"How to End Your Worries of "Enough"
and Step Into The Amazing New
Paradigm Of Abundance..."

(...and clear years of frustration and limiting beliefs so you can
create what you want consistently with passion)

From: Paul Bauer and Susan Castle

Dear Friend,

If you're ready to completely transform the way you look at life and dramatically shift the results you experience, then this letter will be the most important one you've ever read.

A bold statement perhaps?

As you read more about this powerful new method, you'll begin to feel the feelings of awe, joy and wonder within yourself when you realize just how far it can take you...

Are You Ready For A Quantum Leap In Your Prosperity And Abundance?

Right now, you're on the verge of an amazing discovery. But you won't find this new discovery in the places you normally look. It's not in a book. It's not in a method. In fact, it's not "out there" somewhere.

Because it's within you...

For most people it's hidden away in a place that's almost impossible to find.

I know how you feel - before I even became aware of it, I struggled to get ahead and kept wondering what I was doing wrong. But something happened in me years ago, that changed everything.

And I want to share that breakthrough with you today...

If you're ready to discover this new breakthrough, it will completely change the way you look at not just your money and finances, but how you feel in each major part of your life.

Your Health
Your Career
Your Relationships
Your Spiritual Life
Your Creativity

Skeptical? - That's Good...

Underneath that skepticism is an amazing amount of energy and power just waiting to be tapped... and it's right at your fingertips. I'll show you how to uncover this amazing reservoir of energy and wisdom within you to create what your Heart longs for.

And it's easier than you think...

I'd like to share something called Abundance Point - and how it can help you blast through any barrier you have in your life - so you can live with clarity, focus and abundance that lasts...

What is Abundance Point?

In short, Abundance Point is a way of being...

It's an experience of profound inner peace - and living in the Present Moment.

Right now, there's a part of you that knows exactly what it feels like - and we'll show you how to tap into this higher part of you so you can experience abundance and clarity in literally every part of your life.

We've perfected a powerful new method that you can use anywhere - anytime to get clarity and clear any block that's been holding you back from realizing your goals and dreams.

It's called the Abundance Point Method - and it will transform your entire life.

1) The Abundance Point Method is a revolutionary new process that helps you clear even years of old negative programming of separation, scarcity and feelings of "Not Enough".

2) With this powerful method, each time you do the simple 7 minute process that we'll teach you, you increase your manifesting power dramatically.

Even if you've tried other methods of clearing, the Abundance Point Method helps you get deeper (and longer lasting results) because it helps you get to the the ROOT of the issue (not just the symptom).

You'll smile with joy each time you use this amazing new method and notice how it applies to literally every part of your life.

The 'Old Way'
and The "False Premise"

Almost all manifesting programs are designed around one false premise. And this false premise is what causes so much confusion and heartache for so many people.

What's the false premise?

That you have to "attract" something in order to have it. (this false belief is based on an even deeper false premise - that you are separate from the very thing you want most.) This feeling (and belief in separation) has been handed down for centuries - unquestioned by the masses.

And the result...?

Even when people "attract" want they want, they end up wanting "more" and the cycle continues over and over again - wanting and getting, wanting and getting, etc.

The New Paradigm

There is however a new and completely different paradigm or way of thinking (and feeling) that is beginning to sweep over the planet. This new paradigm is the Abundance Paradigm.

Here's what this new Abundance Paradigm is all about:

  • A deep connection and knowing that's there's more than enough for you and your loved ones

  • An unshakeable sense and a knowing that you are on the right path and that your intent is already on its way to you (because it's within you)

  • You feel a profound sense of contribution to mankind and the planet because your "cup is full" and the days of worrying about having (or being) enough are over

In short, this new paradigm is within you right now as you read this. You don't need to try to "attract more" because what you want is here right now - within you.

Remember, the old model is about what you want being outside of you (love, money, recognition, security, etc). That model is outdated and won't give you the results you're looking for.

As you look at the image above, you'll notice there's a "gap" between where you're at now, and where you want to be. Normally that gap is the cause of any pain or frustration you feel in your life.


The Abundance Point Course will help you minimize this gap (between where you are now and where you want to be) and help you dissolve any negative energy you now experience into feelings of joy, gratefulness and awe.

How can it help you?

The Abundance Point Method helps you:

  • Increase your confidence and self esteem
  • Gives you a new sense of clarity and focus
  • Free up your creativity and ability to create new ideas
  • Enhance your energy and ability to move the way you want
  • Clarifies your intent and your ability to create what you want most
  • Dramatically increase your manifesting skills by 100%-200% (and beyond)
  • Clears and strengthens your neural pathways in your brain and your entire energy system
  • End your worries about money, finances and having enough (even if you've tried literally every method to end the "Not Enough" Effect.

