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Living at Zero Point

Back in 2006, I was browsing in a cute little new age bookstore in Sedona and I stumbled across a book that dramatically changed my life.

That little book opened my eyes to an entirely new way of living and Be-ing. It discusses the new frontier of DNA Clearing and Activation which I’d already been doing for several years.

The Amazing Power of Zero Point
But it was the way it was done that completely transformed my life. The author shares the power of what’s called Zero Point. When we live from that state, our lives take on almost unimaginable new possibilities.

In essence, Zero Point means the coexistence of negative and positive polarities in the same moment. What this really means is instead of only focusing on the positive (which creates unconscious resistance within ourselves against the negative) living from Zero Point allows you to harness the power of whatever negative polarity or problem exists in your life and use it to help create your intent.

Yes, you read right – instead of trying to “get rid of” the negative, you instead learn to accept it and begin to access it’s “stuck” energy and balancing force.

Here’s where most people get stuck
We’ve been trained to focus on the positive and the problem with that approach is the more positive you try to be, the more you suppress any negative emotions or feelings that you have.

In other words, any feelings of guilt, anxiety, fear, etc that you feel won’t ever change by trying to be “positive” (or by trying to get rid of them).

“You cannot eliminate the negative by attaining
more of the positive”
– John Ruskan

The real key to working with negative emotions is acceptance of them. Without acceptance, you create inner resistance (or self rejection).

The “More” Culture

Our culture focuses almost entirely on getting more, being more, doing more, as if “more“ is a virtue unto itself. Nothing could be further from the truth. The real issue within all of us stems from our feelings of separateness…

Separateness from our loved ones
Separateness from money
Separateness from our own Hearts.

Separateness from our own feelings and our own True Selves.

Each day, any pain you ever feel is a feeling of separateness in some way.

So instead of pushing any unwanted feelings, away, you have a new choice.
The new choice is to begin to live in harmony at Zero Point and any negative feelings (and the negative charge that they carry) can be put at Zero Point and you regain the suppressed energy in that negative feeling.

If you resist that negative feeling, you’ll just create more negativity, stress, heartache and separation.

A Real Life Example

Let’s say you have a fear of public speaking. Instead of trying to “psych yourself up” to get in front of an audience, what if you tune in to the fear that you feel, and discovered that that fear is actually trying to help you?

In my own experience, when I used to get butterflies before I spoke in front of an audience, I got in touch with the feeling and I asked for its message. It told me was it was actually excitednot fearful!

That they changed my life because what I began to realize was that fear is just trapped energy waiting to come out. And it’s the mind that prevents it from releasing because of its old programs and limited thinking.

Ask yourself “Why don’t I do what I know I want to do?”

If you’re honest with yourself, the answer is because in some way, you fear doing it. If you force yourself to do it, you’re suppressing the fear. But if you discover the message of the fear, now you get the benefit of not just doing the thing you fear but also you learn the wisdom and the lesson that the fear was meant to teach you.

So to get back to Zero Point and how it relates in your life, when you live from Zero Point, instead of trying to make fears go away, you harness their energy and integrate that energy into your intent, your thoughts, your feelings and your decisions.

When you do this, not only will you feel better because you are in alignment with your own inner self, but you’re manifesting power dramatically increases as well.

So there are two essential choices:

1. Let your fears stop you or slow you down
2. Harness the energy of your fears and the from Zero Point in harmony and inner peace

Let today be the day that you choose to live at Zero Point, in harmony with your emotions, your feelings and what life presents to you, even if its not what you want.

Because if you resist what you don’t want, you’ll create more of it.


Let go…

And Let Life guide you on your journey…

And So It Is


Paul Bauer


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