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Discover unique ideas on personal growth, personal development, spirituality, life enhancement, and how to LIVE your Life's Dreams! At Dreams Alive, Our mission revolves around the knowing that If you can Dream it, you can Live it! Our commitment to you is to help you unlock your hidden potential and live the life that you truly desire. 

A personal note from Paul Bauer, Author of Dream-Minder and The Secrets of Creating Your Life's Dreams

Dear Fellow Dreamer and Visionary,

You have capacities and talents within you that can change your life, alter your destiny, and make this world a better place to live for our children. How do I know this? Because every person comes into this life with a purpose and unique tools to accomplish that purpose. It's not a question of "Do you have these talents and capacities within you?", it's a question of how you choose to notice them and use them to create your destiny and truly LIVE your LIFE's Dreams (NOT JUST GOALS).

The key, my friend, is a willingness to look within yourself and find your brightness - your special qualities - and put them to good use day to day. There's an old proverb that says:

"Even the longest journey begins with the first step"

I challenge you to make today a turning point, a defining moment in your life.

If you allow the brilliance and genius within you to spring forth, your life will take on new meaning and impact - for yourself and for your world. If you've read this far, my friend, you're ready to re-discover your truth and the REAL you.

As the Sage Goethe once said,

"Begin it now"


Paul Bauer, Dreams Alive International

How do I begin?

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As you move in the direction of your Dreams and goals, we wish you all the success you deserve. The key to your journey is to nurture your Dreams and allow them to flourish.

Best Regards,

Paul Bauer
Author of
Dream-Minder - Software That Frees Your Mind and Lifts Your Spirit
President, Dreams Alive International

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