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Your opinion & the “Not Enough” Effect

I’m thinking of doing a new course that helps people
escape what I call the “Money Matrix” and I’d like your

In short, the “Money Matrix” is the unquestioned system
of beliefs, institutions and cultural conditioning that keeps
people enslaved in what I call the “Not Enough” Effect.

And this “Not Enough” Effect is the core of the problem
that stops you from having what you want (and keeps
you stuck in the old cycle over and over again).

It’s also the prime cause that brought down the financial
systems (and its still happening as we speak). As a culture,
If we keep going at the rate we’re going, we’ll self-destruct
under a mountain of debt, fear and greed.

But there’s a simple way out…

I’m not sure If I’m going to do a course yet, because if
I do, I’m going to put my Heart and Soul into it (if you’ve
been through any of my courses before, you know what
I mean).

If I do go ahead with this course, it will help you do three
primary things:

1) Become aware of the deep level of unconscious
conditioning that has been stopping you from creating
the results you’ve been longing for (if you knew the
beliefs that were installed in your subconscious without
your awareness, you’d be shocked)

2) Identify and clear the beliefs that have been holding
you back – so you can choose your own beliefs that
empower and free you

3) Create a completely new level of clarity and understanding
of what creates lasting wealth and abundance and have the
real world practical results that you and your loved ones

In other words, this is serious stuff we’re talking about.

And it’s about far more than just money.

In essence, it’s the best of the metaphysical teachings
combined with practical real-world results (but more than
just money or “stuff” – I’m talking about being free of the
attachment to the “stuff” and yet still having plenty
for you and your family (or giving back to humanity).

If I decide to teach it, this course will be unlike anything
I’ve ever taught before (or you’ve ever experienced).

So – I need your opinion…

Should I go ahead and teach this kind of course…?

…and how could this course help you…?

(in other words, what’s going on in your life? And
how could this kind of course that frees you from
the struggle and worries of the “Not Enough” Effect
change your life?)

Please feel free to post your comment to my blog below…

(I’m planning on reading every single comment I receive)

Blessings of Abundance To You,

Paul Bauer

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  1. 33 Comment(s)

  2. By Brenda on Jan 5, 2010 | Reply

    Dear Paul,
    Hiya, Just wanted to comment on your new course. I’m sure it would be interesting
    & enlightening, sounds well rounded & different.
    I think it would be fantastic. I loved the video’s on your site.
    Thanxz Brenda.

  3. By Peterson on Jan 6, 2010 | Reply

    The issues of core beliefs and their effects have been emphasised since time immemorial. Jesus, in his teachings, for example, exorted us to believe that we have received what we pray for and it shall be granted. This doctrine is very much in line with that of FAITH that moves mountains. I therefore support your endeavour to teach this issue as it would definitely change individuals’ core beliefs and change the world for the better. Go for it.

  4. By Lauren Kennedy on Jan 6, 2010 | Reply

    Hi Paul,

    A course with a new perspective on manifesting is needed.

    So many of the manifesting gurus tend to equate spiritual and intellectual growth with material acquisitions, external power and social respect.

    They neglect to consider our Soul lessons and confuse control and creation.

    They talk about vibrational alignment but are vague about the process of application to achieve that.

    They also worship intellect at the expense of feelings, intuition and most of all Being.

    It is who we are Being that triggers our emotions much more that what thought is passing through our mind. Our overall attitude is more powerful than a passing thought, exposure.

    And they advocate the ostrich approach to world events, blame the less fortunate for there lot, actually stating that their mindsets are weak, undisciplined, mediocre, etc. Hence, the priority is to protect our positive mindset, avoid contact or assisting the struggling, encouraging them only by demonstrating our own ability to acquire material wealth and power. The indication of true spiritual strength is the ability to maintain a positive outlook in the midst of dealing with the unpleasant situations in the world.

    If you think I am being harsh or misinterpreting their message, I have blog posts and emails that confirm the above observations. And their message is in even stronger language.

    The purpose of the Law of Attraction is to create the essence of our desires by becoming and experiencing the person we think we will be when we achieve our external goals.

    One can sometimes achieve one’s goals and desires through sheer effort, determination, or tunnel vision focus, which may lead to justifying departing from one’s principles.

    However, once the initial exhilaration of conquest subsides, the emptiness, need to acquire more of whatever, will once again rear its head.And once again, we are off to the races, chasing the illusion.

    But when we actually Become, experience and express the person, sense of self,feelings and attitude that we believe our desire will bring, then a true sense of peace, wholeness and satisfaction become a conscious aspect of our lives and Being, whether or not the actual scenario that we had envision is realized.

