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Finding The Gift In Everything

About 4 years ago, a major health crisis affected my partner Susan in ways we
could have never predicted. She was told she had 4th stage cancer.

For Susan, her world abruptly stopped. We had to put everything on hold and
focus on her recovery. What we learned during that journey was life-changing
to say the least.

The Real Lessons

From our perspective, it wasn’t really the cancer that was the issue.  It was
about what each of us feel on the inside about life itself. In other words, our
own personal connection to the life force and our desire to live (rather than
the fear of death).

I never believed in the cancer, nor did I see Susan as having a disease.
Whenever we saw “her CT scans (which showed a volleyball sized tumor) we never
gave the scans any power or belief.

We’re we initially concerned when she was diagnosed?

Yes, of course.  But after the initial shock, we stepped out of the “disease
model” and stepped into a simpler way of looking at what has become an epidemic.

Finding The Gift

The first major lesson was to find the gift.  Instead of focusing on the cancer
and its negative effects on her body, we looked for the deeper gifts of the disease, the daily events (going to the clinic, meeting new people, improvements
in her blood scores, etc)

And in less than 30 days, her blood scores improved dramatically and we knew
we were heading in the right direction.  Even though I wasn’t a fan of western medicine, and after we exhausted the alternative healing methods, Susan chose
to do chemotherapy, and we chose to find the gift in it.

Each day she had chemo, we would hold the chemo bag in our hands and bless
the bag with our deepest love and prayer.  Imagine the deepest love or
meditation you’ve ever experienced, and that’s the kind of intent we sent
into the chemo bags.

Occasionally, Susan would have a negative side effect and we would address it
with that same kind of love and intent.  Whenever WE encountered “bad” news,
we let go and let Divine intelligence guide us.  That letting go was the key
for both of us.  The more we let go of the “matrix” of cancer, chemo, etc,
the better things got for her and I.

There were days that I’d sit and look into Susan’s eyes or watch her speak
with fellow patients and doctors and I was in awe.  She transcended the cancer. She didn’t act like a “cancer patient” because she knew that if she did, herbody would reflect that intent. She chose a different path.

How interesting, one of the worst events that can happen in a person’s life actually held deeper gifts than we ever imagined. Simply incredible.

How To Deal With Fear

If there’s one thing that can weave havoc in your life, it’s fear.  When we
learned from one of the healers we worked with that when a person has a
fibroid or a tumor, it could be benign to start with, but once a person
hears a diagnosis of cancer, their mind often unconsciously shifts into
“fear mode” and creates what’s called a “nocebo” effect (the opposite of a placebo).

A nocebo effect is when you hear bad news and then give it negative meaning (power).

When the mind drops into a fear response, and it hears the word “tumor” or
“cancer” (even if there’s no active cancer) the brain kicks into fight or
flight syndrome and begins to send a cascade of negative hormones and
stressors that can often create cancer where there
was none to begin with.

That day was a turning point for both of us.  A tumor can be benign but
when subjected to the fear response can actually turn cancerous.  Just amazing.

Once you feel any fear about a piece of news (health, finances, loved one
or your own inner self talk) you actually encode life depleting energy into
your cells, tissues, organs, blood and energy system of your entire body.

Messenger of the Divine

But what if the “negative” news is actually a Divine message?  A message
from your Higher Self to awaken and expand?  What if the cancer epidemic
isn’t really what it seems?

What if it was a global wake up call? In other words a “Meta” event
to force ourselves to look at our lives differently ? (and evolve).

And when you make that kind of shift – of “seeing with new eyes” you begin
to see life more clearly.  Life takes on new meaning. What once bothered you
now begins to just make you smile or step back and go “wow that used to bother me, and now it really doesn’t even matter…”

The Lesson of Gratitude

Years ago, I remember Susan sharing the lesson of Gratitude with one of our
retreat groups in Hawaii or Sedona.  I recall asking her – “How
do you do that?”

How do you feel gratitude?  She shared with the group her “how”.  And
everyone in the group sat in wonder – like a group of kids at the zoo.

Little did I know that that simple shift of mindset would make such a
profound effect on our lives. Literally every event on her cancer journey
was sprinkled with Gratitude. And it affected me almost every day. We always
found something to be grateful for.

