Does Lasting Prosperity Seem To Elude You?

Do you struggle with earning what you're worth?

Paul Bauer - President
of Dreams Alive

Learn The Real Reason Why
(and what you can do about
it starting today)

If you've struggled with prosperity, finances and balancing your "material" needs with your spirituality, you're not alone...

Do you find yourself grabbing for the "brass ring" day after day and even when you "seem to get it", do you still feel unfulfilled?

After working with thousands of people across the world, I've noticed that many people are sick and tired of this struggle with allowing real prosperity and abundance into their lives but they're still not sure of exactly what to do about it...

Have you ever experienced this dilemma?

If prosperity seems to elude you, there's a specific reason (and it's not what you think it is). It's because of a little known phenomenon called "Prosperity Reversal" and it's the leading cause of prosperity and money issues in people's lives. Prosperity Reversal is like a "short circuit" in your electrical system that "blows the fuse" whenever things get too hot.

Get to close to success? ... the fuse blows.

Want to move forward in your life? - again the fuse blows and you're back to square one again...

Here's where it gets really interesting...

When you learn about what sabotages your financial life (and how you can fix this problem for good) you'll simply be astounded at what this breakthrough method will do for your career, your personal life and your peace of mind.

Think of it... what would your life be like without worries about money and prosperity?

You're probably suspecting (like I did many years ago) that there's a far simpler way to get what you want in life and experience spiritual and abundance consciousness - the trick is you have to know the right steps to take (and the major mistakes to avoid).

You're about to learn how you can experience amazing shifts in your clarity, inner peace, self-confidence and most importantly the ability to manifest the kind of life you truly deserve.

You'll learn about:

  • How to find the real wealth hidden within you
  • How to earn what you're worth
  • Why willpower and other "mind based" techniques typically fail and what you can do about it
  • How to free yourself of money and prosperity problems for good
  • How to discover your true passions
  • How not getting what you want can actually be good for you
  • How to be free of the "self help trap" once and for all
  • How to find the untapped prosperity and abundance within you.

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What critics are
saying about
Creating Abundance

"Paul's revolutionary "Abundance Activation Technique" will help you eliminate any old blocks that have held you back in life and help you turn your "prosperity switch" back on to attract what you want most."

My highest recommendation!

John Assaraf
President of

"Paul's "Creating Abundance" is the most powerful program I've ever used to eliminate prosperity and financial problems (right at the root cause) and accelerate
your success levels beyond what you've ever thought was possible.

Michael Angier
President of

"I was so impressed with the simplicity and clarity of Creating Abundance."

Dr. Carol Look


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