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The “Not Enough Effect” and Oil Prices

If you’ve been following my articles about “The Not Enough
Effect”, you’ll notice that it touches almost every part of
our lives.

This week, with rumors that gas prices exceeding $4.00
per gallon by summer, one has to wonder what’s causing the
higher prices…

Too much demand?
Not enough supply?
Industry collusion?

Or is it something else? Something so close that we just
can’t see it because its right in front of our eyes…

Something so simple – that we may refuse acknowledging
any part we play in it.

It wears a mask – but it’s called…

Greed – and the feeling that many oil investors
have of not having “enough”.

According to AAA Regional Manager Richard Velazquez:

“Prices have been rising by 2 cents to 3 cents per
day in many other areas of the U.S. during last week,
and Oil industry analysts are saying that both wholesale
gasoline and crude oil prices are being driven higher
by investor speculation in the futures market.”

What’s “investor speculation”?

It’s like a man going to Las Vegas, stepping up to
the table and betting that oil prices will rise (even
though in his conscience he knows it’s the wrong
bet to place).

So instead of stepping away from the table and leaving
the casino, greed (and desire) keeps him there, wanting
more and more…

And it’s a never ending vicious circle of wanting “more”.

>What does this story have to do with you?

What’s happening in our economy is a simple
wake-up call.

Think of it as an “alarm clock” that’s going off
while you’re in the middle of a bad dream.

And you wake up and you feel weird – but something
in the dream shook you – you felt something strange,
something different – something that you can’t quite
put your finger on – but you know it’s real nonetheless.

What’s happening in our economy is just a symbol of
what’s going on inside of us – and how you deal with
that inside reality has everything to do with what
you see and experience on the “outside”.

And what we see is driven by old programs and
memories that in many cases we’re not even aware
of. These old programs are held deep down in our

What can you do about this “Not Enough Effect”?

Stay tuned…


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  1. 3 Comment(s)

  2. By Liv on Mar 3, 2008 | Reply

    Well, I obviously felt compelled to send in something today.As ther is no coinsidences.I did have a dream this moring and I brought myself out of it because it was very disturbing.I don’t think the dream was that significant , it was just a bad one and that is what I do when I chose not to look at things in fear. anyway I woke up and said to myself immediately hmmmm… something has changed. It is me, I have changed. No revelations just I have change.This moring March 3-2008 another shift! We are getting there each and everyone DNA and all…

  3. By Bill on Mar 3, 2008 | Reply

    The price of Oil and the economy “just is”. How we choose to respond to the economy is our business. Looking at a person investing in crude oil could be viewed as “greed” or just “good business” depending on how you choose to respond. As a victim or victor.

  4. By Sheri on Mar 22, 2008 | Reply

    When I watch whats going on with the price of oil, I have to agree that one word says it all “Greed”. The wake up call should be that American rely less on oil and more on products that can be grown right here in America. Americans are feeding OPECS greed with the bigger is better mentality.

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