In my next post, I’ll share some of the major things we did that made the
biggest difference and why my company, DreamsAlive isn’t the same as it was
before Susan’s diagnosis. Literally everything changed that fateful day in
October of 2012 and in ways we could not have predicted.

Where we’re going is a new paradigm. A new paradigm of thought, feeling,
and Be-ing.

If you’re ready to let go of the limits of the “matrix” and rediscover new
levels of your Soul and why you’re here, you will love what’s in store…

See you soon…


Paul Bauer

P.S. – Susan is now in perfect health and is cancer free.  She now is sharing the lessons
she learned with cancer patients, caregivers and advocates.

But what she learned can also apply in all of our lives.

What gifts have your biggest challenges taught you?

Please share below.

The beauty of the moment

Have you ever experienced the perfect moment?

The kind of moment where times to stand still and you’re so present that
there’s no thoughts of the past and no concerns about the future.

It’s more than a concept – because it’s the real you. Simply Be-ing in
the moment
– no judgements of things, events, or people being bad or good.

No worries about the future.  No regrets about the past.

Just simply being here now – with an open mind and an open Heart.

We’re all capable of this sense of presence – because it’s part of our being.
It doesn’t take long hours of study or meditation. All it takes is a sincere desir
to be right here, right now in the moment.

And the mind lets go.

Your Heart opens and your connection to the Infinite strengthens and reveals
itself. Random thoughts and distractions come in and go out like waves on the
ocean. Issues that once troubled you simply dissolve like the sea foam on the
crest of the waves.

The more you let go, the more you feel the presence, the beauty of the moment.
The irony is you can’t get there through wanting it or desiring it.

The paradox is you can only get “there” by letting go.

Letting go of desire
Letting go of fear
Letting go of needing things to go your way
Letting go of your version of the way things should be

But the mind often steps in and says things like:

“If I let go, nothing will happen…”
“I’m afraid of letting go, because I’ll lose control”

But the opposite is true. The more you hold on they to control the flow, the
more it slips through your fingers. The more you let go, the more you become
present and allow higher forces to assist you.  In other words, it gets easier the
more you let go.

Solving the dilemma of the “Restless Mind” seems complex…

But it isn’t.

That’s the mind judging something it just doesn’t understand
(and is often afraid of).

It’s as simple as making a decision.

A decision to make things simpler. A decision to return home again.

…home to the real you.

As you breathe deeply now, behold the beauty of this moment with innocence,
wonder and love. Like a child watching the clouds move across the sky.

That is where you’ll find your beauty – right here, right now.


Paul Bauer

P.S. One way to be present is to get in touch with your breathing.
Just listen to your breath as you breathe in and out…

As you do, you will begin to feel the Presence…

How will you choose to be present today?
Please share your comment below…

The Real Keys to Your 2015 Breakthroughs

It’s that time again when we all “re-set” our “internal” time clocks.
The time of year when we look ahead to the New Year.

How will 2015 be different for you?

What will be the catalysts that make the shifts that you want most?

Here’s a quick method to making the shifts you want (and how to find the
catalysts that make them almost automatic)

Take out a pen and paper and write down these questions:

1. At first it may seem counter-intuitive, but the first step is to “look back”.
Look back to 2014 and notice how it went.  Did it go the way you wanted?  What
things did you learn?  What did 2014 teach you about yourself?

The secrets of making 2015 your best year is to look back to 2014 first – then you’ll
begin to “connect the dots”.

Where did you stumble?
Where did you advance?
What did it teach you?

(This is one of the key secrets of your personal evolution – because
if you really look deeply into yourself, you will find some of the best
lessons you learned came from setbacks, obstacles, challenges or
even losses.)

And there’s one of the most vital keys to your personal happiness – the ability to
see the gift in these setbacks rather than judging them as “bad” events.

So, write down the above questions and answers. Take your time with is step and you
may be pleasantly surprised what you will discover.

2. After you’ve written down answers to #1, the next step is to be in the
present moment.
It’s just the very beginning on 2015.

How do you want it to start?

In joy and gratitude?
Wanting and regret?
Clarity and harmony?

