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Are You Ready For A Quantum Leap?

“If you have the answers and structure and
certainty up front, it’s not a quantum leap”
 – Price Pritchett

We all seem to be looking for something in our lives…    

More energy and health
A return to youth

But what we’re looking for can’t be found in the physical plane. It can
only be found within Our “Inner World” is far larger than we’ve ever
imagined, and the only reason we haven’t noticed it more is due to old
beliefs and habits that prevent us from seeing it and harnessing its
vast potential. Today’s quote is about quantum leaps.

As Pritchett’s quote above says:

    “If you have the answers and structure and
certainty up front, it’s not a quantum leap”

Quantum leaps don’t happen because you “try hard” to get them.
They occur because you allow them.  

Pritchett says:  
“See, a quantum leap is a move you’re already prepared
to make. You just haven’t done it yet” You’ve got all
the inner resources… 

The ideas
The imagination
The network of people
The inner drive 

What’s missing is your decision to simply “jump” without a net. The KEY is to
focus on the end result with your whole imagination. If fears come up, you
know they’re based on the old “familiar”programs stuck in the subconscious mind. 
(You can easily clear these – see more below). 

When you decide, when you commit your whole being to making your
quantum leap, you usher in a whole new series of forces (primarily un-seen) that
will assist you in your endeavor. How do I know? Because we’ve all done it before,
you may not actively remember HOW, but the HOW isn’t important.

What’s crucial is for you to stimulate your imagination (your inner genius)
to help you see,feel, taste, breathe, and LIVE your ideal BEFORE it ever shows
up in the physical (3rd dimensional) plane.  

Today’s Abundance Tip 
1. Grab a sheet of paper

2. Write down the things you would absolutely LOVE to manifest

3. Quiet your mind and breathe in each of your manifestations fully – in full detail.
Really allow yourself to be in the full sensory detail of each manifestation already 
being real.

4. If you have internal resistance, use Clear-Mind or your favorite tool to clear
the NRM’s (Negative Reinforced Memories) from your energy field

5. Listen and allow your Higher Self and your subconscious to speak to you 

6. Take “inspired action” – act upon the things that make you feel excited, alive,
like a kid again

Tonight, before you fall asleep, review this exercise again, and
allow your inner self to harmonize your manifestations. As you
sleep, your Higher Self and subconscious will work on your behalf
to begin bringing your manifestations into reality.

Let your quantum leap happen today my friend – first, on the inside
then on the outside… We’re waiting at the finish line for you… 

And So It Is… : – )


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