    We will experience the essence of our desire, and that is, in truth, what we are truly seeking.

    In spite of these perceptions and intellectual revelations, I need some guidance and support in the process of actually Becoming the essence of my desires, uncovering my Purpose from the years of capitulation and self doubt, insight into identifying what circumstances/manifestations that I need to accept as part of my Soul lessons, the underlying belief/negative energy that continues to erode my health, the gifts on which I need to focus at this time, and guidance to identify the reason that I am experiencing total confusion, constant emotional triggers for no apparent external reason.

    I have overcome many huge issues: – 23 years of IV drug addiction, bulimia, rape, abusive relationships, only siblings’ suicide, homelessness, prison for drug related charges,(to name a few).Plus I have addressed many of my issues, tendencies, behaviors and identified many underlying beliefs and negative programs.

    I have typically discovered or worked out methods in order to work through my confusion, fears. And I have been able to connect my emotional triggers to a specific issue, behavior or needed change.

    I am in a fog lately, very scary for a self reliant person, and my debilitating health symptoms only exacerbate the remaining issues with which I have been struggling since I was small.

    I apologize for this lengthy and off the point comment. My intent was only to encourage you to proceed with the program.

    My pride says to delete the portions that expose my dilemma. appear weak, whiny, irresponsible, etc.

    However, perhaps expressing my dilemma will benefit someone else, so I will deal with the sense of vulnerability and inadequacy that is arising, in case it will benefit someone else and help them to feel less alone.

    Thank you for allowing me to comment.

    Lauren Kennedy

  5. By j on Jan 6, 2010 | Reply

    Keeping the instruction language clear, simple, and easy to visualize/conceptually grasp may be a challenge.

    Being free of credit card and suchlike debt, spending less than you earn, learning to love labor even in a self-actualizing way,wise stewardship, sharing and sharing knowledge, and the value of mastery in this general area would be some suggestions.

    The ancient Hebrew prophets were first expected to be householders for God, households in good order, able earners in their communities, before any Light-Word channelling was even considered by the people re accuracy.

  6. By Ann on Jan 6, 2010 | Reply

    Hi Paul,
    This is just what I need at this point as I am looking at taking my business to huge heights this year & still have a few blocks that are holding me back. Look forward to hearing more about it.

  7. By CAROLINE on Jan 6, 2010 | Reply

    Dear Paul- This course would be very valuable to me- the subconcious blocks we are programmed with as you mention are so unknown by so many struggling to
    succeed and not knowing why they do not.
    I just wrote you an e-mail wondering if my order for the last program you offered was successful as I recieved no confirmation. The purpose of my ordering the program was that I AM
    awaiting surgery for a cancerous tumor to be removed. My intuition is right on with the knowledge that the cancer is a self-imposed lesson to deal with the negative
    programming I recieved.
    My encouragement comes to you because the course you are considering DOES run much deeper
    than just money and the matrix- it is a matter of living a “whole life..or “half a life…in many more ways than one. Blessings-
    Carolyn D Dunipace

  8. By teresa on Jan 6, 2010 | Reply

    I think that it would be a welcome arena & is actually playing out in our lifes as we speak.I for one would be interested

  9. By Nathalie on Jan 6, 2010 | Reply

    Hello Paul,

    of late, I have taken my head out of the sand and begun to look around in the world again, especially in terms of climate change. Amongst others, I have watched a film called “Let’s Make Money”, that looks into quite a few aspects of how the “money matrix” (in the sense of the ethics and workings of our socio-cultural economic system) is built up. There are gigantic intangible mechanisms out there creating and maintaining this “system”, and the film features interviews with people who are pulling the strings, showing how short-sighted and blind they are to the greater context.

    How can I do anything to effectuate change, in the face of these global machinations, in which the individuals involved may or not be aware of what they are contributing to? My tentative answer was, that I must overcome my anger to learn a way of communicating that SPEAKS to people in my acquaintance who are adamantly blind to the interrelation of well-being of the world and their own selves. I also pursued the thought that there must be a mass uprise of those who are getting the brunt of the downside of this system, together to boycot this system as far as possible, to shake it up so much that even those who refuse to see that their wealth builds upon the wretchedness of others MUST alter their ways. All this on the concrete level of materialized existence, on the level of action.

    Your question however reminds me of another path, a level that has been eluding me of late. It is the path of giving space to the ENERGY of that other world that could be, that world in which humans are NOT forced to scramble for their daily survival, a world of solidarity, of LIVING the interconnectedness of all that is. A world of deep respect, that yes, begins with the fortification of the self-respect of each of us, lived consciously within the context of the greater picture.

