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Are You Ready For A Quantum Leap?

“If you have the answers and structure and
certainty up front, it’s not a quantum leap”
 – Price Pritchett

We all seem to be looking for something in our lives…    

More energy and health
A return to youth

But what we’re looking for can’t be found in the physical plane. It can
only be found within Our “Inner World” is far larger than we’ve ever
imagined, and the only reason we haven’t noticed it more is due to old
beliefs and habits that prevent us from seeing it and harnessing its
vast potential. Today’s quote is about quantum leaps.

As Pritchett’s quote above says:

    “If you have the answers and structure and
certainty up front, it’s not a quantum leap”

Quantum leaps don’t happen because you “try hard” to get them.
They occur because you allow them.  

Pritchett says:  
“See, a quantum leap is a move you’re already prepared
to make. You just haven’t done it yet” You’ve got all
the inner resources… 

The ideas
The imagination
The network of people
The inner drive 

What’s missing is your decision to simply “jump” without a net. The KEY is to
focus on the end result with your whole imagination. If fears come up, you
know they’re based on the old “familiar”programs stuck in the subconscious mind. 
(You can easily clear these – see more below). 

When you decide, when you commit your whole being to making your
quantum leap, you usher in a whole new series of forces (primarily un-seen) that
will assist you in your endeavor. How do I know? Because we’ve all done it before,
you may not actively remember HOW, but the HOW isn’t important.

What’s crucial is for you to stimulate your imagination (your inner genius)
to help you see,feel, taste, breathe, and LIVE your ideal BEFORE it ever shows
up in the physical (3rd dimensional) plane.  

Today’s Abundance Tip 
1. Grab a sheet of paper

2. Write down the things you would absolutely LOVE to manifest

3. Quiet your mind and breathe in each of your manifestations fully – in full detail.
Really allow yourself to be in the full sensory detail of each manifestation already 
being real.

4. If you have internal resistance, use Clear-Mind or your favorite tool to clear
the NRM’s (Negative Reinforced Memories) from your energy field

5. Listen and allow your Higher Self and your subconscious to speak to you 

6. Take “inspired action” – act upon the things that make you feel excited, alive,
like a kid again

Tonight, before you fall asleep, review this exercise again, and
allow your inner self to harmonize your manifestations. As you
sleep, your Higher Self and subconscious will work on your behalf
to begin bringing your manifestations into reality.

Let your quantum leap happen today my friend – first, on the inside
then on the outside… We’re waiting at the finish line for you… 

And So It Is… : – )


Gratitude Shift

“The struggle ends when the gratitude begins.”
– Neale Donald Walsch

Have you ever had an instance in your life where you didn’t get what
you wanted or hoped for? In other words, when things didn’t go your way?

It happens to the best of us, but the key is what do you when you don’t get what you want and more importantly, what do you tell yourself when it eventually happens?

Let’s say there are two basic options of what you do when things don’t go your way:

Option 1
Do you say, “Ok, that didn’t work out, I’ll just do it differently”
and move on?

Option 2
Or, do you get disappointed and allow circumstances to dictate how you feel?

For many years, I unconsciously chose the second option (disappointment)
and frankly that choice drove me nuts! At first, didn’t notice the choice
I had made (because it was an un-conscious decision). But the more it
happened, the more it got my attention. I recalled that any feeling,
good or bad, is a message from your subconscious. And the way I felt
was clearly not happy, because I felt dissatisfied.

The more it happened, the more it spoke to me and the more it woke me up.

Webster defines disappointment as:

Unhappiness from the failure of something hoped for
or expected to happen.

Hmm, I noticed several things about that definition.

* A state of unhappiness
* The feeling of failure
* Something expected or hoped for

That’s a LOT packed into one simple definition, yet this little word
often becomes the very thing that takes the wind out of our sails
and changes our mood (in a matter of seconds).

Often what happens when we want something, we set up an expectation and
we un-consciously get attached to that thing we expect. It’s like we place all our hopes and energy into it, and when it doesn’t show up in the very way we what, our feelings get hurt and we do our own version of “pouting”.

Disappointment = Lack of Gratitude

In essence, when we feel disappointed, we’ve shifted our vibration
dramatically lower than we can imagine.

