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Gratitude Shift

“The struggle ends when the gratitude begins.”
– Neale Donald Walsch

Have you ever had an instance in your life where you didn’t get what
you wanted or hoped for? In other words, when things didn’t go your way?

It happens to the best of us, but the key is what do you when you don’t get what you want and more importantly, what do you tell yourself when it eventually happens?

Let’s say there are two basic options of what you do when things don’t go your way:

Option 1
Do you say, “Ok, that didn’t work out, I’ll just do it differently”
and move on?

Option 2
Or, do you get disappointed and allow circumstances to dictate how you feel?

For many years, I unconsciously chose the second option (disappointment)
and frankly that choice drove me nuts! At first, didn’t notice the choice
I had made (because it was an un-conscious decision). But the more it
happened, the more it got my attention. I recalled that any feeling,
good or bad, is a message from your subconscious. And the way I felt
was clearly not happy, because I felt dissatisfied.

The more it happened, the more it spoke to me and the more it woke me up.

Webster defines disappointment as:

Unhappiness from the failure of something hoped for
or expected to happen.

Hmm, I noticed several things about that definition.

* A state of unhappiness
* The feeling of failure
* Something expected or hoped for

That’s a LOT packed into one simple definition, yet this little word
often becomes the very thing that takes the wind out of our sails
and changes our mood (in a matter of seconds).

Often what happens when we want something, we set up an expectation and
we un-consciously get attached to that thing we expect. It’s like we place all our hopes and energy into it, and when it doesn’t show up in the very way we what, our feelings get hurt and we do our own version of “pouting”.

Disappointment = Lack of Gratitude

In essence, when we feel disappointed, we’ve shifted our vibration
dramatically lower than we can imagine.

Disappointment of not getting what you want = LOC 125 (on Hawkins Map of Consciousness.) For reference, Courage is LOC 200 and Peace is LOC 600.

The Problem with Lack of Gratitude

When you want more or when you are disappointed, you’re sending a
signal to the Universe that you are ungrateful. That lack of gratitude
“short circuits” your manifesting power because it acts as a limiter
and compresses your natural vibration.

“Gratitude also opens your eyes to the limitless potential of the
universe, while dissatisfaction closes your eyes to it.”
– Anon

Disappointment and dissatisfaction are indicators of our lack of gratitude.
And when you are disappointed that something has not gone your way,
the signal you’re sending is one of scarcity.

The Antidote for Disappointment and Dissatisfaction

If you ever feel like things aren’t going your way, and you need a shot
of enthusiasm, this article may be the very thing you’ve been looking
for to make your own “Gratitude Shift” to transform your life.
(Read on for a cool exercise you can use).

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgivings, turn routine
jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.”
– William Arthur Ward

The Real Shift Comes From Your Heart

Let’s say you’re having a bad day and you’ve begin to notice that you
haven’t been feeling much gratitude. And you remember that “gratitude is
the antidote” and you decide to “turn on the gratitude”.

Here’s where it can get kind of complicated.

If you choose to be grateful because by being grateful you think it
will get you what you want, then the signal you’re actually sending is:

1) You don’t have what you want

2) You’re not truly grateful (you’re in your ego)

This kind of gratitude isn’t real – it has no real feeling. It comes
from the mind. The mind thinks it can win if it “does something”
(rather than feeling it and being it through your Heart).

And the intent is you send the feeling of “not having” into
your gratitude and splits it into two – having and not having.
In other words, it’s like “faking it till you make it” – a common
slogan from the motivational movement that relies primarily
on the ego mind to get ahead and “go for the gusto”.

Gratitude Shift occurs when you choose to step back and let go
and allow your Heart to be your guide. It is the part of you that
allows you to feel gratitude (and does the actual creating!)

“Gratitude is the key that unlocks the essence of
your Heart and all of life”.
– Dr. Joseph Dremer

So, how do you shift into gratitude? The kind of gratitude that lasts
more than just a couple of minutes? The kind of gratitude that makes
you feel good just by feeling it?

Imagine this exercise helping you make the very shift that
opens the flow
(and gives you peace of mind that lasts)

“Gratitude Shift” Exercise

1. Close your eyes

2. Begin to breathe slowly and deeply

3. Touch your Heart and begin to get in touch with how you’re feeling

4. Think of something you love, something you already have in your life
that you really appreciate (a friend, a pet, a loved one, a work of art)

5. Allow yourself to really feel that feeling of gratitude – from your Heart and just breathe into that feeling for at least several minutes.

