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The Ancient Secret of Mana

What ancient secret has been missing from Western Civilization for centuries and how does it affect everything you do? (Including your prosperity, your job, your health and your relationships).

Centuries ago, man began to expand westward in his search of more. He sought more land, more resources, and more power. But in all his searching, a precious gift was forgotten. And in forgetting this gift, man has become separate from the very things he craves most.

The secret that’s been missing is what’s called Mana. Mana is a Hawaiian word that means life force or energy. The ancient Hawaiians believed that every living thing contained Mana. This life force existed in the land, the sea, the plants and every living being.

Mana is in essence the energy of creationthe very core of life itself.

Mana is our life force, the power that enables us to live. So many people go throughout life without even using Mana, they walk through life like they are in a fog. With Mana, you perceive what life really means and what its saying to you.
– Lanakila Brandt

Now here’s where the story gets interesting…

In striving so hard in his search, man raced right past what he wanted most – the experience of connectedness, of oneness – in other words peace of mind and heart that lasts – even in the face of challenges – no matter how great they may be.

The secret of living a prosperous, peaceful and happy life can only be found in the experience of Mana – of your own life force and Spirit.

What blocks Mana?
The inability to focus – the Unquiet Mind.

The ancient Hawaiians taught what’s called the Ha Rite to help us find this connection to our Mana and experience this Mana in our daily lives with gratefulness, compassion and peace. The Ha Rite helps cure the Unquiet Mind syndrome more than any single force on this earth.

The Ha Rite isn’t just for the chosen few, its for all of us to experience and share. But so many people have been dis-connected from this ancient rite for so long that even simple directions on paper alone won’t give you experience of Mana.

I had to study with someone in person who helped teach me this ancient rite, and it made all the difference for me. Anxieties, anger, lack of focus and clarity all dissolved away after I learned this precious gift of Mana.

In my travels to the ancient land of Hawaii, I’ve re-discovered this precious gift of Mana – and the feelingthe experience is so profound, so blissful, that many people who’ve forgotten this lost gift may think that it doesn’t even exist.

Many people have re-discovered the gift of Mana and in doing so, they feel almost like they’ve discovered the fountain of youth. But the experience of Mana is real. And Hawaii is one the very few places on Earth where you have a direct connection to it.

Maybe it’s because of the active Volcano – Kilauea.

Maybe its because Hawaii is 3000 miles from the nearest continent and not affected by the “busy-ness” of city life.

Maybe it’s because the myths of the ancient civilization of Lemuria are true.

One thing is sure – the experience of Mana in this ancient land is real.

How can you re-discover the lost art of Mana?

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What’s your experience of Mana?

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