    Any energy we put into this strengthens the wave of change so direly needed are we to continue as a species on this planet.

    I would venture to say that directly related to the “not-enough” effect is the issue of trust. Trust in the ineffable, benevolent force that gives rise to the whole universe, and trust that we are listening to the “right voices”, our higher selves who are directly in contact with, yes are PART of this force, in making our way through the materialized world.

    Your guidance has helped me greatly on my own path towards recognizing which are old patterns/beliefs, and what is that trustful guidance. I forget, I fall back, but once begun, the journey continues, even if we stop to “digest” our progress for a while. Sometimes we cannot see, sometimes the old pains elude us and refuse to be resolved in no matter how loving a manner. But then another phase comes, and we are once more prepared to leave our comfort zone, find the courage to give up those parts of what we have made our identity that no longer serve us, and we take another step on the journey begun.

    As others before me have already said: if your heart tends towards this new approach, then there will be resonance in those who are needing just that approach to continue their journeys.

    I thank you from my heart for your continued and courageous steps in this direction; with each, you are adding to that energy that will cause ever more of us to wake up and notice, and embark on our journeys toward light. And they are inspiring, re-minding us of those deeper truths again and over.


  10. By Peter on Jan 6, 2010 | Reply

    Go for it Paul. Sounds fantastic. Can those of us who cannot get to your course access a recording of it?

  11. By Jim Tour on Jan 6, 2010 | Reply

    To be honest… I’m not sure how you can improve on your Infinite Abundance course, because you really do “hit the nail on the head” with those core concepts you teach.

    Maybe add some subliminals mixed in with hypnosis cds to program the “clean slate” that people have once they’ve cleared their unconcious beliefs after they’ve completed your Infinite Abundance course.

    Rather than being left to their own devices after they fininsh a course.

  12. By Ruth Warren on Jan 6, 2010 | Reply

    In following emails and desiring to become more involved, what I get is received in knowing what you speak or work on gives strength in areas needed. Money seems to be the issue in most households and causes contention when couples do not agree on what is important and what is not.
    Addictive members of family become addicted to making money when other addictions are stopped but this seems to replace them. It is not just that they want to work, but the money they can receive by working, which poses problems when not working for the right reasons.

  13. By Kathleen on Jan 6, 2010 | Reply

    Kind heart, it is interesting to read everyones comments. Let me ask you Paul, do you accept the fact that we live in a life of illusion? And that everything has a vibrating energy to it? If you do, may I ask you to go forth with your intention, but to use the KISS method. (that is keep it simple sweetheart >not stupid). In this year of new hope I see all around me people of all nations desireing the same vision. That of Peace. I believe in being “content” as that keeps me humble.

    The unconscious mind is an area that gives way to many ideas, concepts, beliefs…etc. which can be very tricky as we have all lived with a viel over our consciousness. It IS in fact the time of the “Golden Age”. With that will come many tools that mankind has not been exposed to or utilized for the highest good of all. There are so many persons ideas about the subject of $ and some are conflicting when you are on a search for the answer to set yourself free of lack. The barter system has been around for ages and it’s concept is well embrassed from the seed gatherers to builders & to services that can be exchanged as well as many more.

    The belief that “There IS ENOUGH” to go around is the hope & vision that most people have survived on, but just haven’t tapped into the “HOW” to bring it into their lives. I for one could always use some needed help, and I never stop seeking a way to “tangibly manifest” all that I need to have more “fun” in my life. Like just going “out” to get a cup of coffee, or even seeing a movie.

    I look forward to see what you have on offer and I know in my heart, that it will be successfull IF you make it available to EVERYONE. Not for a price….but for the highest good of all concerned. Most people don’t have anything extra to take the risk of going outside of their comfort zone to BUY something that no matter how much they desire it, just can’t do it. Anyone on a pension like myself will tell you that the dollar just doesn’t stretch far enough.
    Looking forward


    Thanks KC,

    I appreciate your comments. This course (which is looking more an more what people may be looking for)
    IS for the highest good of all concerned…

    However, In order to provide content that people value (and not throw into the
    “free bin” with all the rest of the stuff), there has to be a price.

    …and that price will be equitable for the value received. (Plus, we’re planning another level of interaction
    (read: community) that encourages people who would otherwise try to do it “on their own” to work with at least one person in the course/community so they “get it” and do the necessary work that is required to transform.

    That is for the highest good – Yes?

