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“The Real Reason Why You Can’t Seem To Get Past Your Money Issues”

If you’ve been striving for years to “make more”, and you’ve tried all
the methods, and consumed all the books on “how to be rich”, but
you still haven’t gotten past your money issues, there is a reason
for your struggle.

But, it’s not what most “experts” are telling you…

The conventional wisdom says: “think positive” and “do your affirmations”,
and be clear on what you’re attracting”.

But something’s amiss…

We’ve tried all that and it still doesn’t work.

We were told to look in all the wrong places. Some of the methods may
work – but not if you’ve got what’s called Prosperity Reversal.

What Is Prosperity Reversal?

Prosperity Reversal occurs when you’ve tried method after method to get
past your wealth and prosperity issues, but no matter what you’ve tried,
nothing seems to work.

Let’s clarify something…

It’s not your fault.

Prosperity Reversal happens to the smartest, wisest and what you and I
would consider nicest people. It can affect people of all cultures, creeds
and beliefs. It plays no “favorites”, it just happens.

So how do you know if you’ve got Prosperity Reversal?

The symptoms are:

  • Struggling to “get by”
  • Difficulty earning what you’re worth
  • Anxiety over money that doesn’t go away (even  when you get paid)
  • Frustration with trying all the methods that promise
    to work but still don’t work
  • Feeling like “nothing seems to work for me”


1) It’s not your fault
2) It’s never too late to clear your prosperity issues
3) Now is the moment for your breakthrough

So what can you do if you’ve got Prosperity Reversal?

I can share with you that it took me years of going to  therapists
(primarily hypnotherapy – which is much deeper than standard
therapy), doing subliminals, reciting affirmations, and lord knows
countless other methods.

But still nothing seemed to work.

But finally the solution presented itself.

What I discovered clicked with me in an instant. I’d been looking in
all the wrong places
and when I discovered this method – it wiped
all the fog from my “prosperity mirror” faster than I thought possible.

All the issues were cleared in just days.

Part of me couldn’t believe it, but I used what you’ll learn to make sense
of even my disbelief. And my disbelief then turned into a calm centered
feeling – a knowing.

And I can show you how to do this as well and it doesn’t have to take
months or years – in fact, it will take you just days.

If you’re ready to really clear the cobwebs of what’s been causing your
money and prosperity issues, you now have a new choice:

The powerful new Abundance Point Course.

With Abundance Point, you’ll make the breakthroughs that
you’ve been longing for. (and deserve)

How do I know? – Because you have it within you already –  I can’t give
you what you don’t already have. That’s my life mission – to help you
find it within you – the strength, the fuel, the fire, and certainly the
wealth within you that you deserve.

Curious to learn more of this fire within you?

Here’s what you can do:

Try the new breakthrough Abundance Point Course and see for yourself
how you can clear your money and prosperity problems for good.

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All the very best,

Paul Bauer

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