Test 2

I’m sure you’ve noticed that there’s a major shift that’s occurring in our economy.

Whether you live in the U.S or any other country, the markets have begun their cyclical shift.

Many believe this downturn is caused by external factors, but in reality, each of us plays a role in this cause.

…but in a different way than you may even know.

And it’s not the “bad” thing the media, our families, government, business or any other system may tell you.

“They make no mention of the beauty of decay…”
~ From “Break It Down” By Tears For Fears

Everything that you see in “form” is on its way to slowly dissolving – including our own bodies.

So it should come as no surprise that the principle that everything is in a constant state of flux also applies to our own lives…

It applies in:

Our bank balance
The love we feel from others
Our fitness level

but especially how we feel…

You see, the economy is really a mirror of how
we feel on the inside and these feelings are the
effects of our thoughts (both conscious and unconscious).

And it the un-conscious thoughts that drive us nuts…

With what’s occurring in the financial, real estate, personal (and national) debt, trade deficit, and many other indicators, we’re now being forced to look more closely at our lifestyle of “spend and consume”.

And underneath that lifestyle is a much deeper cause,
and I call it the “Not Enough Effect”.

The Not Enough Effect is the feeling of not having
enough – whether it be in our finances, our relationships,
our sense of time, our self esteem and confidence…

…and even our health.

And the root cause is the feeling of not being enough.

At the “Origin Thought” level (the unconscious level of
thought that drives our behavior), we feel somehow
“incomplete” – and we feel the need to use the world of
material things (money, possessions, things we can
collect) and external reality (career, friends, sex, food)
to make us feel better.

But as Jerry Gillies, a wonderful teacher of prosperity
in the 70’s and 80’s once taught:

“No amount of money (or things) will ever cure a
poverty consciousness”

Strong words perhaps?

Or maybe a wake-up call of a huge magnitude – enough to stir us from our “psychic sleep” as Vernon Howard once called it.

A psychic sleep where we’ve allowed ourselves to be seduced by the the material world – and forgotten who we really are – and our connection to the Divine.

This time of pending recession can be viewed as an opportunity for growth – or as a time for fear and lack.

And it’s all up to you…

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Next week, be looking for a free Tele-Seminar that I’ll be hosting about how you can overcome the “Not Enough Effect” and turn what looks like “loss” into one of the greatest times of growth for not just yourself, but your family, your friends, and all life on our planet.

See you then…

To Your Dreams And To Your Abundance,

Paul Bauer