How to have a Clear Mind

In a given day, we think between 50-60,000 thoughts.

And over 90% are the same thoughts, over and over, day after day. And
because these thoughts are primarily focused on our challenges and
problems, they can take an enormous toll on our mind and body.

Thoughts and the body

When a thought is created, it exists in more than just the brain.  When it enters
the body, it becomes emotion. If the thought isn’t positive or peaceful, the body
automatically begins to create hormones and other life-depleting energies
throughout the body.

In other words, stressful thoughts like money problems, relationship issues,
work problems, family issues, etc, create negative energies like little “stress
alarms” that send stress hormones like cortisol every time you think them.

The Shift to a Clear Mind

But when your mind is clear you begin to create positive neurotransmitters
such as serotonin in the brain. These are like little “massages” in your brain,
nervous system, and body every time you have a loving or peaceful thought.

Each time you think warm, peaceful thoughts, you send a series of stress
clearing neurotransmitters and hormones washing their way through your
mind and body.

It’s like going on a “mini vacation” at your desk or while you drive, etc..

Why is it important to have a Clear Mind?

Intuitively, the clearer your mind is, the better you feel. But it goes deeper.
When your mind is clear, you process thoughts and emotions with much
greater clarity and speed. You’re more productive.

You experience clarity. You have focus.

The decisions you make create far more effective results.

What are the key benefits of having a Clear Mind?

Let’s review some of the benefits of a Clear Mind.

Better sleep
Peace of mind
Instant clarity and focus
Access to the power of your Heartwaves
A direct connection to your Higher Self
A surge in creativity and productivity
Energy that continues throughout your day

and many more…

The Keys to having a Clear Mind

Here’s a few simple ways to create “Clear-Mind states”.

1) Practice conscious breathing (deep and rhythmic)
2) Meditate at least once a day
3) Practice mind body exercises like Qi-Gong, Yoga or Tai-Chi
4) Drink plenty of fresh purified water
5) Begin your day in gratefulness

and many more…

The benefits of having a Clear Mind go far beyond just stress relief or what you
can see with just your eyes.  Because your body mirrors every thought you think
every day of your life.

The real question is, what thoughts are you thinking?

Stress and not enough?

Or calm, clear thoughts that promote life?

Take time right now to breathe, calm your mind and open your heart.

Knowing that when your mind is clear, so is life itself.

And So It Is…

To Your Dreams And To Your Abundance,

Paul Bauer

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The Binaural Myth – Part I

“Your Heart will never fail you”

– Susan M. Castle, RHT, CHT

About 160 years ago, a discovery known as binaural beats was discovered
that could affect the way the brain processed information and stress.

Since that time, it’s become a popular way to “induce” the brain to shift its
normal frequency in many meditation programs.

But something important has been left out of these meditation programs
– and it’s the most important part of you.

The Old Paradigm of the Mind

Imagine having just a brain – with no emotion, no way to feel, and no
way to understand the dozens of new experiences that we encounter
every day of our lives.

The false premise of the Binaural Myth is that the brain is the center
of your consciousness.

But that’s the old paradigm…

In other words, its gotten us as far as it can take us. The Binaural Myth has been
followed by thousands without knowing that there was something far more
powerful already within their reach.

But because the Paradigm of the Mind has its vested interest in keeping the
status quo, it will not let go without a fight.  Tha’ts the ego’s job, to hold on to
the “Island of the Known”.

But just outside the Island of the Known is a vast Ocean of wisdom, joy,
creativity and inner peace beyond words.

Because it’s the awesome Nature of life itself…

The New Paradigm of the Heart

Your Heart is far wiser than your mind.  In his research in the 1980’s, Dr.
Paul Pearsall discovered that the Heart is 5000 times more powerful than
the brain.

Scientists, Quantum Physicists, and other Visionaries now agree that the
Heart is the new frontier.

And the research has only just begun…

Whole new frontiers of the Heart are being discovered. (not just the physical
heart, but the Spiritual/Energetic Heart)

Proof of the Heart’s Energy – The Heartwave

Within each beat of your Heart is a profound wave of energy.  That wave is
known as the Heartwave. It contains the Essence of life itself.  It also contains
answers to literally any question or challenge you will ever face.

Many people now realize that tapping into the power of their Heartwaves is
the most Spiritual and practical thing you can do for yourself.

The Turning Point

What if you could tap into this deeper source of insight, creativity and peace?

There’s a simple way to do this with ease – right in the comfort of your own
home or office.

And when you manifest from your Heart, your manifesting power increases

Now – you can tap into this power of your Heartwaves to calm the mind,
dissolve stress and discover new ideas and breakthroughs beyond the limits
of the mind.

How do you do this?

It’s called Clear-Mind – the simplest way of calming the Restless Mind and
activating your Heartwaves.

