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Unlocking the Heart and Soul
of Your Business

Choose from the following Dreams Alive corporate and
organizational seminars ...

   Unlocking Your Creative Genius
  • Stress reduction
  • How to tap the power of your imagination
  • How to tap more of the power of the group
  • The power of recognition
  • Guiding Your Subconscious to work for you

   Creative Empowerment
  • Creating and Living Your Corporate Vision
  • Creating Community at Work
  • Creating Groupwork
  • How to unleash and express your individual creativity
  • The synergy of your creativity and the group

Dreams Alive can help your company or organization thrive.
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We also can customize programs to fit your needs.

New! Announcing customized versions of
the Dream-Minder!

Contact Paul Bauer at 1-800-966-4899 for details on how we can create an incredible learning tool for your staff that is molded to fit your business and personal needs.

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