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We receive hundreds of testimonials from across the world about Dream-Minder, here a just a few...

"Dream-Minder is the most incredible piece of software for changing your life. It allows you to figure out your values dreams and goals, and then keeps you on track with reminders and sage advice throughout the day on your computer screen. Better than having a personal coach. A must have for anyone serious about taking their life to the next level. I use it myself daily. I wouldn't sell it for any price! You cant have a genie in a bottle but this is as close as it gets!
Marc Vinson - www.realitytransformation.com

"This is more than goal setting software, it is life transforming software. It has been invaluable in growing my business. A necessity!"
- Julie Jordan Scott - www.5passions.com

"I am still staggered by the awesome way that my dreams are unfolding. After years of the stressful grind of pushing to-do lists everyday, I am stunned to actually find that the realization of my dreams comes from a place where my heart and soul know peace. They are not born of struggle. That is so difficult for over-achievers to grasp, but once you "get it" the momentum of change is mind-boggling.

Having been so accustomed to working grueling hours and pressing hard for results and money, my first hurdle was learning to give myself credit for accomplishing a step towards my dreams. After a few weeks with Dream-minder, I saw some progress, but did not think it was monumental. I knew that I felt more at peace, and that was positive enough, but I still had it in my mind that I needed to struggle harder to make progress towards accomplishment. After six months of Dream-minder, I went through my lists one day and realized that many of the items had been accomplished even though I had barely noticed. These things seemed like big chunks when I had written them down, but looking back I found that I had completed them with such ease that I had forgotten they were on my list of goals and dreams. This was a break-through for me because at that moment I began to understand that struggle had nothing to do with the peaceful creation of my reality.

Once I started tapping into this truth, my progress accelerated. I quit trying to figure out "how" I was going to make it happen, I stopped thinking of ways to "struggle" towards achievement, I ceased trying to control the opportunities, and the creation of my dreams began to snowball. Instead of the mindset of, "If I work really hard at this, then maybe that will happen," my thoughts were, "How can I share this dream with other people right now?" I jumped into my project without thought of whether it would make money or without even knowing where I wanted the project to go, and I simply started enjoying exercising my passion for this dream and moving towards sharing it with other people. Before the project was even completed, I had been awarded four commissioned projects and the project I was creating was sold! I made no effort to "sell" the product, and I gave no pitches to anyone. I had already attracted the people into my life that were to benefit from my talents, but would have never known had I not decided to start living my dreams NOW.

Following the principles of Dream-minder, I have achieved results and received opportunities beyond my imagination and I have had fun in the process. The neatest part is that while I give myself credit for taking action, there is no ego trip involved. I have an overwhelming sense of joy and gratitude that when someone seeks to share their dreams peacefully, God and this Universe will work out the details. There is a reason that I have this passion... I was meant to share it.

Thank you so much for creating this product. It has helped me to change my focus, and therefore, my life. I have merely scratched the surface of what my dreams hold for my future. My Dream Minder lists hold bigger dreams now than I would have dared to dream before, and I can see them unfolding. What can I say? Over-achievers die hard.

We all know the cliché that "dreams do come true", but it has a different ring to it when you can say, "My dreams are coming true right now." Before I started living this truth I had a burning desire, but now I am living with passion. To live with a burning desire is to want something you do not have; to live with passion is to share something you have created. So create peacefully, share generously, live passionately, and know the meaning of your life. "

With Highest Regards, Leah Miller - Mt Pleasant, South Carolina

"Dream-Minder may be the single coolest focusing tool I've ever seen. Whenever I use it, I feel like I have just been "transported" into my own "personal life-renewal retreat" a thousand miles away. I immediately become de-stressed, re-focused and re-inspired. It's like having a personal coach on the computer.

"Dream-Minder has become the most important piece of software I own. It's a resource that will help you live a more successful and meaningful life... When I discovered it all I could say after the first time I used it was, "WOW!" It helped me become very centered, powerfully focused and deeply in touch with my purpose. I recommend you check this out for yourself. Best to you, Dan."

Daniel W. Lamont - Success Coach www.SuccessDesign.com

"Loved it from the very moment I started using it. The music, quotes, the pictures, the entire creative format are brilliant. It's been helpful in so many ways in my life. I use it daily and sometimes a few times a day. I'm most grateful to you Paul for exercising your creative energy by sharing it and inspiring others with such great work.