Practice this exercise when you’ve got some time to appreciate it (like in the morning before you jump into the busy-ness of the day or right before bed).

And let yourself feel the essence of gratitude as it reminds you of your Essence…

And so it is…

“If the only prayer you ever prayed was thank you,
that would be enough”
– Meister Eckart

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The 3 Biggest Manifesting Challenges

If you’ve ever felt frustrated in trying to manifest what you want, you’re
not alone.   Every one of us faces obstacles and blocks before what we
want actually “shows up”.

Lets review the main challenges we all face when it comes to manifesting
(and what you can do about each one of them).

(Each of these challenges are little lessons that can teach us valuable
insights about ourselves.**)

The 3 Biggest Challenges

1. When is what I want going to manifest?

This is the classic one.  Our minds have been trained in a “get it now” kind
of reality.

Since we were very young, we often got instant gratification for many of our
core needs.  And depending on how our parents or caregivers responded to
our needs, we learned an unconscious pattern of wanting/getting that
reinforced the behavior that we felt at that young age.

Some of that behavior was appropriate then, but may no longer serve
you any longer as an adult. It takes a bit of discipline and letting go to
detach from old emotions and patterns so you can be fully present
and make new choices that help you evolve and grow.

An old proverb says:

“There is a season for everything”

It may be frustrating for the mind to admit, but the universe doesn’t
always bend to our will. But, when you set your Heart and mind to
creating what you want, and you follow that intent with love and
passion, it WILL manifest – in its own time.

We all plant many seeds, but the KEY is to nurture those seeds with
proper love and nutrients.

One of my mentors once told me:

“Whatever you set your Heart to, is already on its way…”

So, its really already here – but the mind can’t see it yet.

The key is letting go of the “when” and staying in touch with the essence
of already having it. In other words the deep faith, the *knowing* that’s
its real right now – and all that’s really required is to “see with new eyes”
as Blake once wrote.

The next biggest manifesting challenge…

2. Thinking that getting what you want will
make the pain of “not having it” go away

This one’s a bit hidden from our conscious awareness. But if you can delve
deeper than just needing something and shift to being ok whether it shows
up or not, you’re accessing  a level of mastery that few humans ever reach.

Most get stuck at the “I feel pain/I need relief” level and never understand
the essence of creation itself.

But when you shift your intent from “needing something to show up” to
being able to let go of having it, you activate a higher intelligence within

This intelligence then becomes your core guide and is there to help you
in literally any situation in your life. The gifts this connection will bring
you are greater than all the “getting” or “having” will ever give you.

The faith and knowing that what you want is already manifested (and
the patience that it takes to “wait” for it to “show up”) is the key.

Here’s a couple questions to help you in this 2nd major
manifesting challenge:

Is my Heart really in this?

Do I love this path?

What would I love to create most?

Ponder these whenever you face obstacles and breathe into each
of them as you listen and feel for the answer…

Here’s the 3rd challenge…

3. Am I doing something wrong?

If you ever hear or sense this message, you KNOW it’s the ego trying to pull
you off your path.  Thinking you’re doing something “wrong” prevents you
from seeing the truth in your life.

Disappointment, fear, anger, envy are some of the feelings you may feel
when what you want hasn’t shown up yet.

But each of these emotions are hiding the real issue.


Yes – the real cause of frustration or feeling stuck is judgment.  And it’s
ourselves who we’re really judging.

Maybe you’re not doing anything “wrong”.  Maybe your Higher Self is
guiding you to a simpler way of being.

And “having” then is easy – when you are already be-ing.

Make sense?

If you think of the things you want most, why do you want them?

In other words, what if you already had them already?

How would you feel?

Isn’t that what you really want?

The feeling?

Manifesting gets easier when we step out of the way and let go.
Take time each day my friend to check in with your Heart and
your Higher Self – and let yourself manifest from your Heart.

And So It Is…

Watch for my next message on manifesting…

Until then,

Blessings of Abundance to you,

Paul Bauer

P.S. – Would love your comments below…

: – )

Your opinion & the “Not Enough” Effect

I’m thinking of doing a new course that helps people
escape what I call the “Money Matrix” and I’d like your

In short, the “Money Matrix” is the unquestioned system
of beliefs, institutions and cultural conditioning that keeps
people enslaved in what I call the “Not Enough” Effect.

