The Un-Asked Question

There’s a question that no one’s been asking
relative to the Law Of Attraction. And if you ask it,
you’ll question the very foundation of western society…

What’s the question?

Is “More” really better?

In other words, does attracting “more” bring you

Let’s look closely at this issue…

The belief that you need “more” is based on fear.

… the fear of not having “enough”.

Where does this fear originate?

In the “Polarized Mind” – the mind that believes
in dualities (good/bad, rich/poor, us/them, etc).

The nature of the mind is to try to “figure things
out” and rely on memory to make decisions.

But the Heart speaks a different language.

It speaks from One-ness – from inspiration.

As long as we stay in our minds, and let memory
dictate our actions, we’re slaves to those memories.

In essence we have two choices:

1) To be driven by memory
2) To be connected and inspired by God/Source/Creator

These are the only two possibilties.

If you feel that you need “more” or there’s “not
enough” in your life, old memories are driving your
thought process.

But when you’re inspired, when you you feel connected,
alive, and passionate, do you really need “more”?

Notice how you feel when your mind is calm.

Remember how you felt when you experienced the
setting sun, or the rising moon?

When a child smiles at you…

When you feel the warm breeze on your skin..

When you feel loved…

In those moments, do you need “more”?

Next week, we’ll be discussing the “Not Enough Effect”
and what you can do about it…

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Until then,

To Your Dreams And To Your Abundance,

Paul Bauer

P.S. – feel free to post your comments below.
I’d love to hear your opinion on this subject.