I invite you to move beyond the limits of the mind – and let your Heart guide you
with the power of Clear-Mind.

(remember, when you live from your Heart, your manifesting power
dramatically expands.)

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Paul Bauer

The Mystery of the Heartwave

“Your Heart holds answers your mind
hasn’t begun to imagine”

– Dr. Joseph Dremer

Within each of us is an amazing power to transform any challenge or problem
into gifts beyond our imagination.

This power doesn’t exist in the mind though…

It exists in your Heart.

The Heart that we’re referring to isn’t the physical heart, it’s the
Spiritual/Energetic Heart. The physical heart has its human limitations.

But the Spiritual/Energetic Heart transcends the limits of the mind and
the “3D” world that most of us have been conditioned to believe.

When you tap into this limitless part of you, stress melts away, creative ideas
flow and you feel a deep sense of inner peace and connection.

In other words, you step fully into the Present Moment and you’re connected
fully to life itself.

Instead of living through the “filters of the mind”.

How do you access this place within you with ease?

The Clear-Mind Solution

It’s guaranteed to free your mind and open up a level of creativity and
clarity that will feel like a breath of fresh air.

It’s practical and spiritual – both at the same time.

It’s critical that we make this shift from the mind to the Heart – especially
now in these challenging times.

In other words, it’s time to move beyond the limits of your mind – and
let your Heart guide you.

Plus, when you live from your Heart, your manifesting power dramatically expands.

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Paul Bauer

The Golden Thread

If you heard our audio of the 11:11 Turning Point, you’re probably
familiar with the concept of the “Golden Thread”.

In essence, the Golden Thread is the one core energy or belief that
connects all the main issues in your life.

Listen to Track 2 of the 11:11 Turning Point Audio at this link
and you’ll get the vibe of what I’m talking about

Here’s the Key…

What you’re seeking isn’t “out there” somewhere…

It’s hidden in the very core of your day to day problems.

But few of us we were ever taught to look at life that way.

The old paradigm was whenever you felt stressed or bothered by a problem
you were taught to “eliminate” the problem.

The only problem with that paradigm is if you only seek to eliminate problems
– you miss the underlying message that problems (part of the waves of life)
are here to teach us.

“Modern” systems like medicine think that same way.

Let’s say a person is diagnosed with cancer.  Instead of seeking the
*underlying* cause of the cancer (and the  deeper message it’s trying
to communicate through the state of dis-ease) the “modern” approach
is to try to “kill” the cancer (and in many cases the patient as well).

This model is called the reductionist model – meaning the doctors and
scientists who view the person with disease see the person as a series
of “parts” that can simply be drugged, cut out and removed (like a
new hose or sensor in your car engine.)

But the human mind/body is far more complex than that plebian point of view.

A car engine doesn’t have a Spirit like you do.

It doesn’t have emotion.

It can’t sense its own existence.

And it can’t feel like you do – with all the highs and lows that give life it’s
incredible qualities.

When you seek that hidden meaning behind all events as DaVinci once taught,
you begin to discover the “Golden Thread”.

In other words, the common thread that holds all your life issues together.

If you have a major challenge – especially one that recurs over and over again
– the old paradigm would simply seek to eliminate the problem.

But in doing so – more often than not, you’ll miss the valuable message
that the problem came into your life to teach you.

Q. So are you saying that problems are good?

A. Yes – and the key is when we let go of the mind and open our Hearts,
something unexpected begins to happen.

Judgment ceases – and new possibilities are free to present themselves.

You begin to discover that hidden within the very problems you’re
trying to avoid is the energy and the love you so dearly seek.

And this process of seeking the “Golden Thread”, of finding the gift in our
problems and challenges (especially the BIG ones) can be the most practical
AND rewarding experience of our lives.

What if this could work for you?

What if you decided to look for the good in a problem today?

I invite you to challenge yourself to find the “Golden Thread” in one
of your life issues – and begin now.

Don’t let your mind tell you things like: “It can’t be done”, or “I can’t
find the good in my problems”.  That’s giving in to the ego mind.

And that ‘s the old paradigm of thinking that your mind is you.

Make today the day you begin to look deeper into the Golden Thread
of your Heart.

And So It Is…

Blessings of Aloha,


Stay tuned for our next message on the 11:11 Turning Point and how you
can tap into the incredible power within you to create your Heart’s Dreams
and passions.

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The Great Shift is unfolding…

The Great Shift is unfolding across our planet. Like with any evolution,
the old paradigms and systems are crumbling – ready to be replaced with
new, more evolved ideas and energies.

And as long as you don’t resist or “judge” the wave, you’re free to experience
its incredible energy and gifts hidden within it.

Within our own minds and bodies, we can feel this Great Shift.  The old
beliefs that that include the mind being the center of our being are
beginning to fade.

Replaced with something far deeper…

Something that weathers any storm or stress.

