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Pictures of Chicago Event

Just wanted to share some photos of our recent live
Infinite Abundance event in Chicago…

Part of the Infinite Abundance Chicago group

Paul and Susan

Michael and Ugnius having a laugh

More photos here

We’ll have some videos up in a day or two…

To Your Dreams And To Your Abundance,

Paul Bauer

“Unplugging from the Matrix”

If you saw the move, “The Matrix”, you understand how
we can be unconsciously programmed without even
knowing it. The central character named Neo at first
isn’t even aware of the illusion that he’s been living.

But when Morpheus shows him how he’s been “going
through the motions” – almost like a robot, it awakens
Neo. At first Neo thinks he’s powerful (the ego tries to
take charge again) and he becomes disappointed in his
newly discovered abilities.

But as Morpheus reminds him, it’s all an illusion…

Neo is still in disbelief…

“How could I have been fooled for so long?” “Why?”
“How is it possible?”

As Neo begins to awaken, he wonders, Is he the One?

The real question is can he step back from the Matrix
long enough to sense the illusion – and detach from it…

Once he detaches, he begins to re-discover his real power…

His Essence.

So the question we can ask ourselves is:

Are we aware of the illusions we’ve allowed ourselves to

Do they make us fall back again into the “psychic sleep”
or do they help awaken us?

The Matrix is the false premise of “Something else controls
me. I’m asleep. They’re at the helm. I’m a victim. They take
control. There’s not enough…”

But at Source level – nothing can ever control you. There’s
more than enough for everyone.

As you begin to remember why you came here to this planet,
and the lessons you’ve come to re-learn, what used to cause
you stress and overwhelm will begin to energize and inspire

If you’re ready to “Unplug From the Matrix”, the new
Infinite Abundance course will bring a smile to your
face as you take a deep breath and realize…

I Am Source…

And from that level – you are free…

In that moment, you’ve reconnected to the “I Am” Presence.
You feel the One-ness and how everything in life is connected.

Life feels new again…

So my friend, I invite you to re-discover this vital Essence
within you and join us in the new Infinite Abundance course.

To reserve your spot in the course, click here

We look forward to you being part of the course…

To Your Dreams And To Your Abundance,

Paul Bauer

P.S. – If money is a concern for you – the “Matrix” has a hold
of you. Remember scarcity is an illusion – it’s not real.
Right now you have access to the same supply that
each of us has – and that supply is Infinite.

It’s only the mind that’s been conditioned to believe otherwise.
And you know your not your mind – right?

In less than 3 days…

In less than 3 days, the new Infinite Abundance
launches to the public.

If you’ve tried nearly every technique and method
to create what you want, but you still feel frustrated
or incomplete, there’s a deeper reason why.

It’s in our DNA – and on April 23rd, you can
be part of this ground-breaking course.

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Until then,


Your Feedback…

Thanks for your interest in the upcoming Infinite Abundance

I’d like to hear your question or comment about the preview
so I can make sure I’m tailoring the course to fit your needs.

Please take a moment and share your question by clicking on
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In case you haven’t yet heard the preview yet, you can sign
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The False Premise

There are certain premises or assumptions that we
build our life around. Many of these assumptions
are never even questioned – and we therefore
unknowingly accept them and live by them.

Here are a few examples:

“Life is hard”
“Life isn’t fair”
“You have to work hard to get ahead”
“You have to fight for what you want”
“There’s not enough to go around”

And one premise that’s seldom questioned is:

“You have to work hard improving yourself”

An entire industry has been built on this notion.

That you’re “incomplete”.

That you need “improvement”.

That you’re not “good enough”.

But what if it was a lie? What if you were already whole
and complete
but somehow you decided to believe that
you were flawed?

What would have to happen for you to believe that you
weren’t enough?

Think for a few moments on that question…

And conversely, what would have to happen for you to
believe that you were enough?

Your answers to those two questions will determine
your level of happiness in life because every thought
you think is based on this “Origin Thought”.

If you suspect that the false premise of “not enough”
may be driving many of your daily decisions, actions,
thoughts and feelings, I have two pieces of good news
to share with you.

1) You’re not alone.

2) You can clear this “false premise” of “not enough”
easier than you can imagine.

When you’re free of this feeling of not being (or having)
enough, you’ll feel energized, inspired and reconnected
to your passions and purpose.

