Secrets of Manifesting
"Sneak Peek" Preview Call

with Paul Bauer

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Part 1 - 48 minutes

Part 2 - 51 minutes

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Here's some of what you'll learn on this special "Sneak Preview" call:

In just the first 15 minutes you'll learn

  • How the "restless mind syndrome" will cancel even your best intentions. (no matter how hard you intend, set goals, or strive to get ahead)

    In fact, many people don't even realize that the "restless mind" is a prime cause of many of today's health problems.
    Why? Because the "over active-mind" keeps repeating the same old thoughts - over and over again...

    And if those thoughts are ones like:

    "I dont have enough"
    "I have to work harder to get ahead"
    "I feel cutoff from (spouse, parent, siblings, friends, or life itself)"

    These thoughts (and the feelings that they create) are "catabolic" (life depleting) and will literally drain your life force from your body and your energy system.

  • What’s the single greatest reason why we get stuck?
    (Page 14)

  • What would your life be like if you were completely free of your biggest problem? (19:01 minute mark)

  • What's the secret of the Origin Thought™ - and how does it end up controlling your everyday actions and results?

  • What specific energy prevents healing (and manifesting)?
    (37:00 minute mark)

  • How do you know if you have "NRM's" - and how do they cause suffering in your life?
That's just the first 39 minutes...

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