The old paradigm of relying on the mind will just keep us caught up in
the same loop of struggle – over and over like a merry go round.

The alternative?

Let go of the mind and tap into the power of your Heartwaves.

In case you didn’t hear the 11:11 Turning Point Audio, here’s the link
to this important recording

How do you know when you’re in your Heart vs your mind?

Take a deep breath and ask:

“How am I feeling?”

If you feel other than peace then your “Uni” (the subconscious and body)
are trying to send you a message.

Your Heart knows how to hear this message – but if you rely on the mind,
the stress will continue over and over until your body sends a stronger

At first, it may feel like pain or unrest, but if ignored – it becomes the early
signs of dis-ease in the body.

In other words, when you listen to your body, you can save yourself years of
physical pain and even prevent dis-ease.

Your Heart speaks in ways that your mind doesn’t always want to hear
(or know how to).  But now is the time to let go of the reliance on the mind.

And step into the power of your Heart…

When you make this new choice, manifesting what you want becomes
almost effortless.

Make this the day that you really listen to the callings of your
Heartwaves and feel the Great Shift unfolding within you…

And So It Is…


Paul Bauer

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The Secret of the Wave

This article is a second in a series that talks about the power of waves
and how they affect literally every part of our lives.

In our last article, we talked about something unique and that most
of us miss about the wave-like energies within us and around us.
Hidden within each wave of energy is a deeper and richer expression
of a life wave.

From our last article:

“Within these waves is the very momentum and flow that we
long for.  Because within each wave is the essence of life itself.”

So there’s more to how we feel that meets the eye…

Let’s take a closer look at a wave of energy…

Within each wave is a range of energies – almost like
waves within waves that we can’t see, and yet we can feel.

We can experience these waves as life-enhancing
(love, joy, happiness, clarity, etc)

…or life-depleting
(anger, depression, unrest, apathy, fear or just
lack of energy)

When we feel these waves, it’s not the waves themselves
that are the issue – but whether even we sense them
or how we choose to respond to them

If we feel other than life enhancing energies, our body is trying to tell us
to step back, feel and let go of whatever is causing the disruption of the
life force energy within us. (The Chinese call this “stuck Chi”)

Our life rhythms form the foundation of our health and our happiness.

When these rhythms are out of sync, we feel symptoms like anger,
frustration, low energy, depression and dozens of other symptoms.

The key is to hear these symptoms and listen with “new ears” and honor
– not fight against them with more work, food, drugs, TV, or other
mind- numbing distractions.

The Warning Signs

Our western cultures have significantly higher rates of chronic disease than
indigenous cultures.

What do they know that we don’t?

Is it possible that they’re in touch with a different kind of wave
than we are?

Why should diseases that virtually absent in our ancestors be so prevalent today?

Maybe we’ve allowed ourselves to be torn from the very rhythms of life that
sustain us and give us life.

We wake up to alarm clocks, eat on the run, live and work under fluorescent
lighting, watch TV til late at nite, sit at computers for hours on end, and use
cell phones and text more than we speak face to face.

It’s like we forgot how to live with life.

Our natural rhythms (waves) have become disrupted and chronic unrest and
disease results.

The crazy thing is that we know when we’re out of rhythm – but we seldom
know exactly what to do
to get  back into that rhythm.

Each day as we awake, we’re responding to waves of energy that affect us.

Some examples of wave like cycles in our everyday lives:

Our biorythms (circadian rhythms)
Lake and ocean waves
Economic waves
Mood swings
Relationship waves
Energy waves
Bad news via the media

and dozens more…

There’s one more wave that we haven’t spoken about and yet it’s the
“Master Wave” of our mind and body.

This Master Wave is the key to the very things we want most – and yet
because it’s “hidden” from our normal awareness, we often miss the
profoundly deep wisdom that it brings us in every moment.

When you discover this Master Wave within you and learn how to
harness its wisdom and power…

Your life will transform
You will find resolution to your greatest problems
It will bring you deep inner peace

This week, we’ll be holding a free Webinar/Tele-Seminar on the secret
of this Master Wave and how it can help you restore your life force,
your inner peace and literally all the “waves” within your daily life.

Watch your e-mail for more details…

Until then,

Peace to you my friend,

Paul Bauer

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The Coming Wave Of Change

Everything in our universe moves in waves.  Even things we can’t
see or sense.

Within these waves is the very momentum and flow that we long for.
Because within each wave is the essence of life itself.

One example:
Many people think that we’re in a downturn of the
wave in our economies.  That’s the “normal” view
and it misses the subtle cues hidden within each wave.

But the savvy ones see the secret of the wave and know
exactly what to do about it.

The wave is made up of many factors:

How you feel
Collective consciousness
Cosmic & Planetary shifts
Weather patterns

and many more visible and invisible forces that shape the wave.

The key is to understand how to sense the movements of the wave
– sometimes even before it moves.

