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Living at Zero Point

Back in 2006, I was browsing in a cute little new age bookstore in Sedona and I stumbled across a book that dramatically changed my life.

That little book opened my eyes to an entirely new way of living and Be-ing. It discusses the new frontier of DNA Clearing and Activation which I’d already been doing for several years.

The Amazing Power of Zero Point
But it was the way it was done that completely transformed my life. The author shares the power of what’s called Zero Point. When we live from that state, our lives take on almost unimaginable new possibilities.

In essence, Zero Point means the coexistence of negative and positive polarities in the same moment. What this really means is instead of only focusing on the positive (which creates unconscious resistance within ourselves against the negative) living from Zero Point allows you to harness the power of whatever negative polarity or problem exists in your life and use it to help create your intent.

Yes, you read right – instead of trying to “get rid of” the negative, you instead learn to accept it and begin to access it’s “stuck” energy and balancing force.

Here’s where most people get stuck
We’ve been trained to focus on the positive and the problem with that approach is the more positive you try to be, the more you suppress any negative emotions or feelings that you have.

In other words, any feelings of guilt, anxiety, fear, etc that you feel won’t ever change by trying to be “positive” (or by trying to get rid of them).

“You cannot eliminate the negative by attaining
more of the positive”
– John Ruskan

The real key to working with negative emotions is acceptance of them. Without acceptance, you create inner resistance (or self rejection).

The “More” Culture

Our culture focuses almost entirely on getting more, being more, doing more, as if “more“ is a virtue unto itself. Nothing could be further from the truth. The real issue within all of us stems from our feelings of separateness…

Separateness from our loved ones
Separateness from money
Separateness from our own Hearts.

Separateness from our own feelings and our own True Selves.

Each day, any pain you ever feel is a feeling of separateness in some way.

So instead of pushing any unwanted feelings, away, you have a new choice.
The new choice is to begin to live in harmony at Zero Point and any negative feelings (and the negative charge that they carry) can be put at Zero Point and you regain the suppressed energy in that negative feeling.

If you resist that negative feeling, you’ll just create more negativity, stress, heartache and separation.

A Real Life Example

Let’s say you have a fear of public speaking. Instead of trying to “psych yourself up” to get in front of an audience, what if you tune in to the fear that you feel, and discovered that that fear is actually trying to help you?

In my own experience, when I used to get butterflies before I spoke in front of an audience, I got in touch with the feeling and I asked for its message. It told me was it was actually excitednot fearful!

That they changed my life because what I began to realize was that fear is just trapped energy waiting to come out. And it’s the mind that prevents it from releasing because of its old programs and limited thinking.

Ask yourself “Why don’t I do what I know I want to do?”

If you’re honest with yourself, the answer is because in some way, you fear doing it. If you force yourself to do it, you’re suppressing the fear. But if you discover the message of the fear, now you get the benefit of not just doing the thing you fear but also you learn the wisdom and the lesson that the fear was meant to teach you.

So to get back to Zero Point and how it relates in your life, when you live from Zero Point, instead of trying to make fears go away, you harness their energy and integrate that energy into your intent, your thoughts, your feelings and your decisions.

When you do this, not only will you feel better because you are in alignment with your own inner self, but you’re manifesting power dramatically increases as well.

So there are two essential choices:

1. Let your fears stop you or slow you down
2. Harness the energy of your fears and the from Zero Point in harmony and inner peace

Let today be the day that you choose to live at Zero Point, in harmony with your emotions, your feelings and what life presents to you, even if its not what you want.

Because if you resist what you don’t want, you’ll create more of it.


Let go…

And Let Life guide you on your journey…

And So It Is


Paul Bauer


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It’s All In Your DNA

If you’re into personal growth and you’re a seeker, you might just love what you’re about to learn. If you’ve tried method after method and gotten only limited results, you’re not alone (because the answer lies beyond normal awareness).

When we seek to change something about ourselves – whether it be physical, spiritual, mental or emotional, we’re often not aware of just how deep the block or trapped emotion actually lies.

More often than not when you try to make changes in your life your subconscious puts up initial resistance. This is normal and in almost all cases your subconscious is trying to protect you. But what it doesn’t know is that you are no longer subject to some of the old rules and beliefs that you bought into at an early age (when the belief or trapped emotion was originally created). That’s why it’s so valuable doing subconscious clearing work.

But working with subconscious isn’t always easy. It has a unique set of defenses to protect you from being harmed or manipulated.

I’ve been helping people clear subconscious blocks for over 20 years and I’ve helped thousands of people make tremendous transformations in their lives. But every once a while someone will still experience a stumbling block and there’re not sure why.

One of the other key components of transformation that I’ve been doing since the early 2000’s is DNA clearing work.

Your DNA is more than just a standard genetic profile that you may have heard in the news. It holds literally every memory, belief, and literally every facet of your being. Up till now it’s been almost impossible to re-write what is in your DNA.

But new discoveries in the field of Epi-genetics, research now shows that your DNA is not static and responds to *how you feel* and the many elements of your environment. (see the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton for more on this fascinating subject).

The Great Shift

No there’s a simpler way to access and rewrite your DNA when it comes to any challenges or obstacles that you encounter your life. When I do personal sessions for people, one of things I help them do is determine whether there’s a “faulty program“ in their DNA that’s causing the problem.

