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from people across the world...

"Its the best course I have ever taken. I would recommed it to anyone."

"I am much more calm now, I can relax in a heatbeat after the sessions with you. I had it firmly planted in my mind that "there is no way that I can manifest what I want". I do not have this feeling any longer. I think for me I now know that with practice I can bring about what I want in life.

Its the best course I have ever taken. I would recommed it to anyone. In fact I have a friend that is going to come on your next seminar due to what I have told him. The mind heart (process) probably stands out for me. I have now burned everything to CD's so I can sit down & really absorb everything. Looking forward to your next course!!!!

~ Roberta Ludlow, Blanco, TX

"I stand in total amazement at the difference it has made.

This course has made such a substantial difference it's hard for me to express what a change it has made for me. I have discovered beliefs that have held me back my entire life. I was certain with every fiber of my being that I was to learn through Paul Bauer and I can't express my gratitude enough for what he has given me. I was ready and the teacher appeared!

Through the LBDP (Limiting Belief Discovery Process)I discovered limiting behaviors by being the observer that have held me back my entire life. I now recognize I have the opportunity to tranform these beliefs. My life seemed to always be about struggle and not quite getting there in my relationships and career path. All of a sudden my business took off after starting the course and I was scared to death, heart racing etc and discovered I am afraid of my own success for various reasons of which Paul helped me clear. I stand in total amazement at the difference it has made. I recognize now about accountability for the experiences in my life and taking ownership of it. Thank you...

I realize now that I am the source for all abundance - I don't need to be afraid of responsibility and having too many clients in my business. I really got about "What you "resist", "persists"! It never occured to me to lovingly accept those parts of myself that I've worked so hard on getting rid of!

The major challenge that I was able to overcome by taking this E-Course is
I have not for years beem able to see my little "child". It was through this course that she showed up and how she impacts my life today. I can now lovingly embrace her and take her into the folds of my spiritual path and life journey.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone, especially someone who feels they've taken them all but still find themselves searching. I was glued to every piece of it! All of it!

The Specific results that I attribute to attending this E-Course are:

Increased business
Enhanced personal relationship with my husband
An unbelievable sense of quiet and calm inside where I have always felt an extreme nervousness ever since I can remember.

If you're ready to have a full understanding of how you can get closer to the "real" and "authentic"you. This is the place.

~ Connie Jackson, Duffiled, Alberta Canada

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The course is delicious, I’m using it a lot, though have less time as my business is picking up! And I’m getting stuff done smoothly that has been on my list for ages. I hold your course responsible! And me of course.

Love & light to you and your beautiful work,

Rosemary Hirst, New South Wales, Australia

This course was exactly "the right thing at the right time" for me that helped pull together many different strands of learning that I needed to find a way to make work together for me.
Since this is such a seamless continuum for me from all the other work that I have been doing in the past half a year, it just seems like a very natural evolution. It did help me to approach some issues that were too scary to encounter on my own.I gained new clarity on the depth of the emotional patterns that were acting as roadblocks in my previous efforts.

I was able to pinpoint one crucial deep emotional fear which made all the other work not very effective. Knowing what it was allowed me to bring it in to work on with my healer who helped me to further clarify and clear the issue. The discovery work during the course allowed us to go right to the core of my blockages.

This is a great concise summary of necessary inner work for everyone - very to the point with a great set of tools. Good presentation of lots of big issues in a way that makes them very accessible even to those who are not into deep esoteric stuff. Hearing others directly on the line facing their challenges and achieving emotional breakthroughs and the courage it took to bring those in front of the group.

What specific results can Iattribute to attending this E-Course?
Letting go of the burdens of many fears and tensions, becoming lighter and more positive, allowing myself to let go more. Looking forward to the transcripts and future availability of Clear-Mind™ to get copies for friends and family.