Some think that’s impossible.

But ask a bird or other animals before an earthquake or a fish before
a tidal wave and they’ll tell you it’s coming by their change in behavior.

In the next several weeks, I’ll be sharing some amazing new insights
about the power of one particular wave that affects everything you do.

It affects your:

Innovation & Creativity
Inner Peace
Health & Vitality

and much more…

The mind often judges the wave during a “downturn”, but when you
learn about the secret of the wave, you’ll simply be amazed at how
you can harness this powerful force of Nature.

Hidden within this wave are the solutions to even your greatest
challenges and problems.

But when the mind tries to interpret its message, it uses only
what it knows
and misses these solutions because they’re hiding
in plain sight.

Be watching for my next blog post for more…

Talk with you soon…

Paul Bauer

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Our Deepest Pain Reveals Our Deepest Gifts

“Your pain is the breaking of the shell
that encloses your understanding”

– Kahlil Gibran

As we take a moment and review today’s quote by Kahlil Gibran,
we have a chance to stop and take notice that whatever challenges
or problems we may be experiencing may actually be a higher
message for us to become aware of.

When we struggle with something in our lives, we experience
resistance – a sort of “inner pain”.  But many of us weren’t taught
that pain of any kind is a signal from unconscious parts of
ourselves to awaken.

Awaken?  Awaken what?

In many cases, we may not even be conscious of what we’re feeling
pain or resistance about.  But if we take the time and really tune into
how we’re really feeling  – in the moment – without judgment, we begin
to unravel the mystery of our suffering.

Let’s take another look at today’s quote – by Kahlil Gibran:

“Your pain is the breaking of the shell
that encloses your understanding”

Let’s take a deep breath together – as we ponder this quote…

And take one more – but this time – close your eyes, and really
allow yourself to connect with the deeper parts of you.

Your breath is the path of your Spirit – and is the lifeline to
your Soul – the REAL you.

Notice how you feel after you’ve taken a few deep breaths?
If you still feel tense, you can review a wonderful breathing
exercise at this link

In this moment -ask yourself  “How do I feel”?

And take some time to write down your feelings:

(you can print this page and snuggle up in a comfy spot
and you’ll really get some amazing insights)





As you’re getting in touch with the deeper parts of you (beyond
the mind) – allow this feeling to speak to you – ask it:

“What are you trying to teach me?”

and just take a deep breath and listen…
(write down whatever comes to you)





You may not get an answer right away, but in time, with a
little practice, you will start to notice that your subconscious
will begin to work with you (not against you).

Ask yourself:

“In what way can I allow my understanding that Gibran talks about
to become conscious?
” (known).

As the shell of our egos “break” (let go), we begin to notice that
even our deepest pain begins to reveal a profound sense of
wisdom – a wisdom that transcends stress, struggle and

Because it’s a wake-up call from our Souls.

So today my friend – allow yourself to become aware of whatever
pain or challenge you’re experiencing. And let the “shell that covers
your understanding” crack as it may – knowing that a deeper gift
is on its way…

And So It Is…

: – )


The Inflection Point of the Mind

“When you see only through the mind,
the Heart is silenced, and you miss
the real beauty of life””

– Dr. Joseph Dremer

When you think of it, the mind is like a celebrity. We’re
drawn to it because it promises us the “good stuff”.  It
keeps telling us there’s something “better” than who or
what we are right now.

And that’s where we get into trouble.

Believing that the mind knows what’s best for us.

But at certain point, the mind reaches what’s called an
“Inflection Point”.  It’s like reaching the end of a road
– and the map you’ve been using doesn’t show you
the rest of the way.

At that point, we have a choice.

That single choice defines the rest of your life.  It’s
a “Destiny Point”.  In other words everything beyond
that point changes your entire life. In that moment,
your mind just lets go.  And you realize that you can’t
“figure it all out”.

You begin to notice that you’re not your mind.

And you’re not your thoughts.

And in that moment – *everything* in your life transforms.

Struggles with:

Not enough money
Not feeling deserving
Low self esteem and confidence
Lack of love (within and from others)

Even stories of lack, heartache and “not enough”

…all begin to fade away.

Because the mind realizes that there’s nothing left to
fear.  It begins to understand that the Heart has always
been there – protecting it in ways the mind just wasn’t
aware of.

The good news is the days of the “mind supremacy” and
the silenced heart are over.

It’s time to let your Heart be your guide.

Because it always has and always will be…

And when you do – your life takes on new depth, meaning
and clarity.

How do you let go of the mind and tap into the power of
your Heartwaves?

Try the powerful Clear-Mind meditation program and
experience what many people are calling the biggest
breakthrough in meditation in over 50 years.

Clear-Mind ends the struggle with the mind and
gives you clarity, focus and results that last.

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All the very best,

Paul Bauer

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