate agents and talking with friends. I tried creative visualization, prayer, gratitude, the Silva Method, etc. etc. Nothing happened.

    One day in desperation, I asked my Higher Power, how I was blocking this from happening.

    The answer came back quickly. “It is fear. You are afraid that someone, especially a child, will drown in the water.” I remembered that I had saved three different children from drowning when I was a young person.

    I worked it all out with my sub-conscious and Higher Power (how is another story and I will be glad to share that too) and within one week (honest) my dream house was a reality.

    People often describe where I live as paradise and that is what it is still like for me after almost ten years.

    I hope that everyone will remember that it is best to ignore what doesn’t serve us and to embrace what does. Attacking anything, an idea, person, place or thing just brings negative energy into our lives and hurts us.

    Love, peace and blessings to all.

  21. By Gabriela Santos on Dec 29, 2006 | Reply

    I think the first step is to clean and release the original automatic negative thougths, right? After releasing some of them with energy tools(because this can take some time and there are many layers of them) then we can begin the positive things proccess attraction, isn´t it? But the way, I´ve had many traumas in my childhood (which created many negative conditioning) and Carna Zacharias-Miller´s work has helped me a lot to release them. Best Regards and Happy New Year

  22. By Beth on Dec 29, 2006 | Reply

    I was just working on a book about the addiction to religion and the problems that LOA has caused because, just as an addiction to God leads to abuse, so does the current addiction so many have to LOA. In fact, I was in the middle of research when I got your email. Do you suppose that’s LOA, lol. Thanks, Beth

  23. By Pam on Dec 29, 2006 | Reply

    Hi Paul —

    Wow, I really appreciate this one. There are SO many people talking about “Law of Attraction” these days, probably meaning well but maybe not delving deep enough to find this “Origin Thought” concept.

    Sometimes we need to flush these things out of their hiding places so that our creative functions can proceed more smoothly. Too bad the woman didn’t want to listen any further.

    Be well,

  24. By John Overton on Dec 29, 2006 | Reply

    An excerpt from a letter I wrote to you a fortnight ago, seems even more appropriate when your comments re The Secret film/LOA have invoked cries of “heresy!” – usually a sign of greater Truth waiting to be uncovered!

    “You talk about the way in which it is always possible to manifest abundance, and why people who know and do and have practised, can still get “tripped up” and fail to “succeed” despite all the self-empowerment tools they may have learnt and despite their experiences in living in this “other-zoned” way.
    I believe the ancient alchemists have much to teach us about stages of consciousness and empowerment. Through my work with Source Breathing and shamanic healing I often see how people come out of a place of victimhood or illness or emotional dependency etc and start to make their way in a completely “new” fashion – how they seem to shed old cell-memory-patterns of the “need” for drama/sadness/anger/uselessness etc. They may succeed wonderfully for a number of years, and help others to do the same. For me, this is the lesser work of alchemy, not because it is in any way impoverished or incomplete, but because of what may happen afterwards. (Many people do not seem to get “further” than here, which is, of course, perfect.)
    It is when we reach the so-called “greater work” that there is a radical, often subtle, change, difficult to define. I believe that the same cosmic principles apply (- unless there is a need for the chaos principle, in which case, the other rules are suddenly completely altered -) but at much deeper and multidimensional levels. There is a passage in Richard Bach’s Illusions where the reluctant Messiah recounts the feeling of suddenly being totally disconnected from God, from Source, and the knowledge and intense compassion that such an experience brings. If, in shamanic terms, my Soul Destiny “requires” me for a while to “give up” the knowing of connection, the blissful being of and in Abundance and living on Earth in full cocreator mode knowing who I Am, then this will have a similar effect (but deeper, more long-lasting) to the memories and energies that need acknowledging and healing in the lesser work, but it may not be so “similarly healed.” As Villoldo points out, I can re-negotiate my soul destiny – an advanced work, with inherent challenges – but without doing this depth of cosmic “play” it may be unlikely that the experience of deeper separation/scarcity will be changed, until it is “time.” (Whatever “time” may mean in a cosmic arena.)

    This is what I have observed. So, naturally, it will be true for me. And I understand that, as cocreator, I can now change the cosmic rules.

    …but there may just be a divine point in leaving the “rules” exactly as they are.Through the perception of “being unable to create” I have learnt a compassion for people seemingly “trapped” in deeper modes of “easelessness”, that I never had before, when I blithely told everyone it was possible to change anything in any circumstance!”

