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The Power of One Simple Question

How could one simple question help you change your entire life??

Is it the answer itself that’s the key or the ability to ask the right questions?


If I could help you find a way of asking the right questions, can you
give me your opinion by commenting on this post below?

Here’s a small sampling of the kind of questions that most people
ask themselves:

Why is this happening?
What’s wrong with me?
Why am I not getting what I want?
Why do others get it and I don’t?
What am I doing wrong?

These are called “false premise” questions.  They’re called that
because the premise they’re based upon is false.  What’s that premise?

That you’re inherently flawed and need “fixing”.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

==>Let’s talk about a completely new way to think…

Sages like Socrates knew that the ability to ask the right questions was
more important than the answers themselves.


Because when you ask the right questions, you invoke a power beyond
the mind and beyond your normal limitations.

And in many cases the answers spontaneously appear…

It’s almost like the answers are right there at your fingertips…

…waiting to be called forth by the power of the right question.

How would your life change if you could solve your biggest questions?

How would having the right answers affect your business, your
energy, your love life or how you feel about yourself?

What’s your biggest question in life?

And how would having the answer transform your life?

Would you like to know how to ask the right questions and a
simple way of tapping into the knowledge and wisdom you
already have?

Lets talk about a powerful new kind of question.

We call them “Ascending Questions”.  We use the word “Ascending”
because when you ask this kind of question, you automatically
begin to raise your vibration just by asking it.

Examples of Ascending Questions

What’s my lesson in this challenge or problem?
How can I learn to let go each time I feel stressed?
What’s the gift in this problem?
What am I most grateful for in my life – right now?

That’s just a few…

Take time now and form an “Ascending Question” about something
in your life.

Can I ask a favor?

Will you add your “Ascending Question” in the comments below and
tell me your opinion of this blog post?

And do you want me to write more about this topic? – or can you
tell me what you want to hear about instead?

…and finally – will you tell your friends and ask them what they

My Thanks in advance…



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  2. By Amanda Evans on Mar 11, 2010 | Reply

    Hi Paul,

    Excellent post. My ascending question each day is How can I help today? It always gets my mind wondering. You asked for comments and I can help by commenting. I think if you ask the question What Can I do? no matter what the situation you will find that your answers will surprise you. What Can I do?

    Delighted to have found your blog.


    Thanks Amanda – by asking how can you help (and what you can do), it takes the focus off the “ego” self and allows the Divine part of you to shine through.



  3. By Duey on Mar 11, 2010 | Reply

    The most powerful people I have encountered in my life ask these questions on a regular basis. It has become instinct to them. They overcome every negative situation by learning from it. A powerful topic that I would love to see more written on


    Aloha Duey,

    When you say “It has become instinct to them”,
    you’ve got it right. The Australians say “Spot on!

    As you say – “They overcome every negative situation by learning from it.” Yes – and all of us can do the same. It’s just a habit, and old habits (“ego” questions) can be easily replaced with new ones (Ascending Questions).

    More to come!



  4. By Alisa on Mar 11, 2010 | Reply

    Great post! This is one of my favorite topics! I call these “Magic Questions” because they are so magical! My favorite 2:

    1. “How can I…?” Instead of “Can I…” — it opens up a world of possibility. I think asking “How can I” instead of “Can I” is the difference between searching for information on your hard drive or on the internet. While you may have some great information stored on your hard drive, it doesn’t compare with all the great information that is available on the internet!

    2. “Isn’t it interesting that…?” This question takes judgment out of a situation. For example, instead of feeling guilt for having bad feelings towards someone, I will ask myself “Isn’t it interesting that I feel this way about so-and so?” This puts me in a place where I can explore and heal the feelings themselves, rather than beating myself up and perpetuating the problem (what we resist, really does persist) “Isn’t it interesting that I keep craving chocolate? Isn’t it interesting that I keep over-spending my budget?” etc… etc… etc…


    Aloha Alisa,


    “How can I…?” is a GREAT example of the shift form ego to Ascending. And “Isn’t it interesting that…?” allows the mind to see a new possibility and let go of judgment.