Your answer is the the key to making 2015 something you’ll either look back in
2016 and say “Wow!” or “there goes  another year that flew by, and what did
I really accomplish?”

Write out a little description of your perfect year.

The projects
The people you’ll meet
The challenges you’ll overcome
The breakthroughs you’ll make

… And any other cool things you’d LOVE to experience.

3. Now, take time and breathe slowly…

Imagine it’s just after Christmas 2015.

Just before New Year’s parties and celebrations.

What do you want to celebrate from 2015?

What are you grateful for?
What love did you share?
How did you live to your fullest?
What did you let go of that allowed the shifts to happen?

This is your time.  Sacred.  Special. Filled with wonder and delight.
Feel the feelings of laughter and gratitude and connecting with
people you love and enjoy.

Now that’s a pretty cool way to celebrate 2015 – and to think…

It’s all in front of you…

What new choices will you make?

And how will you celebrate each moment and savor life – one moment at a time?

Blessings of wonder and awe,


Paul Bauer

P.S. – How will 2015 be different for you?  What new shifts will you make?

Would love your comments below…

: – )

Your own little tropical island

Thought you might enjoy this video…

It’s like taking your own little trip to a tropical island
(and many of us in the northern hemisphere could use a bit of this right now    : – )

[youtube Y_stBb8IoSU]

Stay warm and cozy   : – )



Becoming The Observer

If you ever find yourself challenged or stressed by something in your
life, the mind often steps in and tried to fix the issue.  But that’s where
the problem really begins.

Instead of stepping back and just observing the issue, the mind (based on
habitual patterns) wants to take charge and often causes more problems
(and stress) than originally existed.

Then, the “vicious cycle” begins…

1. The problem “shows up”

2. Stress kicks in (based on memory rather than what
actually is occurring)

3. The desire to “fix it” turns on in the mind

4. Effort is expended to do the “fixing”

5. More stress is created

Over and over…


Until we become present and step back into the Now (with no judgement or analysis).

You might be saying – “easier said than done Paul!”

But when you practice being present with the “little things”, you develop the skill to
handle the big ones with grace and ease.  And the gift you experience is a feeling of
Presence; a calm sense of being the observer of your thoughts and feelings.

Because when you do, the mind relaxes and lets go, and lets the Presence give you
perspective and and objective perspective.

How To Become The Observer

Here’s the simple formula to become the observer and step back from virtually
any problem or challenge you ever face (no matter how intense) and still feel
peace and inner calm.

If you ever encounter a problem or anything that begins to cause stress in
your life simply:

1. Notice how you feel –  and breathe in slowly and deeply

2. Get a sense of the feeling (where it’s located in your body)

3. Breathe into the feeling and let go

4. Just notice the feeling – with no judgment

5. Continue breathing into the feeling until you feel a shift
– when the observer within you awakens and you sense a difference.

It might be the feeling lightens up, or that you get a sense of clarity or inner peace.
The real key is to become “the one who notices” and step out of the
“problem mindset”.

This single shift of awareness is enough to feel connected, whole and at peace.

Peace to you my friend,

Paul Bauer

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The Great Shift is unfolding…

The Great Shift is unfolding across our planet. Like with any evolution,
the old paradigms and systems are crumbling – ready to be replaced with
new, more evolved ideas and energies.

And as long as you don’t resist or “judge” the wave, you’re free to experience
its incredible energy and gifts hidden within it.

Within our own minds and bodies, we can feel this Great Shift.  The old
beliefs that that include the mind being the center of our being are
beginning to fade.

Replaced with something far deeper…

Something that weathers any storm or stress.

The old paradigm of relying on the mind will just keep us caught up in
the same loop of struggle – over and over like a merry go round.

The alternative?

Let go of the mind and tap into the power of your Heartwaves.

In case you didn’t hear the 11:11 Turning Point Audio, here’s the link
to this important recording

How do you know when you’re in your Heart vs your mind?

Take a deep breath and ask:

“How am I feeling?”

If you feel other than peace then your “Uni” (the subconscious and body)
are trying to send you a message.

Your Heart knows how to hear this message – but if you rely on the mind,
the stress will continue over and over until your body sends a stronger

At first, it may feel like pain or unrest, but if ignored – it becomes the early
signs of dis-ease in the body.

