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It’s All In Your DNA

If you’re into personal growth and you’re a seeker, you might just love what you’re about to learn. If you’ve tried method after method and gotten only limited results, you’re not alone (because the answer lies beyond normal awareness).

When we seek to change something about ourselves – whether it be physical, spiritual, mental or emotional, we’re often not aware of just how deep the block or trapped emotion actually lies.

More often than not when you try to make changes in your life your subconscious puts up initial resistance. This is normal and in almost all cases your subconscious is trying to protect you. But what it doesn’t know is that you are no longer subject to some of the old rules and beliefs that you bought into at an early age (when the belief or trapped emotion was originally created). That’s why it’s so valuable doing subconscious clearing work.

But working with subconscious isn’t always easy. It has a unique set of defenses to protect you from being harmed or manipulated.

I’ve been helping people clear subconscious blocks for over 20 years and I’ve helped thousands of people make tremendous transformations in their lives. But every once a while someone will still experience a stumbling block and there’re not sure why.

One of the other key components of transformation that I’ve been doing since the early 2000’s is DNA clearing work.

Your DNA is more than just a standard genetic profile that you may have heard in the news. It holds literally every memory, belief, and literally every facet of your being. Up till now it’s been almost impossible to re-write what is in your DNA.

But new discoveries in the field of Epi-genetics, research now shows that your DNA is not static and responds to *how you feel* and the many elements of your environment. (see the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton for more on this fascinating subject).

The Great Shift

No there’s a simpler way to access and rewrite your DNA when it comes to any challenges or obstacles that you encounter your life. When I do personal sessions for people, one of things I help them do is determine whether there’s a “faulty program“ in their DNA that’s causing the problem.

Once we determine the faulty program, we replace it with one that is more empowering and harmonic. In many cases you feel results almost immediately.

Issues like:

Money and prosperity
Energy and health issues
Relationship challenges
Self-esteem and confidence issues
Youth and vitality issues

…to name a few.

When real transformation occurs within you, it occurs all the way down to your DNA. Because your DNA is the “record keeper” of literally *every experience* that you have in your entire life (and even past lives). Your DNA stores more information you can imagine (far beyond juts physical traits as once thought).

Sounds, smells, textures, stories, sensations – all of it is stored in the literally gigabytes of storage in your Cellular DNA.

One of the coolest discoveries I recently made has been in the field of abundance relative to our DNA. And I’ve created a new “Abundance DNA Activation and Clearing Process” that helps clear whatever blocks the flow of abundance in your life. People I’ve shared this new protocol have made dramatic shifts in their career, their finances and most importantly how they feel about themselves.

Now let’s keep one thing in mind…

Money is just one part of what abundance really means – it’s just the “wrapping on the gift”, not the gift itself. Once you clear your abundance issues, gifts beyond what you originally hoped for begin to show up in your life.


Inner peace (despite the ups and downs)
Friends that love and support you
Awareness shifts that turn stress into breakthroughs
Intuitive insights (in your career and your personal life)
Creativity that flows without trying

And we’re just gettin’ started!

And that my friend is a journey worth discovering…

May Abundance Flow To You and Those You Love…



P.S. – More news coming soon on the Abundance DNA Activation and Clearing Process. Watch your email for more…

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  2. By Carrol on Jul 28, 2018 | Reply

    I’ve been trying to clear my blocks for many years but to no avail. Would meditation help?

  3. By Joseph on Aug 1, 2018 | Reply

    I think it makes a lot of sense.

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