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Paul Bauer

“The Polarized Mind”…

A reader asks…

“What is the “The Polarized Mind”?

According to Websters Dictionary:

“polarize” – v: “to break up into opposing factions
or groupings”

If you feel other than joy or peace in your life,
you’re mind is “polarized”. In other words, the
mind believes that you’re separate from what
you want.

When I say “mind” I’m referring to the “ego” mind.
The mind that believes in dualities:

Good and bad
Rich and poor
“me” and “them”
light and dark

…and many others…

The mind typically thinks that it’s in charge and
in doing so, actually causes the very problems
that it tries to solve.

It’s like a dog chasing its own tail – it never
seems to catch it. The mind is seductive and thinks
it’s you – but it doesn’t realize that it’s only part
of you…

So you’re not your problems and you’re not your
past – despite the “evidence” that your mind chooses
to believe…

Until you learn how to calm your mind – false
“evidence” will try to sway you into thinking
that something (or someone) is at fault for
the way you feel (and the results that show
up in your life).

But one thing we’ve discovered in working with
hundreds of clients over 10+ years is “it’s not what
you think”

Your *mind* thinks it knows the problem, but the *real*
problem lies beneath your conscious awareness.

The mind is the part that created the problem – so it
can’t solve it by itself.

Does this make sense to you?

Your normal awareness is based on filters (beliefs)
and those filters were created at a very young age.

Picture how a filter works – its job is to filter out
*what its been told to keep out* (even if its helpful
to your well being).

Countless people have filters of:

“I don’t want to be well”
“I don’t feel safe when I’m loved”
“I don’t deserve wealth and abundance”
“The world is an unsafe place”

And dozens more…

EVEN THOUGH they consciously want health, wealth,
and more love, they un-consciously fear having it!

In order to truly solve a problem, you have to
*transcend* it – in other words rise above the
perceived duality of “problem/solution” – which only
causes more of the same ingrained pattern of trying
to “fix” the problem.

And guess what that causes more of…?

Yep – more of the same…

A reader comments:
>”I can’t seem to find the missing piece of how to remove
>the blocks from their root.

The KEY is that your blocks are UN-conscious – that’s why
you cant’ “find” them. If you knew the TRUE cause of your
issues (the root) – you’d already be free of them.

The root cause is what’s buried beneath your normal
awareness – and when you discover it, it will integrate
(clear itself) naturally and effortlessly.

There are many techniques to clear problems but what
can help you most is the Limiting Belief Discovery
(and Clearing) Process which is part of the new
“Ultra-Manafesting” Course.

More details on the “Ultra-Manafesting” Course are

If you have any questions about the Ultra
Course, feel free to post a comment on this

Please be specific in your question and I will
respond asap…

All the very best,

Paul Bauer

“The Mystery Of Mana”

Many people have been asking me about why
I spell “Mana”-festing the way I do and
have been thinking I was spelling it incorrectly.

But the spelling is intentional.

“Mana” is a Hawaiian word that means Spirit,
breath or life force. It’s what’s missing from
our western culture and you know when it’s
missing because you can feel it.

It feels like anxiety, overwhelm, a feeling of

Mana can heal disease of any kind…

Mana can manifest anything…

Without Mana, your life has no meaning and feels
like struggle and heartache.

But with Mana – you feel connected to your Heart
and All That IS.

On Saturday, we’re having special gathering to
talk about Mana, your Heart’s Dreams and any
questions you may have about the upcoming
“Ultra-Manafesting” Course.

If you haven’t already joined, you can become part
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a free audio that describes:

* The myth of the Law Of Attraction and why it fails to work for so many people (95% of all people aren’t even aware of this problem)

* Why your subconscious controls over 95% of your results and behavior (and the secret method of enlisting it’s incredible power)

* Why goal setting actually “short circuits” your results (and the proven way of creating results that’s 500% more effective)

* A foolproof way of banishing limiting beliefs, self doubt, and negative thoughts from your mind – in less than 3 minutes

    Come join us and learn a way of being that transcends
    the world of materialism and striving…

      “The truth is, there is man and there is environment. One does not supercede the other. The breath in man is the breath of Papa. Man is merely the caretaker of the land that maintains his life and nourishes his soul. Therefore, the ‘âina is sacred. The church of life is not in a building, it is the open sky, the surrounding ocean, the beautiful soil…”

      – George Helm, January 1977

      When you realize that you never have been separate from
      what you’re seeking, your life will change in ways that are unimaginable…

      All the very best,

      Paul Bauer

    What If…?

