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“The Mystery Of Mana”

Many people have been asking me about why
I spell “Mana”-festing the way I do and
have been thinking I was spelling it incorrectly.

But the spelling is intentional.

“Mana” is a Hawaiian word that means Spirit,
breath or life force. It’s what’s missing from
our western culture and you know when it’s
missing because you can feel it.

It feels like anxiety, overwhelm, a feeling of

Mana can heal disease of any kind…

Mana can manifest anything…

Without Mana, your life has no meaning and feels
like struggle and heartache.

But with Mana – you feel connected to your Heart
and All That IS.

On Saturday, we’re having special gathering to
talk about Mana, your Heart’s Dreams and any
questions you may have about the upcoming
“Ultra-Manafesting” Course.

If you haven’t already joined, you can become part
of our Priority Notification List and receive
a free audio that describes:

* The myth of the Law Of Attraction and why it fails to work for so many people (95% of all people aren’t even aware of this problem)

* Why your subconscious controls over 95% of your results and behavior (and the secret method of enlisting it’s incredible power)

* Why goal setting actually “short circuits” your results (and the proven way of creating results that’s 500% more effective)

* A foolproof way of banishing limiting beliefs, self doubt, and negative thoughts from your mind – in less than 3 minutes

    Come join us and learn a way of being that transcends
    the world of materialism and striving…

      “The truth is, there is man and there is environment. One does not supercede the other. The breath in man is the breath of Papa. Man is merely the caretaker of the land that maintains his life and nourishes his soul. Therefore, the ‘âina is sacred. The church of life is not in a building, it is the open sky, the surrounding ocean, the beautiful soil…”

      – George Helm, January 1977

      When you realize that you never have been separate from
      what you’re seeking, your life will change in ways that are unimaginable…

      All the very best,

      Paul Bauer

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    2. By Bik on Jan 11, 2007 | Reply

      I was there on the call and the content you provided us was truly great. I have a question you said that you know of a foolproof way of banishing limiting beliefs, self doubt, and negative thoughts from your mind – in less than 3 minutes? Isn’t it true that yes we can release or reintegrate some of our limiting beliefs but sometimes those memories keep coming back?

    3. By bala a kumar on Jul 4, 2007 | Reply

      Celebration of US state of Independence and essence of freedom – Great holiday and an opportunity to mingle with family on a week day- just returned back home (Bangalore @ India) after stinct in other countries on assignment – seeing the growth but also could see the suffering – we (India) too have independence, Democracy but how it is being used – 5% of them are super rich – 23% middle class – 46% suffer for one time food!! we have freedom to enjoy this… Seeng the suffering started an NGO visit the web

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