~ Alexandra Isaievych, Los Angeles, CA

"...while I was listening to the audio, I was able to 'see' or 'get it' when I realized I didn't have to try to make things happen

"I am much more aware of my feelings throughout the day. About the second or third class while I was listening to the audio, I was able to 'see' or 'get it' when I realized I didn't have to try to make things happen. I experienced peace realizing the feeling of NOT manifesting my want. I enjoyed listening to the class audios which I had to listen after the fact since I couldn't tune in real time. I thought you were extremely thorough in covering all angles of the process of manifesting.

~ Mary Sergiacomi, Clemmons, North Carolina

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"Your class is the most important class I've ever taken."

Your class is the most important class I've ever taken. Yes, I did a variant of the Silva method, and Avatar, and many others, and I learned a lot from all of them, and they are all useful. However, you explain this even more simply than what I got in my Huna training... The immediate result of your course is that I feel a peace that is truly deep- the peace of knowing that there is enough for everyone, that the Universe is a friendly place, and that when I am centered, there is no reason to worry. That alone was worth the price of the course.

Your course deals with intentions, belief systems, and manifestation, and is thus very high order. I busted through some blocks recently. However, I took it because I have heard your calls before, and figured you wouldn't do something like this unless you were doing it right. I like the Silva method, and Avatar, and Huna, and all the other stuff I've studied. Ultimately they all teach the same thing, taught in their own unique way. Somehow I didn't "get it" all the way. Maybe that's just me, maybe it was my time to "get it" when I was listening to your course. I do very much want to have a summary of your ideas in say an hour, on a CD or two, so I can listen and get to the point where your ideas are second nature. I found that getting rid of secondary intentions was greatly sped up by what I learned from your course. I woke up at 2 AM this morning, joyfully setting intentions, and watching the fireworks as they "took".

~ Michael P., Granby, CT


"I have taken part in other workshops and your material is so much deeper and coming from a much more profound understanding of how the universe works."

"Dear Paul, I am on your manifesting course although I have to wait for the download because I live in Japan and it is not possible to listen to the actual calls. I just wanted to let you know how excited I am about the material you are sharing and teaching. I have taken part in other workshops and your material is so much deeper and coming from a much more profound understanding of how the universe works."

Thank you,
Robin Kaye, Japan

"This was a most enjoyable, educational and possibly a very significant life experience.

This was a most enjoyable, educational and possibly a very significant life experience. I have put in my book to check back with myself, at various future intervals, my feelings and intents, and to assure my continued detailed attention to the techniques that I have learned. Thank you. I would like to give the CD version as a gift. When and how will it be available?

Byron Bailey - San Diego, CA

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"Clear Mind is fabulous. I can now go into a deeper meditation which I was previously unable to do."

The specific benefits have you experienced from the E-Course are (So far), more relaxed, less moody. Being able to handle a stressful situation. Clear Mind is fabulous. I can now go into a deeper meditation which I was previously unable to do.
By the way Paul, will you be selling Clear Mind to the public at all?

A new clarity I have from taking this E-Course is that I don't have to try and fix things including myself. To align with Spirit work through me.That was my biggest reason for doing this course.

A major challenge I was able to overcome by taking this E-Course is Moodiness and anger. PMP is helping me through these. I love it.

I have already told my friends about your wonderful course. Compared to others, it's not hard work.....I tell them Paul is wonderful, and a very genuine man. This course is the best thing that I have done.

Susan Henderson, Brisbane, Australia

From Gloria in Nebraska...

"This course has changed my life in ways no other program has."

Through this course I've expereinced afeeling of calm, peace and absolute freedom from making anything happen. A mind that is very creative and ideas just popping in left and right about everything. Like lightbulbs going off every minute.

Using Clear Mind, I found what my core beliefs were that kept me from getting what I desired. I have since had many "coincidences" come into my life. I discovered how to get all my knowledge from years of studying vibrational energy into a reality. I feel that I got it all from my head to my heart. I also found that I had a fear of letting go..and didnt trust my higher power, growing up in a family of addicts and also experiencing two major deaths fairly close together. I think this was the most major for me. I can feel my whole body relaxed.