In other words, when you listen to your body, you can save yourself years of
physical pain and even prevent dis-ease.

Your Heart speaks in ways that your mind doesn’t always want to hear
(or know how to).  But now is the time to let go of the reliance on the mind.

And step into the power of your Heart…

When you make this new choice, manifesting what you want becomes
almost effortless.

Make this the day that you really listen to the callings of your
Heartwaves and feel the Great Shift unfolding within you…

And So It Is…


Paul Bauer

P.S. – Want to tap into the incredible power of your Heart and let go
of the old mind paradigm?

Be part of a select group of visionaries who join us on 11:11:11 on
the beautiful island of Hawaii.

Learn the secrets of how to revitalize your Mana (also known as Chi
or Prana) and turn your most precious Dreams into reality.

You’re capable of far more than anyone has ever told you…

It’s time to uncover the YOU that’s been hidden for ages.
Are you ready to discover (and LIVE it)?

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P.P.S. – Can’t make Hawaii?

Watch your e-mail for more news on our new  Tele-Course on how
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Dreams and passions.

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The Importance of 1/1/11

This is an incredible time for people across the entire planet.  As billions
of people celebrate this New Year, something’s in the air.

Mercury Retrograde just ended and there’s a new wave of energy that
people are already beginning to feel.  Maybe you feel it…?

Yesterday marked something incredible – 1/1/11.

The alignment of these numbers is not random (nor is the upcoming date of
1/11/11).  There’s something magical that’s happening (whether you can “see”
it yet isn’t as important as what you’re feeling).

Some see it as a time of new beginnings, and yet others see it as the same
old thing – like reading last year’s newspaper.

Same events, same people, same problems…

This year holds an Essence unlike any other year.  Yes – many factors
may “conspire” to prevent you from making 2011 your best year ever.

Some examples include:

  • Subscribing to the media’s game of doom and gloom
  • Friends, pundits and “experts” who try to distract you from
    remembering who you really are
  • Your limiting beliefs
  • Your old habits
  • Believing in the money matrix and the “Not Enough” Effect

But the real Essence of this New Year will work in your favor when you make
the choice to honor your inner gifts and align with who you really are.

Your strengths, passions and core desires can “conspire” together to create a
year of unprecedented growth,  abundance, deep joy and happiness.

But in order for that to happen, something needs to happen first…

You need a catalyst – something that you do differently that “turns the tables”
in your favor. Something unique that you commit to with “unbending intent”
as Castaneda would say.

And because intent is the driving force in the Universe, you wake up to your
power, your capacities and the real reason you came to this planet.

And decide once and for all to LIVE it…

And share your gifts with humanity and the entire planet.

Too bold a vision?

Only for those unwilling to step fully into their true power. But you wouldn’t
be reading this if you you wanted to hold back – or fear the incredible gifts
and talents you’ve been blessed with (whether your mind believes that or not).

Are your ready to make 2011 the year that you look back and say:

“Oh my _____, that was the year that EVERYTHING shifted for me…”

Or will you let the “old ways” conspire to hold you back?

It’s your choice – and that choice begins today

In a couple of days, I’ll be giving a FREE Tele-Seminar that helps you
begin 2011 with focus, inspiration and clarity – and HOW to let go of
the old patterns and beliefs that have held you back.

Watch your e-mail for more on how to make 2011 your breakthrough year…


Paul Bauer

P.S. – The Hawaiians have a wonderful and powerful knowing that says:

“If you can name it you can claim it”

Let this New Year be the year that you name it and claim it – beyond
your wildest dreams
. I invite you now to take a few moments and name
that which you Intend for yourself this new year and share it by clicking
on the “Comments” link below…

What does this New Year mean to you and how will you begin it?

Please add your comment below…

Freedom from the Restless Mind

Over the weekend, I had the vibe to do what I call some “creative
dream time”. You know, the time that you step out of the “matrix”
and into the creative space where pure possibilities exist.

The first thing I did was to take out my personal “Higher Self Journal”
– where I write ideas down that come to me.

The second step was to put on my headphones and play Clear-Mind
– so my mind could let go and I could just be present.