"Paul's System will be a breakthrough of epic proportions in your life"

"If you are serious about getting off the "treadmill" of life and want to create wealth in all aspects (material and spiritual), Paul's System will be a breakthrough of epic proportions in your life.

Paul's revolutionary System will help you eliminate any old blocks that have held you back in life and help you turn your "prosperity switch" back on to attract what you want most. My highest recommendation!

John Assaraf
New York Times and Wall Street Journal
Bestselling Author, Speaker, Entrepreneur

How is it different from what
I've tried before??

Great question...

This is not old re-hashed versions of "how to get more", "law" of attraction or other ways to "trick" the universe into creating what you want.

Let's be clear about one thing...

What you want already exists within you.

You don't need to "attract" anything or "re-invent" yourself. If you've tried the other methods and have a gut feeling that "something wasn't quite right", then you're on the right path...

Your feelings are trying to tell you something...!!!

"Abundance Point has been phenomenal for me"

"Abundance Point has been phenomenal for me. Work, personal finances etc had been a mess. I've had Real concrete changes within 48 hours.

The real joy is the sense of control and the ability to act positively. Most LOA stuff does not does this for you. This does. The Abundance Point process itself gives a phenomenal sense of control and empowerment since you can do it whenever you need from a place of intent and power, even if there is conflict around that. This alone has been amazing for me."

~ Cam Johnson - Ottawa, Canada

"My earnings have more than quadrupled..."

"I have had an immense leap forward in my abundance area of work and life in general. My earnings have more than quadrupled and I am enjoying many exciting opportunities with my work and ability to help other people.

...Paul's guidance has been of singular and specific benefit to me in being able to work daily on my beliefs and aspirations with great effect. "

Paul Samuels, Brisbane Australia

"An incredible experience - More than what I hoped for"

"When I did the Abundance Point Process, I thought I was going to get a solution to my problem. But what happened amazed me.
I got back so much more. An incredible experience. I can see how this process could be useful in every part of your life. When you use this method, you'll get ideas and insights you've never even thought of...!"

Cynthia Mernone, Lawrenceville, New Jersey

In the powerful Abundance Point Course, here's what you'll learn:

  • Discover the power of the new "Abundance Point" Method and how it can help you accelerate your manifesting results and clear years of limiting beliefs

  • Learn how to detect and clear "lacunas"- the "Black holes of the mind". When you learn how to detect them (and clear them) you'll be amazed at the insights, energy and clarity you'll have

  • How to create new empowering neural pathways in your brain and body that strengthen your clarity and focus and give you energy that lasts

  • How to move beyond the limits of the "law" of attraction and discover a far greater power to create true abundance, deep and lasting love, radiant health and youthful energy (and yes even money if you choose - but don't stop there!)

  • Learn how you can become immune to the economic ups and downs (and stay grounded in the Present Moment)

  • How your greatest pain can become your greatest gift - and how the energy hidden within each and every problem that will set you free when you discover this amazing secret

  • How to use every failure and setback to re-ignite your passions and focus and inspire you to move forward

  • How to identify your hidden subconscious beliefs that prevent you from realizing your most treasured goals and dreams and clear these beliefs for good so you can create what you want most in your life

"If you get even a tenth of the results that I got, you've got great value for your money ..."

"The greatest value for me was in the ability to clear blockages what Paul Bauer calls a "Prosperity Reversal". You know how sometimes you just don't get the results you want, even though you try& try & try. You know you want it. You know you deserve it. But somehow you always seem to miss out. Something always goes wrong. Well, you have a blockage. And the Paul's program provides an incredible method for clearing those blockages within minutes.

I was a little skeptical originally, but comforted by the money back guarantee, and the fact that Paul was easily contactable by email (and did reply VERY promptly to answer my query)

This program has worked for me, and I believe it can work for anyone. I'm going to use it for life. Have a look at the website. And I'd love to hear what results you get. If you get even a tenth of the results that I got, you've got great value for your money."

Lance Beggs, Brisbane Australia

Susan Castle
Author of The Essence Method and The Mind-Heart Integration

Join Susan and Paul as they share this amazing new Abundance
Point method...

Paul Bauer 
Author of Dream-Minder, The Secrets of Manifesting And Infinite Abundance Seminars

"I highly recommend any course by Paul"

"I have attended many "mind-based" self-improvement workshops, which were beneficial to my personal growth; however, I found Paul's heart-consciousness approach to personal transformation to be far more empowering and effective. I use the tools I learned from Paul on a daily basis and my life has become much more peaceful, fulfilling, and prosperous. He does an outstanding job of blending the teachings of the masters into easy to learn methods of personal transformation. And, Paul always over-delivers."