Disappointment of not getting what you want = LOC 125 (on Hawkins Map of Consciousness.) For reference, Courage is LOC 200 and Peace is LOC 600.

The Problem with Lack of Gratitude

When you want more or when you are disappointed, you’re sending a
signal to the Universe that you are ungrateful. That lack of gratitude
“short circuits” your manifesting power because it acts as a limiter
and compresses your natural vibration.

“Gratitude also opens your eyes to the limitless potential of the
universe, while dissatisfaction closes your eyes to it.”
– Anon

Disappointment and dissatisfaction are indicators of our lack of gratitude.
And when you are disappointed that something has not gone your way,
the signal you’re sending is one of scarcity.

The Antidote for Disappointment and Dissatisfaction

If you ever feel like things aren’t going your way, and you need a shot
of enthusiasm, this article may be the very thing you’ve been looking
for to make your own “Gratitude Shift” to transform your life.
(Read on for a cool exercise you can use).

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine
jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.”
– William Arthur Ward

The Real Shift Comes From Your Heart

Let’s say you’re having a bad day and you’ve begin to notice that you
haven’t been feeling much gratitude. And you remember that “gratitude is
the antidote” and you decide to “turn on the gratitude”.

Here’s where it can get kind of complicated.

If you choose to be grateful because by being grateful you think it
will get you what you want, then the signal you’re actually sending is:

1) You don’t have what you want

2) You’re not truly grateful (you’re in your ego)

This kind of gratitude isn’t real – it has no real feeling. It comes
from the mind. The mind thinks it can win if it “does something”
(rather than feeling it and being it through your Heart).

And the intent is you send the feeling of “not having” into
your gratitude and splits it into two – having and not having.
In other words, it’s like “faking it till you make it” – a common
slogan from the motivational movement that relies primarily
on the ego mind to get ahead and “go for the gusto”.

Gratitude Shift occurs when you choose to step back and let go
and allow your Heart to be your guide. It is the part of you that
allows you to feel gratitude (and does the actual creating!)

“Gratitude is the key that unlocks the essence of
your Heart and all of life”.
– Dr. Joseph Dremer

So, how do you shift into gratitude? The kind of gratitude that lasts
more than just a couple of minutes? The kind of gratitude that makes
you feel good just by feeling it?

Imagine this exercise helping you make the very shift that
opens the flow
(and gives you peace of mind that lasts)

“Gratitude Shift” Exercise

1. Close your eyes

2. Begin to breathe slowly and deeply

3. Touch your Heart and begin to get in touch with how you’re feeling

4. Think of something you love, something you already have in your life
that you really appreciate (a friend, a pet, a loved one, a work of art)

5. Allow yourself to really feel that feeling of gratitude – from your Heart and just breathe into that feeling for at least several minutes.

Practice this exercise when you’ve got some time to appreciate it (like in the morning before you jump into the busy-ness of the day or right before bed).

And let yourself feel the essence of gratitude as it reminds you of your Essence…

And so it is…

“If the only prayer you ever prayed was thank you,
that would be enough”
– Meister Eckart

Would love your comments below!

The Hidden Level of Clarity

Today, we’ll discuss the concept of clarity in a different light.

In essence, there are two kinds of clarity. One of the mind and one of the Heart.
The key is to understand the difference between the two and know which one
serves you the most.

The two kinds of clarity are:

1) Clarity from the mind

When your mind isn’t clear, you feel anxious or unsettled.  Some people
even feel a little foggy or frustrated.

But when you take time to tune-in, breathe and begin to relax, the mind begins to
settle down. Most people then begin to feel like they can breathe easier and their
stress levels drop.

Some even meditate – knowing that there’s still more clarity they can feel.

At this point, most people are pretty satisfied. But many people discover that
clarity of the mind is short lived – it tends to run out faster than we’d like.

But there is another kind of clarity…

One that unifies the mind with the body in ways beyond the mind’s ability to

2) Clarity from the Heart

The second kind of clarity comes from the Heart. Not the physical organ, but the
spiritual/energetic Heart.  In other words, your connection to God and the Infinite.

