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The Power of One Simple Question

How could one simple question help you change your entire life??

Is it the answer itself that’s the key or the ability to ask the right questions?


If I could help you find a way of asking the right questions, can you
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Here’s a small sampling of the kind of questions that most people
ask themselves:

Why is this happening?
What’s wrong with me?
Why am I not getting what I want?
Why do others get it and I don’t?
What am I doing wrong?

These are called “false premise” questions.  They’re called that
because the premise they’re based upon is false.  What’s that premise?

That you’re inherently flawed and need “fixing”.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

==>Let’s talk about a completely new way to think…

Sages like Socrates knew that the ability to ask the right questions was
more important than the answers themselves.


Because when you ask the right questions, you invoke a power beyond
the mind and beyond your normal limitations.

And in many cases the answers spontaneously appear…

It’s almost like the answers are right there at your fingertips…

…waiting to be called forth by the power of the right question.

How would your life change if you could solve your biggest questions?

How would having the right answers affect your business, your
energy, your love life or how you feel about yourself?

What’s your biggest question in life?

And how would having the answer transform your life?

Would you like to know how to ask the right questions and a
simple way of tapping into the knowledge and wisdom you
already have?

Lets talk about a powerful new kind of question.

We call them “Ascending Questions”.  We use the word “Ascending”
because when you ask this kind of question, you automatically
begin to raise your vibration just by asking it.

Examples of Ascending Questions

What’s my lesson in this challenge or problem?
How can I learn to let go each time I feel stressed?
What’s the gift in this problem?
What am I most grateful for in my life – right now?

That’s just a few…

Take time now and form an “Ascending Question” about something
in your life.

Can I ask a favor?

Will you add your “Ascending Question” in the comments below and
tell me your opinion of this blog post?

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…and finally – will you tell your friends and ask them what they

My Thanks in advance…