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Dream-Minder FAQ's
(Frequently asked questions):

How does Dream-Minder work?
How does it interact with me?
What exactly is it?
What wilI I experience?

Q. How does Dream-Minder work?

Dream-Minder does essentially three things for you:

1) It helps you "quiet" your mind. With soothing music and inspiring images of Nature, you begin to experience that feeling of deep peace and relaxation that we so often miss. In our culture of "racing to get things done", we seldom have the time to re-connect In-side ourselves... to get that feeling of calm and peace.

2) When you first use Dream-Minder, you begin using a section called Dream-Guide. Dream-Guide acts like having Socrates or a Mentor that understands YOU. Without judgement or ego, Dream-Guide asks you questions that help you get clarity on what you
already know - within you (but beyond the ego-based mind). It guides you with insightful questions that inspires your Heart and Soul, not just your Mind.

3) Dream-Guide "remembers" the answers you provide, and later will gently re-minds you of your highest Dreams, Values, Talents and Goals. (But in a way that invites growth, not forces it - like most "motivational" approaches.)

As Dream-Minder pops-up to re-mind you during your day, you're inspired to
discover, energize and realize your highest aspirations and values... in other words, what's most important to YOU.

Instead of pages and pages of ways you "should live your life", Dream-Guide helps you trust your own powerful intuition, your built in "guidance system. In essence, Dream-Guide helps you return to the place within you of genius, wonder and that feeling of "I really am OK!"  and I am free to live life on my terms.

  : - )

2) How does it interact with me?

Dream-Minder asks you key questions and calmly guides you to the place of your truth - your intuition that knows the way. With soothing music that calms your mind, and breathtaking images of Nature, you'll become more aware of what's most important to you in life and discover how you already have all the tools to live the life of your Dreams.

When your mind is stressed, you can't create the kind of results that you can when your mind is calm. Most of the world's problems occur because of our over active ego minds. Imagine a world where people of all kinds connect and honor each other when their minds are clear...

3) What exactly is Dream-Minder?

Dream-Minder is interactive software that helps you:

  • Calm your mind
  • Discover and listen to your intuition
  • Realize your Dreams, Vision, and passions in life.

By using the simple power of Nature and Music, Dream-Minder helps you re-connect with what's most important to you in your life. Like a trusted friend or Mentor, Dream-Minder assists you on your journey of self discovery and awareness of who you really are - instead what society, family or peer pressure have told you. In short, Dream-Minder helps you "tune-in" to the real you.

4) What will I experience using Dream-Minder?

You'll feel more empowered and confident. You'll experience a new sense of focus and clarity on what you really want in life and how to attract it to you. Because Dream-Minder is so easy to use, you'll begin to experience its benefits even after just one use. (But the real gift is how it helps you over time).

Many people tell me that Dream-Minder inspires a new sense of hope and direction in their lives. This hope doesn't come from following someone else's rules, this hope and inspiration comes from within you - where it's just been waiting to be tapped.

You'll discover and experience a new sense of calm; as your creativity and hidden genius open up to create results you used to only wish for . It's like being on your favorite vacation - that feeling of being truly connected again. In short, when you use Dream-Minder, you free yourself to live in the present moment, not stuck in the past or worried about the future.

This, my friend is how all genius and inner peace begins... when you allow yourself to be present in each and every moment of your life. When you choose to do so, you harness all your power and genius towards whatever you most desire in life.

This experience of deep inner happiness can only be experienced, not studied in some book or seminar - because it's not of the mind, it's of the Heart.

: - )

Many Blessings and Keep Your Dreams Alive,

Paul Bauer
Founder of Dreams Alive and creator of Dream-Minder

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