    May you continue your blessed walk! Thanks.

  25. By Stuart on Dec 29, 2006 | Reply

    Paul – I so want to join you all on this tele-conference but the one thing in my way is the physical cost of it as I’m in the UK.

    Do you intend to let the conf be issued as a podcast to registered members or even better, set up a Skype conference call.


    BTW I do agree on the LOA thing – folks really should have open minds.


    Hi Stuart
    I dot use Skype – but you’re free to call
    in whatever way you’d like.

    All the very best,

    Paul Bauer

  26. By Katerina on Dec 29, 2006 | Reply

    Paul, thank you for bringing this up. I love THE SECRET, I watched it every night for 30 nights, and I read the book and listen to the audios on a daily basis. I think Rhonda did a phenominal job in putting all this together. I also have read amazing testimonials on how LOA has helped others in the Secret testimonials area of their website. We can all work harmoniously together. I am using LOA and the more I listen to the secret the more I get that it is more than just wishing things into existance. Of course in a movie they do not have the time to go into great detail but Beckwith’s comment really hit home to me, that consciously or subconsciously, that’s the rub. I have been able to manifest small things like car parking spaces, and bigger ones like I see clearly on my computer now and don’thave to put my glasses on to work on the computer anymore, and also checks in the mail. However, the big ones I have such a passion for; getting to the next level in my network marketing company and moving back to Hawaii and getting back financial prosperity ( we make lots of money one year and then none the next as Realtors, ups and downs- that is not our passion). My passion is coaching and training and writing. I see my getting to the top of my compensation plan in my networking company as a way for me to have the success I need to be a good life coach and I love to train my team members. It will give me the time freedom to write my books. But I sabotage it and I now know from researching each of the secret teachers, like Joe Vatali who was homeless, he said he had to get through the underlying fears and blocks in order to use LOA on a large level. I am doing the Sedona method right now and I will buy your tools to help through this and then I want to turn around and help others work through their fears and blocks. Look forward to your telecall.

  27. By marty humphreys on Dec 29, 2006 | Reply

    Having read too many articles missing the point on LOA—yours is a refreshing change. My feelings are my LOA–not my thoughts. If I feel good (kind, generous and loving) and put myself in that place(it helps to live in NW Montana, all I have to do is look out my window :)then let the Universe bring it (or something better) to me—it works, every time.
    Love and Laughter for 2007!

  28. By Paul Bauer on Dec 29, 2006 | Reply

    From Geary

    Re: Your Response to the offended Law of Attraction (LOA) aspirant

    Hi Paul,

    Just read your response to the “asleep” LOA aspirant.

    Your observations are right on and rightly so. Paul, I don’t know if you are aware of Dr. David R. Hawkins latest book entitled…

    Discovery of the Presence of God – Devotional NonDuality

    I highly recommend it as a “watershed work” on levels of
    and understanding of calibrated consciousness levles. It would be a powerful resource for your excellent work by the way. And it will clearly distinguish and clarify content from context for your ongoing and genuine research.

    Keep up the great work Paul!




    Thanks Geary,

    “asleep” or not I don’t know… it’s up to the person
    who’s doing the observing.
    And yes – I admire Hawkins work and use it almost

    : – )

    All the very best,

    Paul Bauer

  29. By Frank Butterfield on Dec 29, 2006 | Reply

    Paul —

    Thanks for sharing the feedback you’ve been receiving. I admire your courage.

    I believe the Law of Attraction is just one of several “laws” that govern how we, as creative beings, manifest situations, experiences, relationships, and things.

    For instance, another “law” is the Law of Non-Resistance, meaning that if we resist something we don’t want to have or experience, we only get more of it. I see this as a corollary to the Law of Attraction.

    I really get that your work has hit the bottom line on how manifesting works — this is what I like to think of as the Law of the Unconscious Mind. Simply put, our unconscious mind is a magnificent engine and it is directed by our beliefs. Once we understand that and begin to transform our limiting beliefs, we free ourselves to literally create anything our heart desires.