Magical (just as I wrote the word "magical" my Dream-Minder popped up and of course this brings me a smile) - things keep happening to me especially when I visualize tasks and projects as completed. So thank you, thank you, thank you! You have opened my heart and the beauty of it is that my heart remains open for longer stretches of time. One day, things just didn't seem to be going right and then I remembered from Dream-Minder: How do you handle setbacks? Well, in that moment I felt like I had a friend who was remembering me. I felt so nurtured. Somehow my problems were transforming. They weren't necessarily solved, but I felt renewed and fresh and had the feeling that I could tackle anything. I was starting on new ground and I felt magnificent! And this was all because I had been associating with the right energy sources in Dream-Minder."

Thank you, Sincerely, Nisa Ryan - October 7th, 2000

Paul, I want to tell you what Dream minder does for me. When I first put in the software and being a total newcomer to computers, I really didn't know what to expect.The dream guide started, I found the maximize button and turned up the volume and just stopped , getting present to the beautiful images and ambient music of the opening sequence. I felt as though something important was happening as the software guided me through a self evaluation.

I started to listen to my own thoughts and dreams and hopes and I felt tears come into my eyes at the beauty of my heart opening and coming home to my Self. You have created something so magical Paul, that can be so powerful that it moved me to tears.

I saw how I've forgotten parts of myself and given up on what I'd really love in life. I felt both sad at how I've limited myself and excited at getting real and seeing what's possible.Your software can create Miracles in peoples lives and I'm sure it does!

I use Dream minder everyday now and Dream guide weekly and whenever I take the time to really focus on the programme, I access this special feeling again. It's completely amazing!

Berni Woods - London, England

For me, discovering www.dreamsalive.com and investing in Dream-Minder, have proved to be two wonderful positive developments for early 2001! On one level, Dream-Minder is a great software tool to help you develop the kind of life you want - and you can think of it like that if you want, but you'll miss the best it has to offer. 

At a deeper level, it's more, much more than that - as I'm discovering daily. Using Dream-Minder is simply a delight; an inspiration; a jewelled box of personal treasure containing new gifts that you can discover every day; a wonderful simple tool that really does help me get out of my own way - often: I push and Dream-Minder pulls me back - and usually just in time; a guaranteed 'smile generator' - and the world definitely needs more of those ...

After only using Dream-Minder for about a week, I'm already thinking more clearly, making better choices, organizing my time better, slowing down while getting more done, and beginning to reclaim my life - and yes, steadily - step-by-step - moving towards my dreams. It's a great partnership and a welcome change; the ongoing day-to-day challenge of course though is to remain true to myself throughout.

- Brian Austin MISTC
North Yorkshire, England.

Dear Paul,

The Dream-Minder software has been an incredible help to me. It continually reminds me of my dreams and goals and keeps them in front of me. If I am busy I can easily turn the program off or hit the timer which will bring it back to me a little later. Often, I take just a moment to write down a couple of thoughts to go in my journal or in my lists of dreams and goals. Sometimes I can’t write anything and it is okay. Then next time, I have a couple of minutes and I can make a little progress toward my dream.

It is wonderful! Another aspect I really enjoy is that the Dream-Minder software puts together questions using my dreams, goals, talents and values in unique ways that opens up new ideas and possibilities for me. Bottom line is that this exciting software keeps me in the stream of my passion and dreams. I love it. It is far more valuable than the price I paid for it. I am looking forward with great anticipation to your next upgrade with even more ideas. Thank you. To Your Dream,

Bill Godwin, Lilburn, Georgia

This software program stands out among all others for creating a sense of the spiritual while you are working! I use it every day to help remind me of my dreams, goals, values and talents, and to inspire me to look within when going about my day. Highly recommended!

- Brett Simpson, www.thedreamtime.com

Dream Minder is, in my opinion, the best software program on the market today. This ingenious program helps you get in touch with your Life's Dream and helps you with the day to day process of energizing it to become real. Using Dream Minder on a daily basis helps me to live my life with the purpose of which I believe it was intended!

- Glen Hopkins - www.motivational-messages.com

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