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The Power Of Your Imagination

What is Imagination and how can you tap into this incredible power
within you to create what you want more easily?

Listen to this powerful audio and begin today…

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Here’s part of what you’ll learn in this audio:

  • How to tap into the unlimited field of imagination to create what you want with ease
  • How to use the hidden power of your Imagination to boost your energy and have the clarity and focus you long for
  • How your Imagination holds the answers to every problem or challenge you face
  • A cool exercise to begin using your imagination and manifesting skills

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Paul Bauer

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Sleeping on a problem can solve it

Want more creativity and feel rested at the same time…?

Great article on the power of taking naps.


Sleeping on a problem really can help solve it, claim scientists who discovered a nap can improve your powers of creativity.

Researchers found that people were able to think more laterally and quickly after a snooze and that if they dreamed the ability was even more enhanced.

The scientists believe that “incubating” a problem often leads to a solution but that the effect was increased when people entered a phase of sleep known as Rapid Eye Movement (REM).

They believe that REM- which occurs most predominantly just before we awake – helps the brain make connections between unrelated subjects.

REM sleep they concluded was “important for assimilating new information into past experience” to come up with creative solutions to  problems.

The study, led by Professor Sara Mednick, a psychiatrist at the University of California, involved 77 young adults who were given a number of word associated creative tasks in the morning.

Participants were shown multiple groups of three words (such as: cookie, heart, sixteen) and asked to find a fourth word that can be associated to all three words (like sweet).

Later in the day after some were allowed a nap – and monitored using brain scans to see what kind of sleep they entered – they were given the same and new tasks.

For the same tasks, the passage of time and sleep allowed them to “incubate” their thoughts and come up with better and more varied solutions.

However for new tasks, it was found that those that entered REM sleep improved by almost 40 per cent over their morning performances .

Prof Mednick, who published her findings in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). said that it appears REM sleep especially helps achieve new solutions by allowing the brain to make new and useful associations between unrelated ideas.

“We found that – for creative problems that you’ve already been working on – the passage of time is enough to find solutions,” said Prof Mednick. “However, for new problems, only REM sleep enhances creativity.”

The researchers said that the findings suggested that sleep was a creative process and underlined the recommendation by Nobel Prize winning chemist Friedrich Kekule who said we must “learn to dream”.


The solutions to our problems lie within our reach. Your ability to step
back from the problem and see the bigger picture (things like sleep, daydreaming, walks in Nature, play, etc) can be the very thing you need most.

If you’re first reaction is “Hey – this is common sense – and nothing
new…” – ask yourself – “Do I actually do this in my life – or am I too
busy to take the time to actually do it?”.

We have many excuses for not doing what we know is the right
thing for ourselves, our bodies and even our planet.

Underneath our excuses is a a habit.  If you’re prepared to
really be honest with yourself – and examine your habits,
a whole new life awaits you…

Feel free to add your comment below. Have a nice rest   : – )

Paul Bauer

The Awaken Preview Call – Your Opinion

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The Crazy Ones

If you ever feel like you’re different or your ideas
don’t seem to “fit the mold”, you’ll love this video…

[youtube CPP3I2GzWO4]

How do you think different?


the world needs your ideas, your passions and
your genius.

And it’s there within you right now – just waiting
to be tapped…

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare;
it is because we do not dare that things are difficult.”
~ Seneca

We’re waiting for your magic and genius…

When you look into your Heart,
you’ll soon realize
that one person can change the world…

Have an awesome day…


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Awakened Imagination

In just a few days, I’ll be launching my new software
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    Present Moment

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Paul Bauer