    All the best!
    Frank Butterfield

  30. By Sayy on Dec 29, 2006 | Reply

    Greetings Paul, I am happy to feel the strength within you flow within me as you took the stand for you right to be present in this existence and not be eraced.
    The LOA is one of those teachings that are used by many to control the behaviour of others. Most people do not realize they are being contolled, until someone like yourself comes along and project the thought exposing the myth of the LOA. Most people attach themselves to LOA from an underlying place of FEAR…I feel that this person’s response to your presentation was purely from being afraid to loose what they belive they have. Fear closes them up from being open to other ideas that may not take anything away from them but may enhance what they already have.
    2007 to me is he year of “Myth Busting” this will present itself on every level of life. More people in the planet are becoming open to the core values of “What is True” The vortex of energy that is being created will begin to expose the myths and false teaching that most of humanity have been existing with.
    It will be a great year for growth, prosperity, healing, miracles and rejuvination…Happy-NU-Year

  31. By Brenda Freo` on Dec 29, 2006 | Reply

    BINGO!!! Totally agree with every word of this: “4. The thought that you have to “do” something in
    order to “get it” just places the focus on not already having it.

    You don’t need to “do” anything – that’s just “The
    Polarized Mind” (the part that sees life as good and bad,
    black and white) that makes it seem that way.”
    I am all that is and so are you,
    B Free B Now B What you Are as you are and look at the mirror… Oh wait, that’s my hallucination showing there, but you know what? I really LIKE most all of what it brings me. I got a massive clearing for Christmas. BOY WHAT A CHANGE!! I seem the same but the mirror ‘out there’ hallucination has changed completely!! I was carrying 9 past life memories of oppressed women’s lives. Yes it was true. Yes it was valid. No it wasn’t healthy 4 me here now. And finally YES those memories were totally UNCONSCIOUS until… my theory here besides attracting a perfect complete harmonious and easy clearing for THIS SELF here and now:

    I housed BEING ‘enough light and love’ consistently enough to oust all/displace all/ programs = vibrational qualities to the contrair`, to the extent that THAT which was NOT serving me BEING here now, just popped out and resolved dissolved on it’s own.

  32. By berni on Dec 29, 2006 | Reply

    Hi this is just a note for Stuart or any UK readers. The cost of a one hour call at that time in the morning is less than £4.00 I do many teleclasses in the us mainly in the early hours with the time difference and find them invaluable and don’t think less than a fiver is bad at all when you consider what you are getting! Just check with your operator to be sure and hope you will be able to join in this teleclass. kind regards berni

  33. By Jon Steinar on Dec 30, 2006 | Reply

    Dear Paul.
    LOA is a matter of dilemma, by your definition. You do not need it if you are all right financially or whatever. If one has enough and anticipates it it would be greed. If one has shortage of means your anticipation must spring from shortage. Any which way LOA is not going to respond. Thereby it can not exist as such. If one hopes for something it must be fostered by some kind of absence of quality in life. This LOA is thereby an impossible mental balancing act. If it only works when you are unaware of your desire it is called fate where I come from. However I have found that a positive anticipation towards life and the future makes life easier. To be in the now and not be occupied with thoughts of pasts and future,not using energy in what you can not change or do anything about at a given moment makes one able to live life at it’s fullest as and when it comes along. Birth is an ongoing process and the reason to the un-fulfillment and unhappiness of most people is being absent at their own birth. LOA is not a program or a thing to be manipulated for your own wealth it is a state of mind that include positive anticipation and attending the unfolding of your own being. Then LOA will bring good things to you which will be a nice surprice every time, and for your best, because your own mind has not planned it. Some say this is to put your trust in God.

  34. By Carol on Dec 30, 2006 | Reply

    Paul …

    For years I was taught to believe that “money is the root of all evil” … Well, I have re-learned a great deal since then … First, I can not GIVE if I don’t have … Second, having “fear” in any way, shape or form is truly at the heart of “evil”!! Here is to everyone being open to receive greatness … if I want to “do” something I “do” for others … paying it forward with Peace, Joy, Light, Laughter and Love provides a wonderous feeling!!

    Thank You for your insight!!!

  35. By marc on Dec 30, 2006 | Reply

    What do you think about _ The Secret _ ????

  36. By Katrice on Dec 30, 2006 | Reply

    I for one totally agree with your comments Paul. With my own experience of working with the LOA, it has made it very clear to me that we have to be VERY, VERY clear about what it is that we are intentionally and UNintentionally sending out there. What we do bring to us is a direct manifestation of what our “internal” thoughts are regardless of how we are TRYING to shift them.
    The people that I am bringing into my world are making me pay way more attention to what is inside as opposed to what is outside. It is truly the INNER world that we are working with so pay attention. Thanks.