This connection is far deeper than the mind can imagine and gives you a much
deeper sense of connection and inner peace.

The key difference between clarity from the mind and clarity from the Heart is
when the mind steps in, the possibility for doubt, fear and confusion increases.

But the Heart speaks a completely different language.  While the mind runs on
patterns and memory, the Heart has no limits and has access to the wisdom of
the Infinite.

It knows only peace and Love.

Let’s say you meditate for 20-30 minutes in the morning.  If you feel stressed as
little as an hour or two later, then any clarity you may have experienced came
from the mind.

But Heart based clarity gives you inner peace that lasts well beyond any meditation
session because it connects you with the energy of Creation itself.

This feeling is almost indescribable because it’s beyond language – and yet we can
feel it palpably because it’s real
.  In fact it’s our true reality and not the illusion
that the mind often projects as “being reality”.

And that kind of clarity increases your energy,awareness and effectiveness in all parts
of your life.

When you really understand the difference between the two, you’re on a completely
different wavelength and life becomes a joyous adventure to learn from.

Whether it be highs, lows or anywhere in between, when your clarity comes from
your Heart, life becomes a child-like playground of wonder, awe and fun…

Here’s the cool thing about Heart based clarity.

You still get the gifts of the mind, but you get the best of both worlds and it’s
simpler to navigate the complexities of life because your Heart and mind
are in alignment.

Now that’s a life worth living…

Stay tuned for our next Clarity update and news about the new Clear-Mind
Clarity Module.

Until then,

May your Heart guide you,

Paul Bauer and the team at Dreams Alive

See part 1 – The Clarity Paradox

The Clarity Paradox

Whenever we begin something new – whether it be a new day, a
new thought, or a new project, it helps to begin with clarity of thought
and intent.

This kind of clarity inspires you, enlivens you and rejuvenates your energy.

What is Clarity?

Clarity essentially is the state of being clear.
The opposite state would be haziness or confusion.

Real clarity gives you focus, direction and a feeling of centeredness.

With all the distractions we face every day (internet, TV, cell phones, noise,
EMF, etc) on top of all our daily responsibilities, it’s a wonder we ever find time
to feel any real clarity.

So how do you get clarity?

The paradox of having clarity is that it takes some kind of clarity to get you there.
But the mind is often so filled with stray thoughts, it’s hard to even begin with a clear
focus or direction.

If you want 2013 to be different (not just a “little change”, but to have *real
breakthroughs* in your career, your relationships, your finances
and most importantly how you feel) – then you need a catalyst to get you there.

By catalyst, I mean a new source of wisdom that gives you such incredible
clarity, you’ll be amazed at the new thoughts, insights and results you’ll have
when you’re there.

Imagine what that would feel like…

In the next couple days, I’ll be sharing a few more insights about the power of
clarity as well as news about the upcoming Clear-Mind Clarity Module.

Until then,

May 2013 be your best year ever,

Paul Bauer and the team at Dreams Alive

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The Secrets of The Bamboo Tree

If you’ve ever noticed someone who’s become truly successful (in any
endeavor) it’s easy to think that some of them are what you might call
“overnight successes”.

But the truth is that for any of these success stories are years of sculpting and
practice that it took before their success was ever known.  By the time people
on the outside world ‘see” these successes, countless hours of practice, insights
and focus have been invested.

Gifts Beyond Measure

Like the bamboo tree that grows for years under the surface of the soil, hidden
beneath the surface of your normal awareness are gifts beyond your mind’s
normal ability to see.

Something beyond your imagination…

Beyond our normal human understanding.

The Illusion That “Nothing’s Growing”

Humans are a very fickle race. We grow impatient when what we want doesn’t
“show up” when and how we want it.  Then sprinkle in some extra “attraction tricks”
that have been tossed around lately by pundits and you get a recipe for some
very interesting results (and interpretations).

But to the patient Souls – the ones who “see beyond the obvious”, the reality is that
growth of unimagined proportions has already begun.  In your Heart, you know
that your intent is already real before you can ever “see it”.

When you’re centered and open to Divine guidance, old dis-serving patterns that
once prevented you from seeing and feeling your creations already real fade away
and new inspiring and energizing ones spring forth.