    If someone like me “gives it away for free”, several things happen:

    1) People won’t value it (hundreds of examples of this in our cultures)
    2) People won’t invest their time and put their Heart into it, because when you pay for something, you focus on its inherent value completely differently than when its free
    3) The old meme (collective belief system) of “you can’t charge for spiritual/metaphysical work”
    gets reinforced all over again.

    Great question – and this course if not for everyone – only for people ready to take FULL responsibility for their life, beliefs, karma and how they view life.

    THEN and only then can transformation happen…



  14. By Alexander Mitchell on Jan 6, 2010 | Reply

    Hi Paul,
    I believe this course is another truly deep and inspirational idea from yourself.I feel the world needs more relevent messages to reach out to peoples’ true heart to continue the shift to a higher state of consciousness and a better way of life with love,healing and regeneration for us all.
    I think too many people are too used to their deep level unconscious programming in their lives-I am still finding and clearing these ‘shoots’ and ‘roots’.
    It is ‘mannafesting’ people like yourself that have helped me to start to find my true self,way and purpose.It is your powerful words of wisdom and guidance that have echoed a glowing chord in my true self to realise and begin a new journey in my road for true belief,enlightenment and abundance.This is also amazing as I have not yet acquired any of your programmes yet,except subscribed newsletters.
    I look forward to getting more into all of your projects to advance myself and the collective consciousness as soon as.

    Blessings of love and abundance to you,

  15. By Colin on Jan 6, 2010 | Reply

    Yes Paul that would be a great course to run . The power bits of paper with numbers on and some numbers on a screen have on us is not good .Time to break the mould . My hand is up .

    Bring it on . Colin

  16. By Kate on Jan 6, 2010 | Reply

    Paul — I had the pleasure of speaking with you several years ago when you first launched your original DreamsAlive software. It really helped me at the time, and I’m sure your new product will enjoy equal success when you put your heart and energy into it.

    I highly recommend that you connect with Julie Murphy Casserly in Chicago; her workshops and writing on your topic are phenomenal, and I’ll bet the two of you have many synergies that could work very well together. (See her website at

    Good luck!

  17. By uohna on Jan 6, 2010 | Reply

    You absolutely need to teach the class on money matrix!!!

  18. By William on Jan 6, 2010 | Reply

    Yes I would be interested.

  19. By Farzana on Jan 6, 2010 | Reply

    Yes, Paul please bring forth “Escape the Money Matrix”
    > Thank you for this e-mail as well as all you do.

  20. By Emil on Jan 6, 2010 | Reply

    simply: yes

  21. By Nadine Brown on Jan 6, 2010 | Reply

    Dear Paul . . .are you kidding me???!!!! I would say ‘yes, definitely teach a course like this’!

    aloha nui loa, Nadine

  22. By Jaide on Jan 7, 2010 | Reply

    Hi Paul! Yes, I would love it if you would teach the course. It’s the subconscious stuff that still holds me back, even though I’ve been working on it for over 20 yrs. I would love to take the course.

    You are out there on the leading edge with this stuff that you teach. I see you as having a scientific mind which unites in communication to your Higher Being/Higher Genius, and you are able to bring the information you receive back into the physical in a way that people can understand if they are open to receive it. I just hope that I will be open to receive. Thank you!

  23. By Tamzynne Snow on Jan 7, 2010 | Reply

    Paul – do what you do best. šŸ™‚

  24. By David Pautler on Jan 7, 2010 | Reply

    sounds good to me

  25. By Marlo on Jan 9, 2010 | Reply

    Yes Paul. I believe this would be a wonderful course to teach. I even have some very ‘clear minded’ thinking friends who do not seem to be very clear minded when it comes to money and the ‘not-enough effect’. It’s almost as if people think money is different in some way, like it is naturally more elusive. A class that hits home like this would be very beneficial. Also Paul, this is where you shine, so go for it!

  26. By kook on Jan 10, 2010 | Reply

    Dear Paul,

    I always like your programs…I believe that all the problems especially money issues come from our beliefs. Frankly there is no program that clearly and specifically uncover the specific beliefs that stand in our way, so I hope you can help us uncover and clear the limiting beliefs so the abundance energy flows fast. Is it going to be a coaching program or a home study course..thanks

  27. By Pam Pappas on Jan 10, 2010 | Reply

    Hi Paul,

    Your programs are always helpful and interesting, so this would likely be also.

    Two questions arise for me:

    — What happened to the “Ancient Secrets of Manifesting Course” you were planning last month, but which then was delayed? I was really hopeful for that one!

    — How might this Money Matrix course differ from (or possibly dovetail with) Joe Vitale’s “The Secret to Attracting Money”? There is also lots of publicity about his Miracles Coaching, aimed at helping people “clear” their inner obstacles to manifesting.