Kenny Brinson, Tampa, Florida

Here's what you get with The Abundance Point Course:

  • 3 powerful Modules with Paul and Susan where they will take you step by step through the Abundance Point Method and how to maximize your results literally every part of your life

  • Full MP3 recordings of each Module so you can revisit your powerful learnings anytime and stay focused on what's most important to you in your life

  • A complete downloadable PDF of all the course materials and transcripts of each Tele-Training

  • Weekly Study guides that will outline the specific skills taught each week

  • One Live 90 minute Q & A Coaching Session with Susan and Paul to answer your specific questions, and make sure you're getting the most benefit from the program

Here's What You'll Learn In Each Module...

Module 1 - The Powerful New Abundance Point Method
(with specific details how to use it in your everyday life)

  • The discovery of Abundance Point and how it helps break through virtually any prosperity block because it embraces the mind and any part that's been "sabotaging" your success
  • How to step into the energy of what it feels like to already have your desire. (This powerful exercise will amaze you)
  • How to let go of old beliefs and limitations that have been holding you back

Module 2 - How To Apply the Abundance Point Method In Every Part
Of Your Life

  • The simplest way to create your day with joy and energy that lasts (using a very simple but powerful "Daily Ritual" that people have used for centuries to create results)
  • How to tap into the power of your Higher Self and activate vast new frontiers of your inner power
  • How to Live from Your Higher Self with Clarity, Focus and Present Moment Awareness
Imagine feeling connected, grounded and in the flow consistently throughout your day and noticing that the old things that used to "stress you out" now just bounce off of you like water off a duck's back. I'll show you how to live fully in the NOW like Eckart Tolle talks about and how to stay fully present - no matter how much stress or tricks your mind tries to play on you.

When you master this incredible skill, your life will take on a level of deep inner peace and happiness that most people never even imagine.

Module 3: How to Clear Any Block That Stands in Your Way

Here's one of the real jewels of this course.

In this module, you'll learn how to discover and clear literally anything that stops you from having and being what you want most. The process that you'll learn to do this is something I use everyday and EVERY person that I've taught it to has had incredible results (even when other clearing methods have failed)

Once you've learned this simple process, nothing will drain your energy any longer - and anxieties, worries and doubts will simply melt away.

Plus - Special LIVE Q&A Coaching Session with Paul and Susan

In this Live Q&A Coaching Session, you'll get all your questions answered about how to get the most out of the Abundance Point Method in every part of your life.

This special Coaching Session gives you focus and clarity and the gift of the Mastermind Principle" - where your classmates ask questions you haven't thought of. This LIVE Coaching Session will be recorded (like every module of the Course.)

Special Bonuses When You Order Today

Bonus #1 - The "Create My Ideal Day" Process

When you order now
you'll also receive a special new training that will teach you how to optimize your day with the new "Create My Ideal Day" Process. (worth $97.00)

We've shared this only with our live retreat attendees and Inner Circle students and they've told us its one of the most effective tools they've ever used. The key to this amazing process is it helps you simplify your day and give you the energy and feeling of knowing the clear direction of each day as you awake.

It includes:

The Vision Planner™
The Life Map Process™

Plus a full audio and video training on how use these powerful tools to wake up with energy, focus and a feeling of clarity and confidence. With this powerful "Create My Ideal Day" Process, your manifesting skills and results will take off like a rocket.

Bonus #2 - How To Attract Your Soulmate (and Enhance the Love You Already Have
) (worth 49.00)

This special module is created by Heart Expert Susan Castle. She'll teach you how to tap into the power of your own Divine Heart and let yourself feel a sense of love that gives you tingles all over. You'll feel joy and acceptance beyond what your mind can imagine. (and it's easier than you think).
New Bonus - Just Added...

Bonus #3 - How to Clear Prosperity Reversal (worth over $49.00)

Prosperity Reversal is the #1 cause of all money and financial issues. But it goes even deeper. It also affects your own self-worth.

You'll learn a simple but very powerful method that clears Prosperity Reversal in just minutes (yes - you read right). And after you've learned this powerful method, you can apply it in every aspect of your life where you feel stuck or where energy, creativity, abundance or even love isn't flowing the way you want.

This single bonus is worth your modest investment in the Abundance Point Course.

Begin Today for just $33.00

We're so convinced that this course will be the breakthrough you're looking for, that we've created a special Easy Pay Program that allows you to start for just $33.00.

We’ll give you a generous 3-month payment plan of only $33/month for the next 3 months. You’ll get immediate online access to the entire program so you won’t miss a single Module PLUS, you’ll still get the 2 special bonuses.

Begin today for just $33.00

Paul and Susan

You have our personal promise
that the Abundance Point Course will be one of the most powerful programs you've ever experienced - or your money back.

Why wait even one more day to tap into your Manifesting Power?

Order the Abundance Point Course Now
and begin to realize the incredible power within you...


Our personal guarantee

You have a FULL 30 days to try the Abundance Point Course. You'll see for yourself that it helps you clear your prosperity and abundance blocks. You'll also learn how to accelerate your abundance and manifesting skills or your money back.


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