When you see the image of the bamboo forest above, could you ever have imagined
this kind of growth in such a short period of time?

What if the seeds of your growth have *already* been in place for years?

And what if gifts of incredible scope and depth for you and for our world are just waiting
for your gentle nurturing and guidance?

How do you nurture these gifts?

Gentle observance
Non judgment
Qi-Gong, Yoga, Deep Breathing, Nature walks, “Vitamin N”

A return to innocence, play and living life itself, rather than living from old
dis-serving memories and old roles.

Now it’s your choice – to carry forth either the old patterns that hold you back, or
to create an inspired and enlivened vision path filled with love, peace and serenity.

The past is just a memory and it has no bearing on your True Self.

“Choice Point” happens in the moment.

Past  ————————-  Present ————————- Future

It’s really all the same.

The real key is the present

Because it unlocks the door of all Creation.

What gifts are you willing to give life to?

What secrets lie waiting to spring forth like the bamboo tree?

It’s time my friend to nurture your Dreams and Heart’s Desires.

You can do it as you listen to your Heart – because it will
never fail you.

Feel free to post your comments below – and lets’ grow this “new
bamboo forest” together…

The Golden Thread

If you heard our audio of the 11:11 Turning Point, you’re probably
familiar with the concept of the “Golden Thread”.

In essence, the Golden Thread is the one core energy or belief that
connects all the main issues in your life.

Listen to Track 2 of the 11:11 Turning Point Audio at this link
and you’ll get the vibe of what I’m talking about

Here’s the Key…

What you’re seeking isn’t “out there” somewhere…

It’s hidden in the very core of your day to day problems.

But few of us we were ever taught to look at life that way.

The old paradigm was whenever you felt stressed or bothered by a problem
you were taught to “eliminate” the problem.

The only problem with that paradigm is if you only seek to eliminate problems
– you miss the underlying message that problems (part of the waves of life)
are here to teach us.

“Modern” systems like medicine think that same way.

Let’s say a person is diagnosed with cancer.  Instead of seeking the
*underlying* cause of the cancer (and the  deeper message it’s trying
to communicate through the state of dis-ease) the “modern” approach
is to try to “kill” the cancer (and in many cases the patient as well).

This model is called the reductionist model – meaning the doctors and
scientists who view the person with disease see the person as a series
of “parts” that can simply be drugged, cut out and removed (like a
new hose or sensor in your car engine.)

But the human mind/body is far more complex than that plebian point of view.

A car engine doesn’t have a Spirit like you do.

It doesn’t have emotion.

It can’t sense its own existence.

And it can’t feel like you do – with all the highs and lows that give life it’s
incredible qualities.

When you seek that hidden meaning behind all events as DaVinci once taught,
you begin to discover the “Golden Thread”.

In other words, the common thread that holds all your life issues together.

If you have a major challenge – especially one that recurs over and over again
– the old paradigm would simply seek to eliminate the problem.

But in doing so – more often than not, you’ll miss the valuable message
that the problem came into your life to teach you.

Q. So are you saying that problems are good?

A. Yes – and the key is when we let go of the mind and open our Hearts,
something unexpected begins to happen.

Judgment ceases – and new possibilities are free to present themselves.

You begin to discover that hidden within the very problems you’re
trying to avoid is the energy and the love you so dearly seek.

And this process of seeking the “Golden Thread”, of finding the gift in our
problems and challenges (especially the BIG ones) can be the most practical
AND rewarding experience of our lives.

What if this could work for you?

What if you decided to look for the good in a problem today?

I invite you to challenge yourself to find the “Golden Thread” in one
of your life issues – and begin now.

Don’t let your mind tell you things like: “It can’t be done”, or “I can’t
find the good in my problems”.  That’s giving in to the ego mind.

And that ‘s the old paradigm of thinking that your mind is you.

Make today the day you begin to look deeper into the Golden Thread
of your Heart.

And So It Is…

Blessings of Aloha,


Stay tuned for our next message on the 11:11 Turning Point and how you
can tap into the incredible power within you to create your Heart’s Dreams
and passions.

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