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The Secret of the Wave

This article is a second in a series that talks about the power of waves
and how they affect literally every part of our lives.

In our last article, we talked about something unique and that most
of us miss about the wave-like energies within us and around us.
Hidden within each wave of energy is a deeper and richer expression
of a life wave.

From our last article:

“Within these waves is the very momentum and flow that we
long for.  Because within each wave is the essence of life itself.”

So there’s more to how we feel that meets the eye…

Let’s take a closer look at a wave of energy…

Within each wave is a range of energies – almost like
waves within waves that we can’t see, and yet we can feel.

We can experience these waves as life-enhancing
(love, joy, happiness, clarity, etc)

…or life-depleting
(anger, depression, unrest, apathy, fear or just
lack of energy)

When we feel these waves, it’s not the waves themselves
that are the issue – but whether even we sense them
or how we choose to respond to them

If we feel other than life enhancing energies, our body is trying to tell us
to step back, feel and let go of whatever is causing the disruption of the
life force energy within us. (The Chinese call this “stuck Chi”)

Our life rhythms form the foundation of our health and our happiness.

When these rhythms are out of sync, we feel symptoms like anger,
frustration, low energy, depression and dozens of other symptoms.

The key is to hear these symptoms and listen with “new ears” and honor
– not fight against them with more work, food, drugs, TV, or other
mind- numbing distractions.

The Warning Signs

Our western cultures have significantly higher rates of chronic disease than
indigenous cultures.

What do they know that we don’t?

Is it possible that they’re in touch with a different kind of wave
than we are?

Why should diseases that virtually absent in our ancestors be so prevalent today?

Maybe we’ve allowed ourselves to be torn from the very rhythms of life that
sustain us and give us life.

We wake up to alarm clocks, eat on the run, live and work under fluorescent
lighting, watch TV til late at nite, sit at computers for hours on end, and use
cell phones and text more than we speak face to face.

It’s like we forgot how to live with life.

Our natural rhythms (waves) have become disrupted and chronic unrest and
disease results.

The crazy thing is that we know when we’re out of rhythm – but we seldom
know exactly what to do
to get  back into that rhythm.

Each day as we awake, we’re responding to waves of energy that affect us.

Some examples of wave like cycles in our everyday lives:

Our biorythms (circadian rhythms)
Lake and ocean waves
Economic waves
Mood swings
Relationship waves
Energy waves
Bad news via the media

and dozens more…

There’s one more wave that we haven’t spoken about and yet it’s the
“Master Wave” of our mind and body.

This Master Wave is the key to the very things we want most – and yet
because it’s “hidden” from our normal awareness, we often miss the
profoundly deep wisdom that it brings us in every moment.

When you discover this Master Wave within you and learn how to
harness its wisdom and power…

Your life will transform
You will find resolution to your greatest problems
It will bring you deep inner peace

This week, we’ll be holding a free Webinar/Tele-Seminar on the secret
of this Master Wave and how it can help you restore your life force,
your inner peace and literally all the “waves” within your daily life.

Watch your e-mail for more details…

Until then,

Peace to you my friend,

Paul Bauer

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