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“Unplugging from the Matrix”

If you saw the move, “The Matrix”, you understand how
we can be unconsciously programmed without even
knowing it. The central character named Neo at first
isn’t even aware of the illusion that he’s been living.

But when Morpheus shows him how he’s been “going
through the motions” – almost like a robot, it awakens
Neo. At first Neo thinks he’s powerful (the ego tries to
take charge again) and he becomes disappointed in his
newly discovered abilities.

But as Morpheus reminds him, it’s all an illusion…

Neo is still in disbelief…

“How could I have been fooled for so long?” “Why?”
“How is it possible?”

As Neo begins to awaken, he wonders, Is he the One?

The real question is can he step back from the Matrix
long enough to sense the illusion – and detach from it…

Once he detaches, he begins to re-discover his real power…

His Essence.

So the question we can ask ourselves is:

Are we aware of the illusions we’ve allowed ourselves to

Do they make us fall back again into the “psychic sleep”
or do they help awaken us?

The Matrix is the false premise of “Something else controls
me. I’m asleep. They’re at the helm. I’m a victim. They take
control. There’s not enough…”

But at Source level – nothing can ever control you. There’s
more than enough for everyone.

As you begin to remember why you came here to this planet,
and the lessons you’ve come to re-learn, what used to cause
you stress and overwhelm will begin to energize and inspire

If you’re ready to “Unplug From the Matrix”, the new
Infinite Abundance course will bring a smile to your
face as you take a deep breath and realize…

I Am Source…

And from that level – you are free…

In that moment, you’ve reconnected to the “I Am” Presence.
You feel the One-ness and how everything in life is connected.

Life feels new again…

So my friend, I invite you to re-discover this vital Essence
within you and join us in the new Infinite Abundance course.

To reserve your spot in the course, click here

We look forward to you being part of the course…

To Your Dreams And To Your Abundance,

Paul Bauer

P.S. – If money is a concern for you – the “Matrix” has a hold
of you. Remember scarcity is an illusion – it’s not real.
Right now you have access to the same supply that
each of us has – and that supply is Infinite.

It’s only the mind that’s been conditioned to believe otherwise.
And you know your not your mind – right?

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  1. 4 Comment(s)

  2. By latha on May 29, 2008 | Reply

    the 7th Century AD great philosopher Shankaraachaarya says in one of his compositions in sanskrit, “Mana Yeva Kaaranaha Manushyaanaam Bandha Mokshayoho”, meaning, our mind is the sole cause for the feeling of either our imprisonment or our liberation. you think you are imprisoned and you get imprisoned. you think you are liberated, you are liberated! our whole world is a creation of our own mind!

  3. By Jamella Frieling on Sep 10, 2008 | Reply

    Dear Paul,

    I found your new e-card to be not only beautiful, truth full but also inspirational. You have done wonderful thing and when it is finished it will inspire others to rethink how they feel, how they would like to feel and what is most inportant to them. I just may allow people to take a minute to breath. Great job. I am proud of you.


  4. By Iztok on Oct 30, 2008 | Reply


    This is a little bit late, but better laye then never right:) I justed wanted to say that i started working on Infinite Abundance Course and boy was i missing out!

    It is what i have been looking for for a long time. Looking for me! Could never imagine. So here i am realizing that even though i have the feeling i am miles away from discovering my true self something in me feels “right”. I still feel tensions in my body, my mind is going in all directions more intensely than ever before. It doesnt understand it and it does not let my heart to take over for more than a second! Im sticking to this course to the end (i have problems finishing things i start…which i have found out it is only ego who is afraid of any kind of death). Before i was saying i want to kill my ego. Now i have the feeling this would be absurd! Like killing a part of me. And thats not a way to go if you love yourself.

    Writing these words makes the tension more intense. But i wont stop. Will give my heart, which was waiting since i was 4-6 years old, a try.


  5. By Iztok on Oct 30, 2008 | Reply

    O, the intesnion was to say more methaporically that i saw one of my favourite movies “the Matrix” finally from different perspective!

    I cant believe that before i would say things like: But i would rather pick the matrix than the real world. I mean fighting the robots?!
    I realized my ego was saying that. Of course, its a comfortable place which seems nice.

    And thats the catch….seems nice. Its not real. Its a prison, where you are being manipulated like a puppet.

    Ta h*** with that! I want to see the real world no matter how it is. At least it feels “right”!

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