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Pictures of Chicago Event

Just wanted to share some photos of our recent live
Infinite Abundance event in Chicago…

Part of the Infinite Abundance Chicago group

Paul and Susan

Michael and Ugnius having a laugh

More photos here

We’ll have some videos up in a day or two…

To Your Dreams And To Your Abundance,

Paul Bauer

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  2. By Andreas on Nov 7, 2008 | Reply

    The outcome of the US election gives us reason
    to expect a better world future. The last Admin-
    istration perpetrated untold bloodshed, squan-
    dered vital resources and created a climate of
    greed, cynicism and despair.
    Now we are expecting a new lease on life not
    only for America but for the whole world! We will tackle the urgent social, environmental and spiritual issues so as to create peace and
    prosperity and do away with hunger and prevent-
    able disease. We can do it!

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