A new clarity that I received form this Course was how my own beliefs and very subtle inner self talk kept me from manifesting what i wanted into my life. Also a clearer insight into what I actually wanted instead of stuff.

One major challenge was I able to overcome by taking this E-Course was letting go of a bad relationship with no anxiety. Getting started on a healthier lifestyle with diet and excersize. A complete and deep conviction that I am able to take my company to the highest of levels, which are already occurring. The best part is with no effort. Only good thinking. Letting go of trying to control everything.!!!

This course has changed my life in ways no other program has. I felt it was as though God directed me to it. I have studied Silva, Sedona and all the great teachers and I can honestly say ..this was the wisdom I needed to get it. I would tell anyone there life will absolutely be changed in every way and it was not even hard.

My favorite part of the E-Course? Clear mind and exactly how to use it. Also PMP and the heart and mind connection was very powerful to me. I would say I was in complete awe from day one. I have attracted two unbelievable managers that came to me during this time and accepted the job. Being able to let go of a bad relationship that was going no where, with little anxiety. Unbelievable results in my relationships with mother, daughter, son, employees. And a committment to a healthier diet and excersize program that I couldnt get a grip on due to anxiety. Finding a picture for my office that I have been looking for ..for months. Customers that are happy and excited to be a part of my business. A very close relationship to my inner self and God.

I feel the most gratitude in the world for this course and you Paul and Susan. I think that you have the power to change the world with your insights and also your amazing ability to deliver this message in the most clear, understandable way I could imagine. I will never forget this lesson and what a gift it was to me, I have searched and have a library of books and this did it.

~ Gloria Bonella, Elkhorn, Nebraska

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"I have never experienced the inner peace I have now."

I am a Realtor and for the last few months, I was getting no business at all. Since I began your course, I have had several people call me regarding listing and selling their home. In addition, I have never experienced the inner peace I have now. I also used to not want to do things that I didn't like in my business and I would put off doing the things I didn't like to do. Now I get up in the morning about 4:30 or 5:00 am and get right to work. I work till 8am and break for breakfast and my daily exercise program. I am having no difficulty in prioritizing my work and get going on the most urgent and important. 180 degree difference! I was doing some work with (name of program withheld) in CA and spent about $1,000 with her and got nowhere. I owe you a lot my friend. If you ever need a friend, just whistle!

Dick Lee - Grand Rapids, MI

"Having hope everyday and not despair is an amazing gift for me"

One of the biggest insights to myself and my life was I that I realized that all these years of living in pain and fear, that I have a choice in every present moment to feel peace and love. That no matter what has happened in the past or what will happen in the future, THIS MOMENT and what I feel now will create the next. Feeling pain and fear has created more in my life and my clarity is that I have a choice and can choose peace and love for this moment. WHAT AN AMAZING & PEACEFUL FEELING THAT IS!

I have been able to become aware a lot negative thoughts, beliefs and actions that kept me living my life in pain and sadness and never living the life I really wanted. I am now beginning to feel every day that there is HOPE for staying connected to myself/source and living the life I was meant to live. Having hope everyday and not despair is an amazing gift for me. It is something that I have not felt before this course and was a big challenge in my life. This course helped me connect to that hope and have given me hope for my life.

~ Karen Makey

"In order for me to learn and remember something, I need to see, hear and do what I am being taught. The course did all three"

My favorite part of the "Secrets of Manifesting" E-Course was
I liked being able to participate in the new techniques as we went along. I also thought the question and answer time was very informative. In order for me to learn and remember something, I need to see, hear and do what I am being taught. The course did all three. (the pre-course papers, the listening to the taped course and the participation of how to do the new tools.) I looked forward to listening to each class and I'm sorry the class had to come to an end. I feel I am missing a (new) old friend. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and tools with us. I now have a better way of living in this world, thanks to you.