Stay tuned for the new Infinite Abundance course
where you’ll learn how to free yourself from this
life depleting “thought virus”.


The Source of Infinite Abundance

Have you ever tried attracting what you want, but for some
strange reason – it simply doesn’t happen?

You’ve used the Law of Attraction, you’ve done your
affirming, set your goals, and a score of other techniques
and methods.

But something still isn’t happening…

So what do we do? How do you open up your “attraction
circuits” so you can create what you want?

Let’s look at the possibilities…

1) Work harder and struggle?

2) Set different goals?

3) Ask yourself “Why am I being denied what I want?”

4) Say to yourself “I guess it’s just not meant to be”
and give up?

Or… something far more powerful than “mind based”
solutions. Something that transcends the ego layer of
“wanting”, “wishing” and “suffering” when we don’t “get
what we want”.

We can try to “push a wet noodle up the hill”, but it’s far
easier to align ourselves with the Source of all things.

How do you connect with this Source?

Through Your Higher Self.

Your Higher Self is your God-connection. You are Divine
and are capable of things that would make your jaw drop
in awe.

Tuning into your Higher Self and letting IT do the manifesting
for you (and allowing it to happen) is 500% more effective
than using willpower.

The KEY is to step back and let your Higher Self speak
to you in the language that you can understand.

What is this language?

Your feelings…

Your feelings are your “inner compass” and they will
never lead you astray. Here’s the basic “rule of thumb”
in how to trust your feelings and use them to guide you
to manifest what you want, and to heal anything in your life
that troubles you.

Step 1

Learn to know the difference between a good feeling (high
vibration) and a bad one (low vibration).

“But what do I do then?” you say?

If you know what makes you feel “bad”, and you’re truly aware
of the feeling, just accept the feeling (rather than rejecting it
– which just causes more inner resistance).

Once you learn to accept the feeling, you open up vast amounts
of energy that you can then focus your inner manifesting skills
that are intuitive to you (the ones you’ve used all your life) to
attract what you really want.

Step 2

Once you’ve paid attention to how you’re feeling, then remember
a time when you felt really good – when you felt truly peaceful,
really joyous or grateful for something or someone in your life.

As you begin to recall the high vibrational feelings of:


and allow yourself to feel them – in the moment, you begin
to shift your core vibration from low (repelling what you want)
to high (attracting what you want).

Your Higher Self will guide you in this process – remember how?

Through your feelings…

If you feel better, you know you’ve “hooked up” with your
Higher self once again. If on the other hand you still feel stuck,
disappointed, or anything other than peace love joy or abundance,
just tune into your feelings, take a deep breath and fully feel your
feelings and just accept them in the moment.

and you will be blessed with a profound gift of stillness
and peace.

So today my friend, take 5 minutes and do the above exercise.
Check in with your feelings, and tune into your Higher Self
– your “God Link”. As you do, you’ll feel grounded, connected
and your “attraction circuits” will come “back on line” to create
not just the things what you want for yourself – but a better
life for those you love for our planet and for all life.

And So It Is…

To Your Dreams And Your Abundance,


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Your thoughts on the “The Not Enough Effect”

I’d like to hear your thoughts on what your
understanding of what “The Not Enough Effect”
means to you.

In case you missed Part I, you can read more
about it below… (see Part I)

Please share your comments by clicking on the
“Comments” link above.

Here’s a few questions for you to ponder…

How does “The Not Enough Effect” affect you?

Are you conscious of it in your life?

Have you taken time to notice where (or how)
it shows up in your life?

Take a moment and share your thoughts, and
as you do, you’ll be clearing that which no
longer serves you.

All the very best,

Paul Bauer

Special Free Tele-Conference

This Thursday night, we’re having a powerful
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    into the limitless abundance within you
  • Why nearly everything you’ve been taught
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    is wrong – and how to find your true source
    of wealth and prosperity
  • The single most damaging belief across all
    cultures that creates scarcity – and what
    you can do about it

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To Your Dreams And To Your Abundance,

Paul Bauer

“The Not Enough Effect” – Part II

Be watching for the second part of “The Not Enough
Effect” – you’ll learn some amazing insights into
this little known – yet widespread “thought virus”.

It’s time we all wake from the “slumber of scarcity”
and rediscover our Infinite Abundance.

To Your Dreams And To Your Abundance,