    It’s judgment that poisons the mind (and the body). Ascending questions help us step back, release the old habitual thoughts, and see life as it really is – with “new eyes”.



  5. By Cyndi on Mar 11, 2010 | Reply

    I have a lot of success working with these questions to shift my vibrational state – sometimes just taking the time to write 10 or 15 of them for that specific purpose…

    *How Can I Be of Even Greater Service?
    *In What Way Can I Bring Even More Joy into My Life?
    *How Can I use this to Empower My Life?
    *How Can I Bring Even More Love into This Moment?

    Paul – thanks for the reminder – the Power of the Question is indeed transformational 🙂


    Aloha Cyndi,

    Couldn’t agree more… : – )

    I LOVE when you say:

    *In What Way Can I Bring Even More Joy into My Life?


    *How Can I Bring Even More Love into This Moment?

    Imagine a world where people take the time to “tune-in” and revise their habitual thoughts into one filled with love, joy and embracing the moment…

    Way to go!

    : – )


  6. By Sana on Mar 11, 2010 | Reply

    Thank you Paul for this does help a lot. These are powerful questions. 🙂

    I have learned to turn my why questions to reflect on the results I want to obtain and not on what happened in the past or seems to be around. They work like magic in changing my surroundings and the people I come across.

    For example, most of the time (now) 🙂 I ask myself or wonder to myself:

    Why are people so nice and helpful to me?

    Why do I get great service that exceeds my expectations?

    Why is my son (brother, mother, daughter, granddaughter…) so loving? so kind? so gererous? so on the right track? etc.. (I ask based on the result I want or would like to see from the person) I even used that yesterday with my mechanic where I normally would have felt so frustrated and anxious, I asked myself and kept wondering (silently to my self but conciously) why is he so competent, knowledgable and finishes what needs to be done quickly? Why does he charge me the fair and just amount? why I can pay it easily? why is it safe to drive it now? Why would he make it a priority to fix it ahead of the others? Oh, blessings to all! Thank you, thank you, thank you!…

    You know what? It got done faster than I thought it would or expected(normally, it would have taken lots longer and would have cost way more…

    Why am I so full of love towards all?

    Wow, why am I like a magnet to all good things with good for all in life?

    Why do I find the right parking spot all the time everywhere I go?

    Why are things working out just so right?

    Why am I growing and maturing where I see beyond the illusions?

    Why do I see how we are all the same and universal love is what matters?

    Why am learning what I need to know so easily?

    Why do I know to ask the right questions?

    Why do I ask the right questions?

    You can basically ask what ever you want and you will get it! so, I am learning to ask based on what I want to get and not on what I see happening or on what happened in the past.

    I would recommend playing with it and see for your self the results you get. Just ask a few why questions to yourself and watch what happens. Just realize that you basically bring or draw the events or reactions by your questions…

    If you ask why is he/she so mean and stingy? that is what you will get. But, ask why is he/she so kind? so fair minded? so polite? (even if they were not or are not at the moment and even if all what you experienced with that person shows you differently) when you ask the question based on what you WANT to see, that person will react that way.

    I hope this helps for I share this with thoughts of Universal Love, Peace & Blessings to ALL. 🙂

  7. By Beth Mastre on Mar 11, 2010 | Reply

    How can I get clarity on my decision?


    Aloha Beth,

    Try these…

    How would I feel if I already had clarity on my decision?

    What does clarity feel like for me? – and how can I allow myself to feel it now…?

    How can I allow myself to feel new waves of clarity beginning now…?

    That’s a good start – let me know how things shift…

    : – )




    You rock! Just reading your first statement made
    a shift in me!!!!



  8. By Jeff on Mar 11, 2010 | Reply

    I ask these kinds of questions and still have no answers. The rut seems to never go away. I do like reading your posts however implementing and seeing change and growth still elude me.


    Aloha Jeff,

    Maybe you’re asking from the wrong perspective…

    Shift your intent:

    How can I allow myself to see change and growth with grace and with ease?

    You’ve got to practice this way of thinking – I can tell by your post that you didn’t even let yourself try.

    So… how can you begin now?