And this “Not Enough” Effect is the core of the problem
that stops you from having what you want (and keeps
you stuck in the old cycle over and over again).

It’s also the prime cause that brought down the financial
systems (and its still happening as we speak). As a culture,
If we keep going at the rate we’re going, we’ll self-destruct
under a mountain of debt, fear and greed.

But there’s a simple way out…

I’m not sure If I’m going to do a course yet, because if
I do, I’m going to put my Heart and Soul into it (if you’ve
been through any of my courses before, you know what
I mean).

If I do go ahead with this course, it will help you do three
primary things:

1) Become aware of the deep level of unconscious
conditioning that has been stopping you from creating
the results you’ve been longing for (if you knew the
beliefs that were installed in your subconscious without
your awareness, you’d be shocked)

2) Identify and clear the beliefs that have been holding
you back – so you can choose your own beliefs that
empower and free you

3) Create a completely new level of clarity and understanding
of what creates lasting wealth and abundance and have the
real world practical results that you and your loved ones

In other words, this is serious stuff we’re talking about.

And it’s about far more than just money.

In essence, it’s the best of the metaphysical teachings
combined with practical real-world results (but more than
just money or “stuff” – I’m talking about being free of the
attachment to the “stuff” and yet still having plenty
for you and your family (or giving back to humanity).

If I decide to teach it, this course will be unlike anything
I’ve ever taught before (or you’ve ever experienced).

So – I need your opinion…

Should I go ahead and teach this kind of course…?

…and how could this course help you…?

(in other words, what’s going on in your life? And
how could this kind of course that frees you from
the struggle and worries of the “Not Enough” Effect
change your life?)

Please feel free to post your comment to my blog below…

(I’m planning on reading every single comment I receive)

Blessings of Abundance To You,

Paul Bauer

What’s The Root Cause of Money Issues?

I‘d like to share a story with you…

It’s about a man named Jeff who asked me for help with
some major money issues.

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He told me he tried all sorts of things to make more money:

Courses on the Law Of Attraction (he told me he
spent hundreds of dollars just on LOA materials)

As I began working with him, I remembered back to when I
had the same kind of challenges and what I learned. And how
much I struggled with trying to get ahead (or in many cases
just to keep up).

The Shadow Of Money

Jeff told me had problems with money and
feelings of “Not Enough” for as long as he could
remember. Even when he had money flowing in – their was something that seemed
to be nagging away at him on the inside. (like a
shadow that follows you everywhere).

As I worked with him, I asked him why he
would  still be hanging on to his money issues – well into his forties.

Jeff stopped and said “I’m not sure what you mean – I’m not
“hanging on” to them – I want to be free of them!”

I replied: “We only do what serves us in some way. If it’s an issue that causes us pain or suffering, we need it to help us learn something”.

The phone went silent for a moment…

Jeff replied: “Whoa – you mean…”

“…you mean that a part of me is holding on to this issue because I need to pay attention to it in some way?”

“You bet” I replied… “That’s how the subconscious works. It’s your faithful servant. It’s doing what it was programmed to do a long time ago. Now you’re beginning to become aware of that programming.”

“Wow'” Jeff said… He took a deep breath and said:  “Holy &%#$ !
You mean all the pain I’ve gone through isn’t even about money then?”

“Nope” I replied – “You’re beginning to peel away the false
conditioning that you bought into at a very early age – and it created
an identity – in other words bwho you believed yourself to be
ecause of that conditioning.

Carrying that identity around with you is like stepping on the break
and the accelerator at the same time when you’re trying to move
forward – you won’t get very far will you..?

“And you end of burning huge amounts of energy – right?”

“Yes” – until you let go…   : – )

“But I would have never chosen to have this kind of suffering”
– Jeff said.

“Hmmm – if you didn’t then who did choose it?  At the Soul level, each of us comes here to experience a journey of highs AND lows.  No one else chose that journey for us. The belief that someone did is called a victim mentality.”

“But why would a person choose to continue that suffering?”

“First, it’s important to understand that the choice is un-conscious.
In other words, we’re not aware that we’re even making it. When
we have trauma in our lives, we somehow have to deal with it.

At the time the trauma first occurred, a part of our own Self literally
became disconnected in order to prevent us from ever feeling that
pain ever again.

There are parts of you that are much smarter (and faster) than
your conscious mind and these parts take on the trauma so you
don’t have to.”

“And that’s where the problem begins?” – Jeff said.