    With all best wishes as you decide what you want to do,


    Aloha Pam,

    We’re including parts of that course in the Breaking Free Course (plus adding a
    completely new course coming in February based on The Heart of Hawaii and Mana)

    >How might this Money Matrix course differ from (or possibly dovetail with) Joe
    >Vitale’s “The Secret to Attracting Money”?

    It will differ greatly.

    1. Its not about “attracting” or “getting more” (that’s the old trap)

    2. Its about the Heart – not the mind (in other words, the Money Matrix
    comes from the mind – and the mind cant fix or solve it by attracting more.

    The Heart not only clears the problem, but it also gives you what you
    really want – at a far deeper level than any “stuff” (including love from
    someone else) can ever do.

    3. The Breaking Free course helps you discover completely new way of creating
    your intent (free of memory and ego). In other words, each day, you begin
    with a Tabula rasa (clean slate) – with a pure sense of clarity and wonder.

    4. The Breaking Free course helps all of us create and be part of the Great
    Shift happening on our planet (and the cosmos) where we return to our
    pure creative Source. (instead of suffering with duality of good/bad,
    enough/not enough, etc.

    Hope that helps…

    Mahalo Nui,


  28. By Jack on Jan 10, 2010 | Reply

    The body never lies. And it’s all about the feelings. If when you think of this course you feel good, well, then, you have the answer. And those who ponder taking the course can use the same gauge. I read several responses that dealt with other courses and less than desired results. As long as they feel they did not benefit, they are correct. But if they would look within and be honest about their feelings and then tell a different story, they would find the materials did actually help. It is they who have not yet aligned with their desires. The universe has answered the asking, it is up to them to respond by changing themselves and their own stories. As must we all to reap the rewards that are there for the asking. So how do you feel about this course? I thought so. Begin. Have a wonderful decade of positive change and continue to enrich the lives of those who find you. Best to you and Susan, Jack and Barb

  29. By Dana on Jan 12, 2010 | Reply

    In a word, YES!

  30. By alok on Jan 14, 2010 | Reply

    yes we need money to live in the society.
    even if we are not attached to it,still we need would be a great help to all to know how to earn money by doing what you love.

  31. By Michael on Mar 11, 2010 | Reply

    Paul, of all the books you talked about, The Secret of Instant Healing, by Frank Kinslow, was really fun. Bob Scheinfeld is fun, too, however maybe there is too much of the head in his books, at times. How could you cover this subject in summary in just a 60 minute CD? The groups are doing some of this, in groups- I wonder if we could have conference calls, of say no more than 20 at a time, where people put intentions into a virtual circle, just for kicks? I am starting to believe that this is not merely a good idea, it is the next step in our evolution, that we move to living out of intent, rather than scarcity. If you put a rock in a bucket one day, then 2 the next day, then 4, by what day does the bucket fill? I don’t know. I do that that the fill day, less one day, it’s only half full. Full day minus 2 days it’s only 25% full. This awareness is already moving to spike, now. I intend that this awareness is already spread far and wide, that people have already woken up to it, I feel it already done, and I dive into the nothingness cuz it just feels so very good…

  32. By Lisa on Mar 25, 2010 | Reply

    Yes, that would be a perfect course, but pleasemake it affordable; not what it may be worth, but that allows us to benefit. I am sure I have some hidden beliefs that are deeply buried in consciousness that keep taking me back to not enough. I want to be free totally and forever.

    Remember us,please those who can pay large sums for seminars are not in the not enough group, usually.

  33. By Tammy on Jul 24, 2010 | Reply

    Hi Paul,
    I would very much appreciate a training that specifically focuses on subconscious programming. I have had results with the LOA, but not every time and I know that it has to do with my subconscious. Actually, in certain circumstances, I know what is stopping me but still need to work on the “how” to remove these subconscious blocks.
    Thank You!

  34. By Ethel Jackson on Sep 10, 2013 | Reply

    Hi Paul,
    Ultimately my response would be consistent with Bonnie who so eloquently stated that you should follow your heart. Having said that, because of your teachings (and a few others), I am finally 100% convinced that our only work, as noted in your article “The 3 Biggest Manifesting Challenges”, is to let go of go of the ‘when’ and stay with the essence of ALREADY HAVING IT! Those words, along with the other correspondences that I have received from you have truly opened me up to an entirely new reality, and words cannot express my gratitude to you for facilitating that effort. IT’S ALREADY DONE, and thank you so much for helping me to come into that realization. Biggest love.

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