  9. By Vesniko on Mar 11, 2010 | Reply

    dear Paul
    I am very glad that you posted this because (I do not know how common is this? but) I went through those 50 years not asking myself questions.
    Like; question would hover over my mind but I wouldn’t acknowledge it or formulate it… I believe that I was scared to ask.
    Maybe because if I acknowledge that I have problem, I would expect from myself to do something about it….
    I simply locked myself in to studio and turned problems into sculptures.
    Now life is more precious to me and time is limited so I would like to develop my consciousness as far as it is possible to live consciously and to create balanced life.

    I believe that I am off automatic pilot and paradox, duality, ambiguity, polarity, ambivalence, denial, illusions, …. somehow became a less problematic (it was my battlefield between my age 30 and 50.)
    So, I thank you very much for this information about question and I would be happy to read more about it.


  10. By Bonnie on Mar 11, 2010 | Reply

    “How can I let go and just be?” That would clear the polarization, collapse the wave, and if you can just be OK with what is, what you want or need will show up in a most unexpected way.
    Love the blog, Paul,


    Excellent Bonnie,

    The letting go is the “transformational intent” that allows your being-ness to occur spontaneously.



  11. By Bonnie on Mar 11, 2010 | Reply

    Ps to my comment. If we can be in gratefulness and just say thank you to that part of us that is tying to tell is something, things begin to happen.

  12. By Lisa on Mar 11, 2010 | Reply

    My ascending question: What is the best possible response to this situation? And then imagine all the best possible responses you can think of.

  13. By Lisa on Mar 11, 2010 | Reply

    I should rephrase that: What in MY best possible response to this situation?

  14. By Ddana on Mar 11, 2010 | Reply

    Hi Paul,
    I thought of a couple ascending questions that are somewhsat similar to those above but maybe a little different. First is, “How can I turn what is initially perceived as a ‘negative’ into something positive in any given situation?” And secondly, “How can I learn or teach myself to be grateful/thankful for the lesson(s) learned arising from a problem or situation?” Am I on the right track with these?

    Thanks for the valuable lesson,
    Dana in Denver

  15. By Paul Bauer on Mar 11, 2010 | Reply

    Thanks Amanda – by asking how can you help (and what you can do),
    it takes the focus off the “ego” self and allows the Divine part of you
    to shine through.



  16. By Ingrid Maria on Mar 11, 2010 | Reply

    For me asking questions to myself is the best way
    to get me out of a situation that made me feel knackered, like today, when I came back from a court trial, so to speak, and instantly my feelings changed, and I even could enjoy having had this experience, smiling to myself and feeling connected again to my real me.
    So for me it`s like I am channeling myself from a higher persective.

  17. By Martha Childress on Mar 11, 2010 | Reply

    Aloha Paul and Susan,

    Gettings! Thanks to the “escending questions” I learned to ask in your classes – they just come automatically now. When I saw the “Share and Care icon” – I couldn’t help sharing the following vision that was born out of a question I just asked yesterday.

    During my morning meditation, I asked for protection and guidence as I opened my heart to love “EVERYTHING” – including the not so positive aspects of the world right now. Then I said to Mother Earth “Thank you, I love you, I am so sorry, what can I do to help?”.

    First I saw a huge waterfall like Angel Falls, and stepped in to cleanse myself.

    Then I was walking around pouring a watering can full of the this pure cleansing water over the heads of people walking down a busy city street saying “Wake up – Wake up – Wake up” as I was dousing them like watering flowers. No one was getting upset with me. They just looked up into the sun and stated laughing and smiling at each other.

    Emboldened – I moved on to the Senate Floor – and one by one – the members stated taking the glass of water on the desks in front of them and started pouring them on their own heads! “Wake up – Wake up – Wake up” – as they looked at each other and started laughing.

    And then on to the UN – where the same thing started happening, and some started pouring their water over each other’s heads playfully- giggling and laughing with one another. Finally there was a stand off between a military leader and a terrorist. With stern faces, they both threw the water from their glass in each other’s faces. Silent at first, eyes locked in contempt. Then the water started dripping down their faces making them blink their eyes uncontrollably.