    What if there was a way of creating what you
    want in life that was so simple and yet so
    powerful that when you found it you’d ask
    yourself “Why haven’t I known about this before?”

    And what if you discovered it in the place you
    least expected to find it…?

    When the mind is “polarized”, it thinks that you’re
    separate from what you want. But when you learn
    how to clear the “The Polarized Mind”, and BE the
    essence of your creation, things naturally come to

    In other words, the “The Polarized Mind” sees life
    as an unending series of problems to “fix and solve”,
    but the more you try to fix problems, the more you
    create them.

    There’s a simpler way of being that transcends the
    mind and allows you access to the Infinite, Creator,
    Source consciousness.

    And in that place – all is forgiven and all you could ever
    want is already real.

    The KEY is knowing how to access this state and how
    to clear anything that stops you from “be”-ing there.

    What I’m referring to is as practical as turning on your
    computer or going to work.

    But there’s a simpler way to do this, and when you
    learn that way, your life will take on dimensions your
    mind has never imagined.

    Stay tuned for the launch of the
    “Ultra-Manafesting” course coming this
    Tuesday, January 16th.

    If you haven’t already heard the preview
    audio, please visit:


    Paul Bauer

    (see the comments below and feel free to add your own…)

    “Ultra-Manafesting” Course – When…?

    cheryl writes:

    Hey Paul…

    Could not find the recording on your site. When will this product be ready for purchase?


    The recording is now posted… You’ll need to signup for the
    Priority list at this link to receive the clip
    The course registration launches Wednesday, January 10th.

    All the very best,

    Paul Bauer

    Upcoming TeleSeminar

    Over 1200 people have signed up for our upcoming
    Free Tele-Seminar

    Some may think it’s about the Law of Attraction…
    Others may think it’s about setting goals…

    But many of you you know it’s about stepping out
    of the trap of “needing” anything (brought about by
    the “The Polarized Mind”) to complete you or bring
    you fulfillment.

    Does that mean I’m suggesting sitting around and
    “waiting” for things to just come to you?


    But when you learn how to transcend the mind and
    step into what One-ness really means, you’ll simply
    be amazed at how you’ll feel and the results you’ll

    I look forward to “seeing you” on the call and
    helping you remember your genius…

    All the very best,

    Paul Bauer

    P.S. – What is your vision of 2007 for yourself, for
    your family, for humanity and for our planet?

    Please feel free to post your comments below…

    A Storm is brewing…

    There’s a storm brewing over my mention of Myth of the
    Law Of Attraction and I’ve posted a short article answering
    some questions about it…

    >See below on how to add your comment

    Here’s one lady’s comment:

    “I was interested in your upcoming Tele-Seminar until
    I heard you mention the Myth of the Law Of Attraction.
    My family and I have profited form it immensely, so take
    me off all your lists now.”

    Be mighty careful of when things reach the fever pitch
    that Law Of Attraction (LOA) has reached – there may be
    more here than meets the eye…

    We’ll go into greater detail on our special Tele-Seminar next
    week, but here are several factors to consider about LOA…

    1) LOA is being passed of by many as a “panacea”-like
    prescription to daily problems. But it’s not a method, it’s
    an environment. So, if you want to attract something, you
    don’t use LOA, you use principles to attract it.

    2) The key to having LOA help you is based on your
    Origin Thought™. (the unconscious thought beneath
    your normal everyday thought).

    If your “Origin Thought” is one of lack, fear, greed,
    or any other low vibration, even if you use LOA to get
    what you want, you’ll cancel your “perceived” intent.

    In other words, if your use LOA to “get more”, you’re
    actually counter-intending because your “Origin Thought”
    is focusing on what you don’t want.

    3) LOA has become a “sacred cow” for many because of
    its “celebrity” status as a “cure-all”.

    4) The thought that you have to “do” something in
    order to “get it” just places the focus on not already having it.

    You dont need to “do” anything – that’s just “The
    Polarized Mind” (the part that sees life as good and bad,
    black and white) that makes it seem that way.

    Many feel the way the lady above feels. But without
    even hearing my perspective on it, she didn’t care to
    to hear any objections about it.

    Almost sounds like the making of a religion doesn’t it?

    Be very careful about placing God-like credence into
    anything that appears on your radar screen (including
    my thoughts or anyone else’s on this subject).

    Keep an open mind, inquire, and feel free to question.

    You’ll build far more wisdom that way…

    All the very best,

    Paul Bauer

    Next week’s special FREE Tele-Seminar will cover more
    on this controversial issue.

    In the meantime, feel free to post your questions and feedback.

    We’d also like to hear your input on your optimism of
    what’s up
    for you and humanity for 2007.