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The Secrets of The Bamboo Tree

If you’ve ever noticed someone who’s become truly successful (in any
endeavor) it’s easy to think that some of them are what you might call
“overnight successes”.

But the truth is that for any of these success stories are years of sculpting and
practice that it took before their success was ever known.  By the time people
on the outside world ‘see” these successes, countless hours of practice, insights
and focus have been invested.

Gifts Beyond Measure

Like the bamboo tree that grows for years under the surface of the soil, hidden
beneath the surface of your normal awareness are gifts beyond your mind’s
normal ability to see.

Something beyond your imagination…

Beyond our normal human understanding.

The Illusion That “Nothing’s Growing”

Humans are a very fickle race. We grow impatient when what we want doesn’t
“show up” when and how we want it.  Then sprinkle in some extra “attraction tricks”
that have been tossed around lately by pundits and you get a recipe for some
very interesting results (and interpretations).

But to the patient Souls – the ones who “see beyond the obvious”, the reality is that
growth of unimagined proportions has already begun.  In your Heart, you know
that your intent is already real before you can ever “see it”.

When you’re centered and open to Divine guidance, old dis-serving patterns that
once prevented you from seeing and feeling your creations already real fade away
and new inspiring and energizing ones spring forth.

When you see the image of the bamboo forest above, could you ever have imagined
this kind of growth in such a short period of time?

What if the seeds of your growth have *already* been in place for years?

And what if gifts of incredible scope and depth for you and for our world are just waiting
for your gentle nurturing and guidance?

How do you nurture these gifts?

Gentle observance
Non judgment
Qi-Gong, Yoga, Deep Breathing, Nature walks, “Vitamin N”

A return to innocence, play and living life itself, rather than living from old
dis-serving memories and old roles.

Now it’s your choice – to carry forth either the old patterns that hold you back, or
to create an inspired and enlivened vision path filled with love, peace and serenity.

The past is just a memory and it has no bearing on your True Self.

“Choice Point” happens in the moment.

Past  ————————-  Present ————————- Future

It’s really all the same.

The real key is the present

Because it unlocks the door of all Creation.

What gifts are you willing to give life to?

What secrets lie waiting to spring forth like the bamboo tree?

It’s time my friend to nurture your Dreams and Heart’s Desires.

You can do it as you listen to your Heart – because it will
never fail you.

Feel free to post your comments below – and lets’ grow this “new
bamboo forest” together…

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  1. 4 Comment(s)

  2. By Laurie Lacey on Jul 11, 2012 | Reply

    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for the interesting post. I like your analogy between our inner gifts and the root system of the bamboo tree. It’s an easy anology to keep in mind – nourish inner gifts like soil nourishs the root system of a tree.


    All the best,

  3. By Danielle Mincey White on Jul 11, 2012 | Reply

    This message was RIGHT. ON TIME! Today after my yoga and meditation session, I called a friend to share how God/the Universe is working on my behalf ….bringing my heart’s desire to reality…well aftee the call; my Spirit spoke this to me: Be quiet and focus your energy on taking the steps I guide you to take …others are NOT supposed to see your vision. Your email with the link to this post came immediately after my Spirit message.

  4. By Bobbye Middendorf on Jul 11, 2012 | Reply

    Paul, Your exquisite and from the heart message taps into the deep wisdom roots of Mother Earth…literally and figuratively! I would add to your comment: “And what if gifts of incredible scope and depth for you and for our world are just waiting for your gentle nurturing and guidance?” — Yes! and more: attentive patience plus ALLOWING these gifts to come forth. (With inspiration from you, I’ve been reframing LOA into “Law of Allowing.”) Thank you for sharing your wisdom and nurturing the underground root systems of so many messengers of the Heart. Love & Light to you! Talk soon!

  5. By Felicia on Aug 25, 2012 | Reply

    Thanks you for the bamboo analogy. I have taken part in a Be The Change(Earth Alliance) circle called What’s Your Tree? and have immersed myself in the process of “being a tree”. I find that as it is true of how many times our patterns of creation are mapped on our body as in energy points on feet hands head eyes etc the same is true of noticing how these maps are repeated again and again in all the other living things we share this planet with. Innocence or as some call it beginners mind will allow us to be crious and interested enough to become intimate with trees like the bamboo. And from our connection we gain depth and strength from other living beings to support our self discovery and evolution. Everything lives well that is allowed the freedom to Be Well.

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