As I was meditating, I was reminded of the importance of letting go
of the “Polarized Mind”.  In other words, the mind that sees the world
as a series of problems that need to be fixed.

As we allow the mind to let go, something amazing begins to happen
within us.

It’s as if the problems literally begin to dissolve.  And that’s
the crazy part of meditating. The mind (when it’s polarized
and stressed) normally sees through conditioned filters
of lack, wanting, unrest and anxiety.

But when you can let go, all that changes…

So how do you let go?

The first step is to make a comitment to yourself to
meditate regularly.  I know, your first response may be
“I don’t have the time to meditate!” or “I’m not any good
at it – I can’t even sit still for more than 5 minutes”.

I know how you feel – because I felt the same way
years ago – I couldn’t seem to calm my mind no matter
what kind of meditation I tried.

So here’s what made the difference:

1) I made the decision that I was going to get good
at meditating.

2) I studied and researched the entire field of meditation.
From the swamis to brain research and everything in between.

And I found something incredible in the process…
(more about that in just a bit.)

You may not know that my father died of Alzheimers. As
I watched him slowly suffer and lose his ability to remember,
then think, and finally to even speak, I learned that it was his
kidney energy that was the draining as he drifted away.
Several healers worked on my dad, and told me that his
kidney energy was very low.

And in Chinese Medicine, the kidneys are the “life gate
force” of the body.  The kidneys are governed by worry and
fear.  The more you worry about life and fear what might
happen, you’re actually draining your life force right from
your mind and body.

I recall one summer after I was out for the day, that I felt
incredibly drained – like not just tired, but drained.  Maybe
you can relate.

Two days later, I visited my acupuncturist (her name is Dr. Luo) and what
she shared with me that day changed the entire course of my life.

First, she told me, “Paul, your kidney energy is very low” I asked her,
“how low is low?”.  She replied about a 2 on a scale of 1-10″ (10 being the
highest).  In that moment, it was as if my whole life flashed through me in
an instant.  I saw the inflection point, in other words, the fork in the road
of living out a memory or being fully present and clearing that memory
for good.

And I chose to let go of the memory…

Just because my Dad had a challenge with kidney and brain issues didn’t
mean that I had to have the same problem.

So, from that day forward, I made a firm commitment to myself.
I said “I’ll be back here in 2 weeks and Dr. Luo will say to me
“What have you been doing? – your kidney energy is back to normal!”.

Here’s what I did…

1) I got to sleep earlier (normally I could go to sleep
after Midnight regularly – but instead I chose to be
in bed before 11:00 pm

2) I did Qi Gong every morning

3) I meditated every day with Clear-Mind

4) I found the foods that stimulated kidney energy
(yin and yang) and ate them every day.

2 weeks later, I visited Dr. Luo and she said these very  words:
“What have you been doing? – your kidney energy is back to normal!”.

I wasn’t surprised.

I was grateful…

It was as if my Dad was guiding me silently – and this time I really listened.

That was the summer of 2002, and Meditation is something I
still do each day even after 8 years.

And it’s easier than than ever – and I still use Clear-Mind.
It’s like my trusted little friend. Unconditional, calming,
and as my partner Susan says “Its like being wrapped
in blanket of unconditional love”.

For more info on Clear-Mind – and how it can help
you clear worry, anxiety – and open up your creative
force, visit this link:

Blessings of peace and abundance to you,

Paul Bauer

The “Attraction Myth”

In response to our new Abundance Point Course, a lady named
Nikki responded…

“Sounds interesting.  And you are right, those do seem like
bold claims – instead of waiting weeks or months, we can
experience results within just hours or days!!  How can
you guarantee that?  Sorry if I sound sceptical but after
having spent thousands and thousands of dollars on
LOA courses and systems that promised great results
and often fast results, I just have to ask how you can
guarantee that?

Sincerely, Nikki

I responded…

“Great question.

We discussed this very topic on our recent Tele-Seminar
on how the Abundance Point Course is different.  The link
to the preview audio is at:

LOA is not a “law” at all…

In short, LOA is not a “law” at all…

The premise of the “law” of attraction is that if you “do” something
– and do it the “right way”, then you’ll “attract” something.