  37. By Brian on Dec 30, 2006 | Reply

    A guy went to a Seminar on Prosperity and Abundance and was mightily impressed by the news of a loving God who would provide for our EVERY NEED.

    He returned home absolutely committed to demonstrating this principle in his life.

    A week later his big opportunity arrived in the form of a flood. The river started rising and soon burst its banks. He was now sitting on the roof of his house, feverishly uttering positive affirmations.

    The police arrived in a boat to rescue him…”No thank you, God will save me.”

    At 6.30pm, the TV helicopter arrived for a live interview. This was more like it. Three minutes of live coverage on the evening news.

    “God will save me!”, he declared from the roof top (literally).

    That night the floods rose further and he was swept away and drowned.

    God met him at the pearly gates and the guy proceeded to give Him an real face-full.

    “Boy did you let the side down,” he said. “The TV was there and you did not come to save me.”

    When the guy finally exhausted himself, God calmly addressed his accuser.

    “What do you mean, didn’t come? I sent you a rowing boat and a helicopter, didn’t I?”

  38. By Sharon on Dec 30, 2006 | Reply

    You said it all – and very succinctly! People seem to think that they just have to state an affirmation for all their negatives to turn positive.
    Then they’re disappointed when it doesn’t work. They don’t seem to realize that these are tools and resources and not only does the belief system needs to be in place but one must actively implement ways and means of manifesting
    what one wants to manifest. We have to live it. Sitting on the couch and waiting for “life” to fall into your lap just ain’t gonna happen!

    The woman who wrote you was surely lacking in understanding and your reply to her was very gracious.

    My best wishes to you for a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

  39. By Lilly on Dec 30, 2006 | Reply

    The LOA is more than a tool. It is what you feel and the more we are in tune with what our ’emotional guidance system’ is telling us, the more we are closer to using the LOA to create the life we desire. It is about being in alignment with the Universe and it is about OUR alignment, each and every individual one of us! When we are aligned and since the Universe is about expansion and fuller expression what else is there??????? We get on with ‘life’ under the direction of divine guidance.

  40. By Gene on Jan 2, 2007 | Reply

    Great article Paul. It takes courage to tell people what they need to hear, as opposed to what they want to hear. Many people I meet believe in the LOA, but can’t seem to grasp the concept of releasing the negativity from the subconscious before they can effectively apply the LOA.

    Always enjoy and learn from your emails.


  41. By Heather on Jan 3, 2007 | Reply

    Hi Paul,
    Interesting read and I’m looking forward to the call on Wednesday. I know many people who have used the LOA with some success, but there always seemed to be something missing. It makes sense that if the “Origin Thought” is based in lack, fear, greed, etc… then the outcome of what you are wanting to attract is in fact the very thing you are pushing against.

    So if you want more money, but your “Origin Thought” is I don’t have enough, it stands to reason that you will keep getting more “not enough”. Sounds like counter-intention to me.

    See you on the call.


  42. By beth on Jan 12, 2007 | Reply

    Greetings of peace, Paul! I’ve watched the movie, and more importantly, I’ve experienced how it has affected how people think and act… I have to agree that LOA is a helpful tool…
    HOWEVER, just like any tool, in order to make the tool function properly and efficiently, you have to “know” how to use it!
    Affirmations do work, however, I feel that what could work better, would be to go about clearing the blocks (fears, holding on to past hurts, unforgiveness, etc.) that are hindering one from allowing more positives into their lives.
    Also, I feel that it is these “blocks” that are causing us to be disconnected from the Universe, from God, from the Source, from one’s true self.

    That’s my two cents worth (or 2 pesos, from where I come from!)

    Be blessed!
    i manifest the power of the divine!

  43. By john regan on Feb 4, 2007 | Reply

    By creating your own doubt on the LOA and regarding its power as a negative or a myth, are you not attracting the obvious negative responses to yourself. This shows surely that the LOA works.Try tellng Donald Trump or Bob proctor that it is a myth.and see what response you get Paul!

  44. By Paul Bauer on Feb 4, 2007 | Reply

    Actually John,

    It’s “attracted” a very positive response.

    And my intent isn’t negative… only to inform.
    Why would you interpret so?

    All the very best,

    Paul Bauer

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