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The Mystery of the Heartwave

“Your Heart holds answers your mind
hasn’t begun to imagine”

– Dr. Joseph Dremer

Within each of us is an amazing power to transform any challenge or problem
into gifts beyond our imagination.

This power doesn’t exist in the mind though…

It exists in your Heart.

The Heart that we’re referring to isn’t the physical heart, it’s the
Spiritual/Energetic Heart. The physical heart has its human limitations.

But the Spiritual/Energetic Heart transcends the limits of the mind and
the “3D” world that most of us have been conditioned to believe.

When you tap into this limitless part of you, stress melts away, creative ideas
flow and you feel a deep sense of inner peace and connection.

In other words, you step fully into the Present Moment and you’re connected
fully to life itself.

Instead of living through the “filters of the mind”.

How do you access this place within you with ease?

The Clear-Mind Solution

It’s guaranteed to free your mind and open up a level of creativity and
clarity that will feel like a breath of fresh air.

It’s practical and spiritual – both at the same time.

It’s critical that we make this shift from the mind to the Heart – especially
now in these challenging times.

In other words, it’s time to move beyond the limits of your mind – and
let your Heart guide you.

Plus, when you live from your Heart, your manifesting power dramatically expands.

Visit this link to learn about how to access the power
of your Heartwaves with Clear-Mind

Take our free 21 day Trial and see how Clear-Mind
works in your own life


Paul Bauer

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  2. By Herbert on Dec 1, 2011 | Reply

    Dear Paul,
    have (tried numerous times to do tese different things )would dearly like to really succeed in life.

    thanks and may you have the most pleasant and enjoyable festive season



  3. By Ross on Oct 3, 2012 | Reply

    I bought the Clear-Mind CD after just hearing the demo ! This is the ultimate tool for the neuro-cardio connection that is commensurate with the new understanding of the human heart! This (Clear-Mind) technology that taken me from being a fearful anxious medicine taker to a confident,self-aware,happy meditator! Thank you for this amazing gift! I can’t say enough about this product, it truly is worth FAR MORE than it’s weight in gold! I used it throughout my bout with Stage 2 testicular cancer to re-starting college at 30! It has become indispensable to my life now!So, even if you’re unsure or low on money, get it! I swear you will NEVER regret it! Bless you all at DreamsAlive!Thank you!
    Ross Brockway

    P.S. : Please feel free to use any part or all of my statement , I truly believe in your company and you guys have healed me , thank you!

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