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The Binaural Myth – Part I

“Your Heart will never fail you”

– Susan M. Castle, RHT, CHT

About 160 years ago, a discovery known as binaural beats was discovered
that could affect the way the brain processed information and stress.

Since that time, it’s become a popular way to “induce” the brain to shift its
normal frequency in many meditation programs.

But something important has been left out of these meditation programs
– and it’s the most important part of you.

The Old Paradigm of the Mind

Imagine having just a brain – with no emotion, no way to feel, and no
way to understand the dozens of new experiences that we encounter
every day of our lives.

The false premise of the Binaural Myth is that the brain is the center
of your consciousness.

But that’s the old paradigm…

In other words, its gotten us as far as it can take us. The Binaural Myth has been
followed by thousands without knowing that there was something far more
powerful already within their reach.

But because the Paradigm of the Mind has its vested interest in keeping the
status quo, it will not let go without a fight.  Tha’ts the ego’s job, to hold on to
the “Island of the Known”.

But just outside the Island of the Known is a vast Ocean of wisdom, joy,
creativity and inner peace beyond words.

Because it’s the awesome Nature of life itself…

The New Paradigm of the Heart

Your Heart is far wiser than your mind.  In his research in the 1980’s, Dr.
Paul Pearsall discovered that the Heart is 5000 times more powerful than
the brain.

Scientists, Quantum Physicists, and other Visionaries now agree that the
Heart is the new frontier.

And the research has only just begun…

Whole new frontiers of the Heart are being discovered. (not just the physical
heart, but the Spiritual/Energetic Heart)

Proof of the Heart’s Energy – The Heartwave

Within each beat of your Heart is a profound wave of energy.  That wave is
known as the Heartwave. It contains the Essence of life itself.  It also contains
answers to literally any question or challenge you will ever face.

Many people now realize that tapping into the power of their Heartwaves is
the most Spiritual and practical thing you can do for yourself.

The Turning Point

What if you could tap into this deeper source of insight, creativity and peace?

There’s a simple way to do this with ease – right in the comfort of your own
home or office.

And when you manifest from your Heart, your manifesting power increases

Now – you can tap into this power of your Heartwaves to calm the mind,
dissolve stress and discover new ideas and breakthroughs beyond the limits
of the mind.

How do you do this?

It’s called Clear-Mind – the simplest way of calming the Restless Mind and
activating your Heartwaves.

I invite you to move beyond the limits of the mind – and let your Heart guide you
with the power of Clear-Mind.

(remember, when you live from your Heart, your manifesting power
dramatically expands.)

Visit this link to learn about how to access the power
of your Heartwaves with Clear-Mind

Listen to our free demo of Clear-Mind here

Try our free 21 day Trial and see how
Clear-Mind can transform your own life


Paul Bauer

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  2. By ًMehdi Zaki on Jan 31, 2012 | Reply

    When your brain gets over-inflated.. Listen to your heart.. As behind every heart beat there’s a story.. Let it flow.. Maybe in that macrocosmos, the universe is folded..

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