Once we determine the faulty program, we replace it with one that is more empowering and harmonic. In many cases you feel results almost immediately.

Issues like:

Money and prosperity
Energy and health issues
Relationship challenges
Self-esteem and confidence issues
Youth and vitality issues

…to name a few.

When real transformation occurs within you, it occurs all the way down to your DNA. Because your DNA is the “record keeper” of literally *every experience* that you have in your entire life (and even past lives). Your DNA stores more information you can imagine (far beyond juts physical traits as once thought).

Sounds, smells, textures, stories, sensations – all of it is stored in the literally gigabytes of storage in your Cellular DNA.

One of the coolest discoveries I recently made has been in the field of abundance relative to our DNA. And I’ve created a new “Abundance DNA Activation and Clearing Process” that helps clear whatever blocks the flow of abundance in your life. People I’ve shared this new protocol have made dramatic shifts in their career, their finances and most importantly how they feel about themselves.

Now let’s keep one thing in mind…

Money is just one part of what abundance really means – it’s just the “wrapping on the gift”, not the gift itself. Once you clear your abundance issues, gifts beyond what you originally hoped for begin to show up in your life.


Inner peace (despite the ups and downs)
Friends that love and support you
Awareness shifts that turn stress into breakthroughs
Intuitive insights (in your career and your personal life)
Creativity that flows without trying

And we’re just gettin’ started!

And that my friend is a journey worth discovering…

May Abundance Flow To You and Those You Love…



P.S. – More news coming soon on the Abundance DNA Activation and Clearing Process. Watch your email for more…

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The Secrets of The Bamboo Tree

If you’ve ever noticed someone who’s become truly successful (in any
endeavor) it’s easy to think that some of them are what you might call
“overnight successes”.

But the truth is that for any of these success stories are years of sculpting and
practice that it took before their success was ever known.  By the time people
on the outside world ‘see” these successes, countless hours of practice, insights
and focus have been invested.

Gifts Beyond Measure

Like the bamboo tree that grows for years under the surface of the soil, hidden
beneath the surface of your normal awareness are gifts beyond your mind’s
normal ability to see.

Something beyond your imagination…

Beyond our normal human understanding.

The Illusion That “Nothing’s Growing”

Humans are a very fickle race. We grow impatient when what we want doesn’t
“show up” when and how we want it.  Then sprinkle in some extra “attraction tricks”
that have been tossed around lately by pundits and you get a recipe for some
very interesting results (and interpretations).

But to the patient Souls – the ones who “see beyond the obvious”, the reality is that
growth of unimagined proportions has already begun.  In your Heart, you know
that your intent is already real before you can ever “see it”.

When you’re centered and open to Divine guidance, old dis-serving patterns that
once prevented you from seeing and feeling your creations already real fade away
and new inspiring and energizing ones spring forth.

When you see the image of the bamboo forest above, could you ever have imagined
this kind of growth in such a short period of time?

What if the seeds of your growth have *already* been in place for years?

And what if gifts of incredible scope and depth for you and for our world are just waiting
for your gentle nurturing and guidance?

How do you nurture these gifts?

Gentle observance
Non judgment
Qi-Gong, Yoga, Deep Breathing, Nature walks, “Vitamin N”

A return to innocence, play and living life itself, rather than living from old
dis-serving memories and old roles.

Now it’s your choice – to carry forth either the old patterns that hold you back, or
to create an inspired and enlivened vision path filled with love, peace and serenity.

The past is just a memory and it has no bearing on your True Self.

“Choice Point” happens in the moment.

Past  ————————-  Present ————————- Future

It’s really all the same.

The real key is the present

Because it unlocks the door of all Creation.

What gifts are you willing to give life to?

What secrets lie waiting to spring forth like the bamboo tree?

It’s time my friend to nurture your Dreams and Heart’s Desires.

You can do it as you listen to your Heart – because it will
never fail you.

Feel free to post your comments below – and lets’ grow this “new
bamboo forest” together…

“A Stroke of Insight”

Several times over the past few weeks, I’ve heard
about this woman – Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, but today I
took the time to watch her story.

It’s a story of how she survived a massive stroke.

Click here to watch her fascinating video

Inspiring is an understatement…

She discusses what lies beyond the left brain and more…

When you see this, ask yourself “If she can survive
an aneurysm the size of a golf ball, what am I capable of…?”

And what are we capable of…


The DNA of Abundance

About 4 weeks ago, on a cold February night, I held a
special Tele-Seminar for about 120 people…

The theme was about “Not Enough Effect” and
how the serious issues it causes in our lives.

Here’s some of what we discussed:

  • The root cause of the “Not Enough Effect”
  • Why getting “more” of what you want frequently
    doesn’t give you what you need most
  • What’s the single biggest problem that stops you
    from having what you want
  • The real reason for financial problems
  • How to escape the trap of the “Money Matrix”
  • Why focusing on getting more causes you
    to lose more
  • How to avoid suffering through life issues like money
    worries, health issues, relationship problems and more
  • How to dramatically reduce anxiety and worry over
    debt, money flow or your business
  • How to prevent your problems and worries from
    infecting your children’s lives

And the effect this issue has on our own DNA.

None of us are immune to this life-depleting effect,
but there are things we can do about it…

To learn more about the “Not Enough Effect”,
click here

All the very best,

Paul Bauer