    “Wake up – Wake up – Wake up!” And a sparkle in their eyes finally broke through. The soldier and the terrorist simultaneously started an uncontrollable belly laugh – which eventually had them rolling on the floor in gasps and giggles. It was all very childlike and silly – and filled with relief.

    One by one the UN members spilled out the door as the chanting “wake up – wake up” continued. It was pretty comical seeing all the different walks of life that you see in the UN hugging the trees on the sidewalks – kissing the ground – petting dogs – looking up and smiling into the sky – and winking at the children as they headed to the Park to play with their new friends.

    In the middle of the park was a HUGE sandbox. The words in my mind were “Now here is the perfect place to play out all their games – without hurting each other – or themselves – or the planet. They can learn to play and create together again like children, in this great wonderful sandbox in the middle of this magnificent park. All as a loving Mother sits nearby with unconditional love – just watching and smiling – as her children laugh, play, fight, cry and laugh again.

    At that moment I realized I had done exactly what the Great Mother Earth wanted me to do to help…..I was then moved to share this unique vision…. I just remembered it after reading your post – which gave me this perfect segway to Share!

    OK – now here come the tears…..and yes…now laughter! Of course!

    Questions are just the begining of creation.

    Cheers and bottoms-up with that glass of water!

    Miss you guys – and I hold you in my hearts as I continue to share your caring messages which helped give my own life such meaning and purpose. Keep up the good work!

  18. By Marlo on Mar 11, 2010 | Reply

    This is great. I know asking the right questions is the ‘answer’ and sometimes I simply cannot think of any positive, powerful questions. So this is very helpful. Thanks to all.
    One question I do ask myself that helps in stressful situations is “What is most important in my life right now?” This allows me to step back and really look at what I was stressing about with a different perspective. The things that are most important in my life are usually never related to my anxiety at the moment. I think this kind of perspective shift and further perception shift produce a more wise and relaxed way to experience life.
    Thanks again everyone!

  19. By Ilona on Mar 11, 2010 | Reply

    Who am I?
    Why do I believe that all this is real?

  20. By Tony Schuman on Mar 11, 2010 | Reply

    I have zero idea how to answer your question. Every question that I have been asking for several years only seems to drag me further down in a spiral.


    Aloha Tony,

    I know how you’re feeling…

    You wrote:
    Every question that I have been asking for several years only seems to drag me further down in a spiral.

    That’s because the questions you asking are from your mind. (and remember the language of the mind is fear).

    Here’s some examples you cna use starting today:

    How can I give love to the part of me that feels its in
    a downward spiral?

    How can I begin to see what a part of me has been unwilling to let me see?

    How can I allow the Divine to help me get clarity – beginning right now – with my full awareness?

    Try these and breathe deeply with each one.

    Make sure you shift your intent (and breathe) before you do them (or you – otherwise its just a bunch of words.



  21. By Michael on Mar 11, 2010 | Reply

    So, Paul, you’re finally listing Quantum Questions…

    How can I find the fun in what I’m doing?
    How can I create healing beauty in what I’m doing?
    How can I do a lot less, with far better results?
    How could I shut down my mind, enter the oneness, and find it already done?
    Would it be ok if this was already solved, in a beautiful way?
    At work, for phone calls, sometimes I ask “how can I make your day magnificent today?”

    Someone else I know at work starts her day with “How can I serve?” Works well for her.

    How can I pump light everywhere I go? Effortlessly? Without even thinking about it?

    How could I touch people’s hearts in such a way that their lives are permanently better, and more fun?

    How could I model my spiritual ideals such that other people are so impressed they start modelling their own?

    How could I live in ecstasy more? All the time?

    How could I live in my heart, in oneness, all the time?

    How could I realize I’ve already learned this lesson?

    How could I be the spiritual master now, easily and effortlessly?

    How could I ask ideal questions that put me in the ideal place, at the ideal time, with the ideal people, doing the ideal things, with the ideal energy level, in an ideal way, realizing I am already the ideal, right now?

    How could I see the ideal answer that’s already here?

    What could I let go of, now?

  22. By Michael on Mar 11, 2010 | Reply

    How could I start laughing hysterically, knowing it’s all quantum wave forms, that I made it up in the first place?

