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What If…?

What if there was a way of creating what you
want in life that was so simple and yet so
powerful that when you found it you’d ask
yourself “Why haven’t I known about this before?”

And what if you discovered it in the place you
least expected to find it…?

When the mind is “polarized”, it thinks that you’re
separate from what you want. But when you learn
how to clear the “The Polarized Mind”, and BE the
essence of your creation, things naturally come to

In other words, the “The Polarized Mind” sees life
as an unending series of problems to “fix and solve”,
but the more you try to fix problems, the more you
create them.

There’s a simpler way of being that transcends the
mind and allows you access to the Infinite, Creator,
Source consciousness.

And in that place – all is forgiven and all you could ever
want is already real.

The KEY is knowing how to access this state and how
to clear anything that stops you from “be”-ing there.

What I’m referring to is as practical as turning on your
computer or going to work.

But there’s a simpler way to do this, and when you
learn that way, your life will take on dimensions your
mind has never imagined.

Stay tuned for the launch of the
“Ultra-Manafesting” course coming this
Tuesday, January 16th.

If you haven’t already heard the preview
audio, please visit:


Paul Bauer

(see the comments below and feel free to add your own…)

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  2. By Pam on Jan 7, 2007 | Reply


    Is it possible that this state you speak of “accessing”, unity with Source, does not require “access” at all? What if this is something that is already, and has always been the case — but we are simply not recognizing it at times? Even saying we need to “access” this state indicates (to me anyway) some feeling of not-having, or not-yet-being.

    ALso, I wonder if our “blocks” or personal attributes, misinterpretations, whatever we call them — do not serve a useful (if hopefully temporary) purpose in the contrast from and highlighting of this union with the Divine that so many of us seek throughout our lives. Releasing or “clearing” them may be wonderful, once we appreciate and learn from the part of us that has created them. (That’s one reason I like your PMP process.)

    What if we couldn’t be separate from our Creator even if we demanded it — we are one with It/Him/Her, whether we like it or not?! đŸ™‚ What if this is true, no matter how blocked or befuddled we might think we are?

    Keep on with your great work Paul — I appreciate it!

    Hi Pam,

    Great question…

    From my own experience (and in working with many other people) – even though the separation never “really” occured (from Source’s perspective) in fact what DOES happen is the part of us that FEELS the separation is the part that needs the healing, integration and Love.

    After 3 of my closest family members passed away, (in less thn 3 years) believe me I FELT separate from Source, and all the affirmations and “mind” based solutions just bounced right off the surface. But when I made peace with those parts of me that felt separate, I couldn’t believe the freedom – the sheer One-ness that I expereinced.

    And yes, the “blocks” we seem to have are there for a postive intention.
    and when you clear them, you get two results: (at least)
    1) Your feel better

    2) For many, the hidden purpose of the block is revealed

    When that block is cleared, what once seemed like a problem (even a traumatic
    event) now seems like a Satori – an Aha! moment when all is forgiven (like in Solaris)
    and everything (including the original “problem”) is seen in a new light.



  3. By Billy Mitchell on Jan 7, 2007 | Reply

    Aloha Paul,
    Thank you for your love and support of all. I attended you teleseminar and I am impressed. I feel at times the knowing may get in the way. I know that all is all and one now and when the physical does not prove the truth, that knowing gets in the way.
    And it is as if connecting to source, Father Mother God feels so warm and comfortable it is tough, seemingly sepparateing from that to move and function in the physical even with the knowing that the physical is source as well. What does it take to be, at all times?
    Appreciating you,

  4. By JD on Jan 10, 2007 | Reply

    Hi Paul. We listened to your last call and are definitely anxious for the course. I’m curious though, is this related to Huna? Reason I ask is that I seem to have attracted both you and a Kahuna into my reality. I’m struggling a bit with which way to go.


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