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Seeing Through The Veil

Since I began Dreams Alive, I’ve been privileged to assist people in finding
their Dreams and passions in their everyday lives. As I’ve listened to these
great souls, I’ve noticed several themes…

One that frequently comes up is:

“I don’t have focus or clarity of what my Dream
is Paul, can you help me find it?”

I often share wisdom from sages like William Blake in his quote from above
because it helps us see with “new eyes”.

In our culture, we’ve been led to go “head-on” towards problems and “fix” them.
While this may appear to work in the short term, in fact, pushing too hard &
overworking is pulling us even further away from what we so dearly Love
and need.

People tell me that they’ve never looked at their problems that way. In other
words, from the point of view that when you look at a problem and want it to
change, you actually ENERGIZE the problem itself.

Instead, all we need to do is seek the solution – a fresh, new, inspired way of
LOOKING at life.

If you read William Blake’s quote from above, you’ll notice
how he says:

“We’ve been led to believe a lie
when we see with and not
through these eyes”

Notice how he states “when we see with”
“and not *through* these eyes”.

When we see “WITH” these eyes, we’re actually seeing with our filters based
on past experience and conditioning. In other words, sometimes our past
can significantly affect the way we view our world.

But, It is possible to see clearly with less effort and ALLOW flow (living your
life freely) to just naturally happen.

Do we choose to look on life with optimism and wonder?

Or do we allow old thought patterns, habits and past
conditioning to hold down our natural abilities and Spirit?

“Seeing *through* these eyes” means seeing life with willingness and
open-ness. Through Loving eyes… eyes that allow light and inspiration
to flow in and THROUGH you. Eyes that allow your Spirit to shine through
and attract the right people and results to you.

In his wonderful book called “Take Off Your Glasses and See”, author Jacob
Lieberman teaches us that the eyes are just “windows” that allow light in.
In many cases though, they become filters that block things out.

From his book:

“Usually vision is like a searchlight. Like most people,
I had always focused on one thing in life. At different
times it had been professional success, making
money, or finding the right partner.

Yet when in was looking for one thing, I was missing
everything else. It always seemed that the truly
important experiences – the MIRACLES – were
always those that I wasn’t looking for. I figured that
if looking at one thing caused me to miss the rest,
then maybe I would look at “nothing” and see

Notice how Jacob says:

…then maybe I would look at “nothing” and see “everything”.”

Have you noticed this paradox in your life before?

What miracles have you missed by focusing too much?

Try this exercise today…

Find an object in the room you are in. For a moment, focus really hard on
this object. Then relax and softly view it. Notice that the harder you focus
the less you can see.

(You may notice that the harder you focus, that your
peripheral vision dims and shrinks).

Now look at the same object without staring…

Gently become aware of your breathing…

Notice how your eyes feel. tired? tense? numb?

Breathe deeply and release any tension in your body…

Allow your field of vision to expand until you see not only
the first object, but everything around it.

b   r   e  a   t   h  e

d   e  e  p  l  y .  .  .

Now look around the room and allow your focus to soften and expand until
you can see the entire room…

Or better yet, go outside now and try this exercise – you’ll be amazed at
what you see…

As you do this, your eyes are drawn to whatever needs attention, allowing
your intuition and creative flow to move freely.

You may find this exercise helpful when you’re feeling stressed. Stress may
be just “over-focusing” on something. Stress in our lives just tries to tell us
to let go, to focus LESS on what stresses us, and focus more on what we’ve

Our children
Our families
Our planet


Take a moment today to step back and notice and re-member
what is MOST important in YOUR life today. And may you
shine brightly and allow life to flow through you…

And so it is…

: – )

Paul Bauer

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Your Ideal Life Is Just One Step Away

e all dream of a better life…

In some way, we hope that some day in the future, we can step back,
let go and begin to live life on our terms.

You know, that image and feeling of the good life that we often dream
about, but we often pass off as just a dream…

…instead of listening to it and honoring it.

The toughest part is actually taking the time to make the decision to
let it speak to us.  And hear it in ways like we’ve never heard it before.

Now’s The Time

As I write this, it’s Memorial Day Weekend in the U.S. and collectively,
it’s the turning point for millions of Americans (and millions more in
the Northern Hemisphere) to “get away from it all”.

It’s a time to look forward to the carefree summer months of warm
weather, long walks, trips to the lake or the local forest preserve.

It’s the time we all have the chance to let go and put our feet up and
just be…

How To Make This Time Some Of The Most Productive
You’ve Ever Experienced

Here’s a cool challenge for you:

This weekend, as you take time to rest and unwind, try this simple

Ask yourself:

1) What do I long for?

Take several deep breaths and then ask:

2) What if I already had this in my life?

and breathe again…

(here’s the KEY step…)

3) How do you feel – right NOW – connecting with the essence,
the knowing that what you’ve longed for is real in some way?

Take time and write that feeling down on a piece of paper

Hint: when you write it down, it “turns up the mana” (the
spiritual energy) and the energy begins to really move.

Even if you’re having a tough time (financially or otherwise) this
quiet time that you take for yourself can be some of the most
rejuvenating and productive
that you can do for yourself.

Right now, I’m sitting at the shores of beautiful Lake Geneva,
site of our upcoming Retreat. I have a morning ritual that I
do each day, and part of it is doing the exercise I shared with
you above.

When we take time to feel the essence of our intent already real,
something magical  happens within us.  And that inner shift is the
KEY that brings about the changes on the outside we long for most.

Want to take your “Imagined Life” and make it real?

Watch your e-mail for a invite to a FREE Tele-Seminar
about LIVING your ideal life.

Until then…

Have a great weekend!

: – )


P.S. – What do you long for – and what’s your vision of your ideal life?

Please post your comment or question below.