~ Patricia Bright, Omaha, NE

I feel a "peaceness" about my life now. I discovered new strengths and how to use them. Most of all I have experienced a deeper connection to God than I ever have in my entire life. I feel as though I am able to conect to God throughout my day no matter what is "going on". I have become an amazing observer of my life... and it is so much fun! The Mind-Heart process is also a great tool I will use for the rest of my life.

I never understood what I was doing or wasn't doing in my manifestation process and why I often did not get the results that I was looking for. This type of thinking was exactally the problem. I was always "manifesting" and then looking around saying..."ok where is it?" Now I relish in the feeling of already having it and even more than that I accept that I am ready for all the resposibilities that come with greatest manifestations of my imagination.

I've changed my attitude and my out-look on life and on other people's lives. This course is the most wonderful and amazing experience you will every have. Clear mind was my favorite. Clear mind makes meditating easy. I feel so new and refreshed after listening to clear mind, I love it. From attending the course I feel a closer connection with other people of the world. I have more respect and a deeper understanding for all the people in my life and of 'strangers'.

~ Marlo Brewitz, St. Paul, MN

"All I can say is "WOW" about the mind-heart integration exercise."

Hello Paul,

I wanted to let you know that I have just listened to Susan's mind-heart integration exercise from the Class 3 download (as I haven't been able to listen live). I am filled with gratitude that you've put on this series of classes and that I decided to sign up. All I can say is "WOW" about the mind-heart integration exercise. I have absolutely enjoyed every bit of this course so far and I really connected with this particular exercise.

My experience was a vision of when I was 6 and afraid of when I asked the child what she was afraid of - she said "Monsters" and then I remembered when I was little - I would frequently wake up in the middle of the night scared of monsters in my closet and I would call out in the middle of the night for Mum or Dad to come rescue me. The result was that either no one would or if someone did come to my room - they would yell at me in a very threatening way particularly my Dad) to go back to sleep. So, I had to somehow comfort myself from my fears - it made me feel alone and like I had to do it all myself and no one was there to help me.

This is definitely a theme that has played itself out throughout my life. I balled my eyes out during this process and felt a really deep connection with my little self and gratitude in my heart. And, what amazed me about it is that it only took about 10 minutes! I loved it and will definitely integrate this exercise into my regular routine. I have been on the personal healing quest for quite a few years - I've learned EFT, TAT, meditation, visualization, positive thinking, affirmations, etc, etc. and this technique is the most impactful that I have ever encountered.

I also received clear mind yesterday (I live in Canada) and listened to it for the first time today - I really love the sound of the ocean waves. I have another CD similar to Clear Mind but with the sound of rain and I find that I feel sad when I listen to it for some reason. With clear mind - I feel peace. Again, thank you so much for sharing these techniques, your wisdom and your time and please give Susan a big hug for me!

Laura Whitelaw, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

"...You (and Susan) found a way through my tough shell and reached a heart that has been waiting to come out and show itself to others. I just wanted you to know this, and to say THANK YOU in writing. "

Hi Paul -

After last nights session, I reread the email you sent to me last week and this question stood out. (See below) I'm not sure why, but I could hardly read the email last week. I guess I was a little afraid - and now I understand why. It was unfamiliar for me to allow your help and kindness into my life. So therefore, the answer is NO, I don't allow love into my life (or at least often enough) and YES, I do (DID) feel like I have (HAD) to earn it. Honestly, Paul, I'm not easily convinced or persuaded to think a different way. Yet, you (and Susan) found a way through my tough shell and reached a heart that has been waiting to come out and show itself to others. I just wanted you to know this, and to say THANK YOU in writing.

