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The False Premise

There are certain premises or assumptions that we
build our life around. Many of these assumptions
are never even questioned – and we therefore
unknowingly accept them and live by them.

Here are a few examples:

“Life is hard”
“Life isn’t fair”
“You have to work hard to get ahead”
“You have to fight for what you want”
“There’s not enough to go around”

And one premise that’s seldom questioned is:

“You have to work hard improving yourself”

An entire industry has been built on this notion.

That you’re “incomplete”.

That you need “improvement”.

That you’re not “good enough”.

But what if it was a lie? What if you were already whole
and complete
but somehow you decided to believe that
you were flawed?

What would have to happen for you to believe that you
weren’t enough?

Think for a few moments on that question…

And conversely, what would have to happen for you to
believe that you were enough?

Your answers to those two questions will determine
your level of happiness in life because every thought
you think is based on this “Origin Thought”.

If you suspect that the false premise of “not enough”
may be driving many of your daily decisions, actions,
thoughts and feelings, I have two pieces of good news
to share with you.

1) You’re not alone.

2) You can clear this “false premise” of “not enough”
easier than you can imagine.

When you’re free of this feeling of not being (or having)
enough, you’ll feel energized, inspired and reconnected
to your passions and purpose.

Stay tuned for the new Infinite Abundance course
where you’ll learn how to free yourself from this
life depleting “thought virus”.


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  2. By Brian on Feb 28, 2008 | Reply

    Paul: My feelings around this (not enough or not good enough) partially comes from experience in the corporate workplace, or the “what have you done for me today” mentality. I may have produced huge results last year, but now, like every year, I have to set “stretch goals” — that I don’t have a clue how to meet! Anyway, it’s like a commercial, it runs every year and every quarter — what you are doing is not enough — they (company/boss) want more…. and then some.

  3. By Penny Barrington on Mar 3, 2008 | Reply

    External validation. That is what keeps driving the feeling that we are not enough. I might be feelign that I am enough but most of the others around are working hard at trying to convince me that they are more than I am. How does me feeling enough help me attract business opportunities if others are thinking that I am not enough? It is a credible celebrity, competitive comparison judgmental world. You seem to have to offer”something more” than what they have seen so far and because “there is nothing new” under the sun. Circles.Problems are circular.I want to break out and be a star: shining in different places and different times.

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