“Exactly – once that part of you takes on the trauma to prevent
you from being hurt again, it puts up a wall between you and ANY
that it thinks is similar.

“Oh my God” – Jeff said…  “ANY similar experience?”

“Yes” – I replied.

“Paul – a HUGE lightbulb just went off for me!. When I was
young, I remember hearing my parents arguing about money. I was just
outside the room where they were arguing. My Dad was angry and
I heard my Mom crying and trying to tell my Dad something.”

“What just came to me was I thought they were arguing about me!
And what just dawned on me was I formed some kind of belief at
that age that age that I was bad – and I thought that money was
the cause!!!”

“I never made that connection before!!!”

“How are you feeling right now” I asked.

“Wow – both tears of joy and of sadness” – this is weird…”

I asked Jeff to take several slow deep breaths and then to notice
how he felt.

“Hmmm – peaceful – wow – this is so cool… I feel a huge shift from
just minutes ago Paul…”

“Cool Jeff – what have you learned so far?”

“That at a very deep level – we are the ones who created our blocks
– and all we need to do is tune in and really listen to how we’re feeling
– the rest will take care of itself”

“Right on brother…” I said.

“What do I need to do to attract stuff now?” Jeff asked.

“What makes you feel you need to attract it” – I replied.

“Because I don’t have it yet…”

“What if you already did? – but that old conditioning is blocking
your awareness of it.

“But what about the Law Of Attraction – don’t I have to attract it?”

“That false premise is what causes tremendous pain in people
of all kinds. And its based on an outdated and false belief
that you’re separate from what you want.

The only separation that exists is within yourself.

Take care of that, and the rest is simple.”

The phone went silent… then Jeff said “Wow – I never knew…”

“All this time, I thought that I had to chase it, coax it, attract it…
Now I know its all a sham.  My mind had me believing that
I wasn’t enough – and I projected that out onto my everyday life.”

“I’m just stunned Paul… – this is just awesome…Thank you so much!”

“You’re very welcome” – I replied.


Since that session, Jeff’s money issues have completely cleared.
His company sales have doubled and he feels a peace that he
didn’t know was possible.

“The Money Loop”

If you’re having money challenges, ask yourself this question:

“How does it serve me to hold on to money issues?”

Your first response may be like Jeff’s. Something like
“I’m not holding on to them! – I want to be free of them!”

But your subconscious knows differently.

And it tries to tell you through how you feel.

So here’s what you can do…

Todays Action Step
Take some time today and really be truthful with yourself – look
into your attachment to your money issues – and the reason why
you’d prefer to hold on to them – rather than be free of them.

Key Point
(The only reason we continue to re-experience a problem is because
we need it to teach us something. When we’re done with the lesson
that our problem is here to teach us, it resolves itself and you’re
free to move on with your life.)

Step 1: Ask yourself “What’s good about my money issues?”
In other words, “How does it serve me to hold on to them?”

Step 2:  Ask: “Am I willing to let go of the old identity and the story
that I’ve created about money in my life?”

Step 3: “What would my life be like completely free of this issue?”

And close your eyes, step back and breathe deeply 3-4 times…

Even if a part of you says: “I’ll never be rid of this issue”, just
breathe into that feeling, and thank that part of you…

And in so doing, you’ll begin to free yourself from it.

Allow yourself to really feel your feelings and breathe into them…

For your breath IS your Spirit.

And So it is…

Aloha and Keep Your Dreams Alive,

Paul Bauer

P.S. – Please post your comment or question about this
article/audio below.

The DNA of Abundance

About 4 weeks ago, on a cold February night, I held a
special Tele-Seminar for about 120 people…

The theme was about “Not Enough Effect” and
how the serious issues it causes in our lives.

Here’s some of what we discussed:

  • The root cause of the “Not Enough Effect”
  • Why getting “more” of what you want frequently
    doesn’t give you what you need most
  • What’s the single biggest problem that stops you
    from having what you want
  • The real reason for financial problems
  • How to escape the trap of the “Money Matrix”
  • Why focusing on getting more causes you
    to lose more
  • How to avoid suffering through life issues like money
    worries, health issues, relationship problems and more
  • How to dramatically reduce anxiety and worry over
    debt, money flow or your business
  • How to prevent your problems and worries from
    infecting your children’s lives

And the effect this issue has on our own DNA.

None of us are immune to this life-depleting effect,
but there are things we can do about it…

To learn more about the “Not Enough Effect”,
click here

All the very best,

Paul Bauer

The “Not Enough Effect” and Oil Prices

If you’ve been following my articles about “The Not Enough
Effect”, you’ll notice that it touches almost every part of
our lives.