I've also been saying thank you (silently) over the phone during each session. I'm so happy that I took your class, and this is coming from someone that has been in denial that burning and cutting is NOT being an acceptable behavior. I've also been in therapy for 2 1/2 years, which has been helpful. Yet without your class I'm not sure I could have put all of what I'm been told by my therapist in it's place. Finally, I feel there will be an end to the vicious circle that I'm been in.


Jane Tompkins, Fairway, KS

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"The "Secrets of Manifesting" ECourse will truly change your life in ways that really matter."

From Barbara

I am now experiencing a greater sense of calm & peace, knowing without any doubt that everything that I desire is mine.
I am now able to really go deep inside & find the limiting beliefs that have been holding me back. When I do slip a bit, the PMP process brings things back into clarity that I really had not had prior to this course. I am now able to uncover the reasons that things had not been working so great before. I am better able to let go of the outcome & not worry so much about the when.

The major challenge In was able to overcome by taking this E-Course was
being able to relax into the moment & let go. Also am now being able to uncover the beliefs that were blocking my progress. The "Secrets of Manifesting" ECourse will truly change your life in ways that really matter. This course is a must do for anyone who truly wants to find the way to a happier, calmer, more fulfilled life of abundance in every way.

Clear Mind with the PMP, and LBDP processes were my favorite parts of the course. I love that this is an ongoing process. I see many things happening that just were not before. Knowing that this will only get better and better is amazing. I am using this in so many ways that I didn't even know existed before! Thank you a million times over!!!! I am so happy to know you and Susan.

~ Barbara C., Weatherford, TX

"This may be the best investment I have ever made."

All the various methods of calming down and getting present have helped me throughout my day. Especially PMP. Clearmind has also been great. I really look forward to using it daily. A breakthrough I experienced was I was able to connect with myself at age six and found a very scared and lonely boy I was able to comfort and start the healing.
A new clarity that I have from taking this E-Course is that abundance is a feeling first. That I am abundant regardless of outside circumstance. This one is still just in my head and moving toward my heart. Also that I can heal anything within me. I guess the major challenge is to feel abundant regardless of outside circumstance. What would I tell a friend about this E-Course? - Take it. Great course.

My favorite part of the E-Course was Clear-Mind and connecting with myself at different ages and clearing the hurt. I am calmer and feel more confident about myself and my abilities. Also my income went up about 30% while this course was going on. I work as a cab driver and track my numbers daily so I can tell the actual number. Also even though I would like to move myself toward somthing else with my life The awareness that it's just what I do, not who I am.

Thank You... The sincerity and caring for all of us in the class just radiated from both of you. This may be the best investment I have ever made.

~ Dan Bernier, Rocky River, OH

I experienced the ability to relax and accept myself exactly as I am, problem or challenge notwithstanding, from moment to moment. Each moment I am in that state leads to more just like it.

One of my breakthroughs that I experienced was that my problems and challenges do not define me and that my ability to love and accept myself is not based on what is happening (or not) in my life at the present time. Because of this E-Course, I now realize that when I am relaxed and self-accepting, perceived problems and challenges are either non-issues or are easily resolved. I am still in the process clearing some of my my major challenges, but it's definitely gotten easier, and they no longer "stop me in my tracks". This course is a great way to connect with yourself and with Spirit.

My favorite part of the E-Course was the Mind-Heart Integration Technique. It was a powerful way to reclaim all of myself, even parts of me I had neglected, ignored, or tried to dissociate from.

I was recently able to address personal attacks (verbal, not physical). Two persons who don't know me at all, and one I felt knew me well, called my intentions and ethics into question. I was able to employ what I call "loving logic" to accept their viewpoints without agreeing with them. Even more importantly, I "bounced back" quickly in terms of my own feelings about myself. In the past I would have internalized those attacks and allowed them to reinforce negative feelings about myself. I found the E-course extremely helpful and I'm grateful to all the participants who shared their personal experiences, and allowed me to take part in their learning processes.

~ Dona Murphy, Lake Bluff , IL

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