    How could I be the tipping point, that puts the entire world in oneness? How can I realize this has already occurred, and I don’t need to do anything?

  23. By Michael on Mar 11, 2010 | Reply

    How can I be one with that laughing Roadrunner in my heart, that laughing child, and wake that child up in everyone I meet?

  24. By Michael on Mar 11, 2010 | Reply

    How can I realize that I never was the Coyote, there is no Coyote, there is only the Roadrunner, and that I am the Roadrunner? How can I realize that the angel with the flaming sword at the garden gate is me, that I am already in the garden, and never left it?

  25. By Paul Bauer on Mar 11, 2010 | Reply

    Michael is cookin’ now! You’ve got the groove…



  26. By John Halderman on Mar 12, 2010 | Reply

    Well, I’ll do another, the first post vanished when I hit submit!

    I have been using questions more and more in the last year. I use them for discovering more about myself and freeing blocks.

    One thing I’ve noticed is that perhaps in using the the kind of questions you are calling ascending questions, sometimes we may attempt to jump ahead too far for our minds acceptance.
    If we are in the middle of a mind state where we are dwelling on what is and are in a vibrationally low point, we may need to take smaller steps to bring ourself to the place where we can ask something like “How can I experience all the joy life has to offer?”

    Maybe we are better asking something like, “What can I think about that feels better than how I feel now?”
    “How can I recognize more to be thankful for?”
    “How can I feel a little better than I do right now?”

    And gradually move up vibrationally to a place where we can actually hold a calm thought.

    Anyway, I use questions now such as,

    How can I be in the now?
    How can I express all that I am?
    How do I enjoy all that is mine now?

    I also use the questions like Sana mentioned above which some call, ‘Afformations’

    Why am I so enjoying all this abundance and peace?
    Why am I expressing myself so completely?
    Why am I unfolding my purpose so easily?

    Why are all of you so wonderful?

  27. By Darlene on Mar 12, 2010 | Reply

    I am so grateful that I listened to my intuition when I had the choice and opportunity to take the Breaking Free Course.
    Why do I follow my heart more easily now?
    Why am I in the present moment when I take a deep breath and ask myself how I feel?
    Thank you from my heart,

  28. By Juli on Mar 13, 2010 | Reply

    Presently, my favorite question which I just learned in the Breaking Free course is…
    If there were a positive to this, what would it be?

  29. By Juli on Mar 13, 2010 | Reply

    Hi Paul,
    You asked about topics we’d like to hear more teaching on, mine would be on ways to function on this level with other people.

    For instance:

    I’m learning these things and am doing the work on my inner self. I’m seeing shifts and feeling peaceful most of the time until I get around those people in my life that trigger me to react from my old “ego” self.
    Like my spouse who is very negative, or my coworker who plays the victim.

    I’d love to know the best way to handle these types of situations.

  30. By Liubliana on Mar 16, 2010 | Reply

    Aloha Alisa,

    I really like your way of asking. You helped me a lot.
    I love the question: Isn’t it intresting …?
    I would defiantly try it :-))) and I’m sure it will work for me 🙂

    Mahalo from all my heart

  31. By Liubliana on Mar 16, 2010 | Reply

    Aloha Paul,

    Once you asked me, If I need to clasify my feelings and thoughts in one question what it would be …
    I answered with this question:
    How to accept myself as I am and make my past and fears serves me?

    Since than I was thinking a lot over this question and asking it myself. I was analizing my favourit movie “Kung Fu Panda” and applying it to what I learned from You and Susan. In this movie the Master used Panda’s fears and sadness, to achieve his Life Purpose. So today I realized something what made me to shift this question:

    What am I doing when I’m upset (or what is relaxing me when I’m upset) and how can I use it to achieve my dreams and to fulfill my destiny?

    For instance – help to children, audults, animals; walk in the nature; travel… I don’t know … it could be everything.
    In one word find what is PONO for you and use it to come true your dreams.


  32. By M on Mar 25, 2010 | Reply

    Thanks for this insight!!! It completely WOWed my day and expectations!!!!!

  33. By Michael on Mar 27, 2010 | Reply

    Excellent material. Thank YOU

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