The 11:11 Turning Point and The Secrets
of Effortless Creation

Susan Castle
Author of The Essence Method and The Mind-Heart Integration

Join Susan and Paul as
they discuss how you can
be part of the new wave
of Heart consciousness

Paul Bauer 
Author of Clear-Mind, Effortless Manifesting And Infinite Abundance Seminars

Part 1
Part 2
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- Part 2
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Here's some of what you'll learn in this free Audio:

  • How to be at the leading edge of the new revolution of consciousness that is sweeping the planet (there's a simple way for you to access this advanced wisdom and use it in your everyday life)

  • How to escape the trap of the "Not Enough" Effect and create lasting abundance in all areas of your life

  • How you can be part of the powerful upcoming Hawaii event with Susan, Paul and and a Sacred Hawaiian Kahuna

  • The new Master Blueprint of the Divine Human and what this new state of being means for you and your loved ones (this new blueprint affects your DNA, your level of consciousness, your health and literally every part of your life)

  • How and why you must be prepared for the coming changes that have already begun on this planet. (many people will fall even deeper into their old patterns without the right kind of preparation and we'll share exactly what you'll need to move beyond the "old" world and thrive in the new)

  • The Secrets of what the Hawaiian Kahunas know about Manafesting (and why MANA is the vital ingredient in getting what you want with ease)

  • Discover the golden key that unlocks the hidden power trapped in your DNA so you can naturally create more wealth, radiant health and vibrant energy - even if you think it's impossible

  • How to free yourself from the unconscious fears about money, health and love and how they affect your confidence and esteem

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