This week, with rumors that gas prices exceeding $4.00
per gallon by summer, one has to wonder what’s causing the
higher prices…

Too much demand?
Not enough supply?
Industry collusion?

Or is it something else? Something so close that we just
can’t see it because its right in front of our eyes…

Something so simple – that we may refuse acknowledging
any part we play in it.

It wears a mask – but it’s called…

Greed – and the feeling that many oil investors
have of not having “enough”.

According to AAA Regional Manager Richard Velazquez:

“Prices have been rising by 2 cents to 3 cents per
day in many other areas of the U.S. during last week,
and Oil industry analysts are saying that both wholesale
gasoline and crude oil prices are being driven higher
by investor speculation in the futures market.”

What’s “investor speculation”?

It’s like a man going to Las Vegas, stepping up to
the table and betting that oil prices will rise (even
though in his conscience he knows it’s the wrong
bet to place).

So instead of stepping away from the table and leaving
the casino, greed (and desire) keeps him there, wanting
more and more…

And it’s a never ending vicious circle of wanting “more”.

>What does this story have to do with you?

What’s happening in our economy is a simple
wake-up call.

Think of it as an “alarm clock” that’s going off
while you’re in the middle of a bad dream.

And you wake up and you feel weird – but something
in the dream shook you – you felt something strange,
something different – something that you can’t quite
put your finger on – but you know it’s real nonetheless.

What’s happening in our economy is just a symbol of
what’s going on inside of us – and how you deal with
that inside reality has everything to do with what
you see and experience on the “outside”.

And what we see is driven by old programs and
memories that in many cases we’re not even aware
of. These old programs are held deep down in our

What can you do about this “Not Enough Effect”?

Stay tuned…


Please share your comments below…

“The Not Enough Effect” – Part I

I’m sure you’ve noticed that there’s a major
shift that’s occurring in our economy.

Whether you live in the U.S or any other country,
the markets have begun their cyclical shift.

Many believe this downturn is caused by external
factors, but in reality, each of us plays a role in
this cause.

…but in a different way than you may even know.

And it’s not the “bad” thing the media, our
families, government, business or any other
system may tell you.

“They make no mention of the beauty of decay…”
~ From “Break It Down” By Tears For Fears

Everything that you see in “form” is on its way
to slowly dissolving – including our own bodies.
So it should come as no surprise that the principle
that everything is in a constant state of flux
also applies to our own lives…

It applies in:

Our bank balance
The love we feel from others
Our fitness level

but especially how we feel

You see, the economy is really a mirror of how
we feel
on the inside and these feelings are the
effects of our thoughts (both conscious and unconscious).

And it the un-conscious thoughts that drive us nuts…

With what’s occurring in the financial, real estate,
personal (and national) debt, trade deficit, and many
other indicators, we’re now being forced to look
more closely at our lifestyle of “spend and consume”.

And underneath that lifestyle is a much deeper cause,
and I call it the “Not Enough Effect”.

The Not Enough Effect is the feeling of not having
enough – whether it be in our finances, our relationships,
our sense of time, our self esteem and confidence…

…and even our health.

And the root cause is the feeling of not being enough.

At the “Origin Thought” level (the unconscious level of
thought that drives our behavior), we feel somehow
“incomplete” – and we feel the need to use the world of
material things (money, possessions, things we can
collect) and external reality (career, friends, sex, food)
to make us feel better.

But as Jerry Gillies, a wonderful teacher of prosperity
in the 70’s and 80’s once taught:

“No amount of money (or things) will ever cure a
poverty consciousness”

Strong words perhaps?

Or maybe a wake-up call of a huge magnitude – enough to
stir us from our “psychic sleep” as Vernon Howard once
called it.

A psychic sleep where we’ve allowed ourselves to be
seduced by the the material world – and forgotten
who we really are – and our connection to
the Divine.

This time of pending recession can be viewed as an
opportunity for growth – or as a time for fear
and lack.

And it’s all up to you…

Free Tele-Seminar
Next week, be looking for a free Tele-Seminar that
I’ll be hosting about how you can overcome the
“Not Enough Effect” and turn what looks like “loss”
into one of the greatest times of growth for not
just yourself, but your family, your friends, and
all life on our planet.

See you then…

To Your Dreams And To Your Abundance,

Paul Bauer