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In less than 3 days…

In less than 3 days, the new Infinite Abundance
launches to the public.

If you’ve tried nearly every technique and method
to create what you want, but you still feel frustrated
or incomplete, there’s a deeper reason why.

It’s in our DNA – and on April 23rd, you can
be part of this ground-breaking course.

See more here

Until then,


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  2. By Jeanne May on Apr 23, 2008 | Reply

    Paul I’m listening to your audio preview right now… it has completely stilled me. So much of what you are talking about, resonates strongly within me. I’ve succeeded in lots of ways… but have always felt it isn’t enough.
    Really looking forward to your program… and looking forward to changing those things which are holding me back!

    Thank you Paul

  3. By Nelly B. on Apr 23, 2008 | Reply

    Dear Paul,

    Thanks for reminding me, and the world about this wonderful and infinite and abundant power that lives within us.

    I have been going through a personal struggle for 2 years, and while listening to you I touched my heart and felt connected again to myself.

    Thanks to you today, I start again to feel connected and already letting go that feeling of struggle, and placing myself where I wish to be.

    Love, light and infinite blessings to you and all readers.

    Switzerland, 23 of April, 2008

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