But the false premise is that you’re separate from the very thing
your mind thinks you need to “attract”.

In other words, why if you’re Source would you need
to attract anything at all?

Make sense?

The flaw in the “Attraction Myth” is that every time you think you
need to attract something (or align, do, shift vibration, etc) you
actually send the signal to your subconscious that you don’t
have it to begin with.

And that signal is your feelings.

Feelings trump thoughts 9 times out of ten.

The Abundance Point Course begins with the simple premise that
you already are that which you seek.

As you learn the principles of the course, you’ll begin to open your
“awareness field” and things, ideas, people, possibilities, money,
etc will begin to “show up” in your field.

The weird part…?

The beauty is that it was there all the time, and all we need to do is
let go of the human “laws”, beliefs and limited perceptions and step
into a Divine Level of Knowing, wonder, and awe.

The “Scarcity Meme” is ending

The “Scarcity Meme” is quickly dissolving and giving way to
the new Abundance Point Paradigm.

The days of worrying an suffering about having “enough” (or
feeling like you’re enough are fading.

Nikki wrote:
“I just have to ask how you can guarantee that?”

Our guarantee is if you apply what we teach you (to remember
not strive for or try to “attract”) then you will feel results in just days.

Or your money back.  That comes from our Hearts.

“Seeing them” (results) is up to how you work with yourself
on the inside.

Remember, the new paradigm is not about how much you can get or have.

It’s about how you can contribute – and the universe will respond
to your intent – in every moment.

That’s the beauty of life – it will literally teach you how to manifest
– with grace and with ease.

If it’s not manifesting, it’s quietly telling you to let go of the old ways…

An embrace the new…


Paul Bauer

P. S. I’d love to hear your comments… Click on the
“Comments” tab below to add yours.

Your Own “Walden’s Pond”

Have you ever wanted to find a place that you could just get away
from it all?

I don’t mean an expensive vacation. What I mean is a place where you
can go within just minutes of your home to relax, unwind and let go.

My “Walden’s Pond”

Years ago, when I left my corporate job, I found a little place that I
called my own “Walden’s Pond”.

Like the place that the famous writer Thoreau would go for his
inspiration, this little spot became my place to go when I needed
fresh ideas, or to just take a break.

This place wasn’t deep in the forest or even some hard to
get to lake.  It was at a restaurant in my hometown.  It
had a weeping willow tree and a small pond with a fountain.

What I remember most about this place was is simplicity.

I could just look into the willow tree and hear the
sound of the fountain as it flowed like a waterfall.

Before I ever could travel to Hawaii, Sedona or other scenic
places, this little place was my place of serenity and solace.

And from the months of April to October, I’d sit outside
near the willow tree and its life giving pond and tap int
the creative flow.

What that little pond gave me was priceless.

Your Own Walden’s Pond

Somewhere close to where you live is a place that could be
your own “Walden’s Pond”.  It may be just 5 minutes away
from where you are right now.

How do you find it?

Here’s a simple way to find your own “Walden’s Pond”.

1) Look for a place

Set your intent to find it. Write it down. Your intent is
the fuel that creates your results.

Instead of saying: “I don’t know where I would find mine”
or “What would it do for me”?

Change that to:

“It’s easy to find my own ‘Walden’s Pond’ and I’ll know
it when I see it.”


“This is my own little space and time to get away from
it all so I can step back and replenish my vital energy”

2) Notice how it feels

When you find this place, you’ll get a feeling. It may bring a smile to
your face. Or you may notice that you begin to breathe more easily.

Notice how you feel – and check out several places to sense the
difference between them. One may feel more inspiring. Another
may feel more energizing. Others may feel uninvolving
or just not quite right.

3) Listen to your “vibes”

Trust your vibes. As you listen to your feelings, and go with the one that
just feels right, you’ll be honoring a deep creative part of you. This part
may be the very part that’s been holding the very energy you’ve been
longing for.

By energy, I mean creative inspired energy.

The kind that gives birth to incredible new ideas.

The kind that makes you feel good when you’re in it.

The kind that sets you free…

Your “Walden’s Pond” is just one step away my friend. Take time today
to find it – it may be the very thing that helps you most…


Paul Bauer

P.S. – Please leave your comments below

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