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The Power Of Your Imagination

What is Imagination and how can you tap into this incredible power
within you to create what you want more easily?

Listen to this powerful audio and begin today…

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Here’s part of what you’ll learn in this audio:

  • How to tap into the unlimited field of imagination to create what you want with ease
  • How to use the hidden power of your Imagination to boost your energy and have the clarity and focus you long for
  • How your Imagination holds the answers to every problem or challenge you face
  • A cool exercise to begin using your imagination and manifesting skills

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Paul Bauer

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The Story of The Rainmaker

Carl Jung, Sigmund Freud’s premier student in the field
of psychoanalysis, often spoke of the power of miracles
by telling the following story:

There was a village that had been experiencing drought
for five consecutive years. Many famous Rainmakers
had been called, but they had all failed to make rain.

In the villagers last attempt, they called upon a renowned
Rainmaker from afar. When he arrived in the village, he
set up his tent and disappeared inside it for four days.

On the fifth day, the rain started to fall and quenched
the thirst of the parched earth. The people of the village
asked the Rainmaker how he had accomplished such a miracle.

The Rainmaker replied, “I have done nothing”. Astounded
at this explanation, the villagers said, “How can that be?
After you came, for days later, the rain started.”

The Rainmaker explained, “When I arrived, the first thing
I noticed was that everything in your village was out of
harmony with heaven. So I spent four days putting myself
into harmony with the Divine. Then the rains came.””

The story above is an excerpt from the great book
“Do Less, Achieve More” by Chin-Ning Chu

Life was meant to be much simpler, yet somehow, we’ve
fallen into a vicious cycle of “work hard to get ahead” and
then realize that the “work hard” has caused such a state
of unrest in our Hearts and our Souls, that we spend
precious time and money on “quick fixes” that just take
us further from our Truth (and cause even more pain and
suffering in the process).

Until we realize that the Rainmaker knew the right way,
the simple way to create what we really want in our lives.

The ancient proverb that says:

“As within, so without”

clearly highlights that the Source of all is within you.

When you take time to put yourself in harmony with
heaven as the Rainmaker teaches us, you will
experience a priceless gift. A gift of inner peace…
a feeling of calm will emanate from you. When you find
that your life is out of balance (or if you feel stressed
out because of some issue) – remember how the
Rainmaker succeeded where others had failed – he put
himself back into harmony with heaven.

Life is meant to be simpler my friend…

From this day forward, allow yourself time to breathe
and step back from the busy-ness syndrome that
we’ve allowed ourselves to get so caught up in…

As you do, the “rain will certainly fall again” and nourish
your deepest Dreams and passions

: – )



Sean from the U.K writes about Keeping Your Dreams Alive…
(see full story below)

Thanks Paul! I SO relate to this:)
So tell me, how did you keep that calm smile on your face throughout the appearance of things and people who could so easily have influenced you otherwise? Peace, Sean

Hi Sean,

Remember, your Dreams don’t come from your mind – they come from your Heart. Because I loved making Dream-Minder, my whole Heart was in it. If my ego stepped in and wondered “how” we were going to get through, I’d simply step back and become present and re-align with my vision.

Yes – some days were tough – but when the mind is polarized, it appears that things “aren’t working” – when in reality – you’re just one step away form your Dream materializing.

As far as the influence of other people – I carefully choose who to allow to “influence” me. I don’t share my key passions with but a few of my inner circle – thus no “energy leaks” occur and the vision stays intact.

VIP – Remember, thinking that “others may influence you”
is your ego that believes in separateness (that allows them
to “influence” you.)

If you believe that someone outside of you can cause your
passions to fade
, then you can find that belief and make peace with it (clear the polarity).

It also has to do with clear intent (see “Secrets of Manifesting” course for more)

All the very best,

Paul Bauer

Keeping Your Dreams Alive

Fortis imaginatio general casum

– A Strong Imagination Begets the Event
~ Montaigne

Here’s the story of a man with an invention that he felt could benefit humanity. He had a passion to create something that coud help people tap into their imagination and their inner vision. After he build the prototype, he visited with several of the leaders of the personal growth industry. Two of the largest companies (that are household names) turned him down. They told him things like “Well, its not bad, but let’s show you how we would do it…” or “It’s too “New Agey” for us…”. One company wanted to de-construct his invention and rebuild it from scratch and put their vision all over it.

The inventor wasn’t impressed – so he moved forward…

Several other large companies also turned him down. Several wanted to do “market tests”. One venture capital company said ‘this would be great for my wife’ – “really touchy feely”- but come back to us when you establish your market.” The inventor smiled and nicely walked out of their office. Undaunted, this inventor smiled to himself and said “I know this is going to do well” and so he continued on – feeling the power of his dream.

His own teammate – the person who helped him build it – even told him “You’ll never make a million dollars with this you know… it’s time I move on” – right before it was introduced to the market.

But the inventor stayed true to his vision and kept on – everyday he “checked in” with his intuition and it told him to keep moving forward.

Its now 10 years later, and people in over 80 countries across the world now use his invention. Over 10,000 people have it on their computers in offices, homes and schools. It’s sold well over $1 Million dollars and there’s no end in sight – in fact, the inventor is now preparing his newest version as you read this message.

What is this product? Many of you know it well. Its called Dream-Minder. And it’s inventor? Many of you know him well… Paul Bauer – founder of Dreams Alive, a company that helps people re-discover thir inner passions and purpose and LIVE them daily.

I share this story not from ego – but from a Source that inspired me to create Dream-Minder. The same Source of passion and creativity that you have available to you right now as you’re reading this.

Imagine what YOU are REALLY capable of – not just monetarily, but in terms of the impact upon mankind – how your dreams, passions and vision can benefit humanity in some way.

Think of what you love. Think of what makes YOU feel ALIVE.

Close your eyes for a moment – and envision it already

And Imagine that vision touching people’s lives.

Now, how does that make you feel?

Go forth and dream bold dreams my friend- imagine it,
feel it, LIVE it.


Paul Bauer