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Here are some other Web Sites that help you move in the direction of your dreams...


Steve Roach    Music that not only soothes your soul, but also takes you to another space...Highly recommended! Real Audio clips of some of his best works - including his new masterpiece, Truth and Beauty

Jonn Serrie     Calm, serene, Space music from the Heart...

More Sites... provides one of the most complete collections of Free Newsletters for Self Improvement and Personal Growth on the internet.

If you're intrested in learning about Yoga, you'll enjoy this site. Created by Steve Nakon - not only is he a great Yoga teacher, he's a great guy.
A tremendous site that teaches the principles of the old sage Vernon Howard. If you're really serious about your personal development, Tom Russel, who runs SuperWisdom, will help you awaken the authentic power within you. His free newsletter is one of only a few that I read in its entirety each week.
The best inspirational and motivational quote site I've ever found (and I've seen them all). Created by Frank Baer
A very smart man with tons of integrity. Rick Beneteau can help you take your business to the next level!

John Harricharan
Once in a great while, we find sages in our lives who speak truth and wisdom. John Harricharan is one of those few who can add to your life with warmth and truth. I highly recommend John's work.
For our special little furry friends, a site that helps us learn how to better care for our animals. A great site that includes a Free puppy screensaver!

A great Site for inspirational and motivational quotes. Created by a man who loves the quotes of the sages. (and loves nature as well : - )

A great site created by a native Hawaiian, Darlene Fujimoto. Darlene shares the beauty of the Hawaiian culture - its language in particular. Discover this ancient language and the power it holds...Darlene invites you:

He mai e ku`u hoaaloha o ka `ôlelo Hawai`i
You are welcome, my friend of the Hawaiian language.

Creating The Work You Love
Created by Rick Jarow - Author of the powerful book "Creating The Work You Love" - Rick's work will help you find your passion and purpose

Learning Meditation
A beautiful site on the power of meditation and its ability to calm the mind and allow your riches to spring forth.
Discover your life purpose; learn the art of abundant living through elegant simplicity; build smooth sailing relationships; and master your business aspirations through advice, columns, products, consulting, speaking, and services available at
Medical Intuitive Vianna Stibal shares her simple yet powerful technique to help activate a quickening in mankind's evolutionary process through awareness of healing and unconditional love. An incredibly powerful healing method. is your source for motivation and inspiration.Within this site you will find a great number of quotes, short stories, poems, articles and positive resources.

Learn about the power of breathing and its incredible benefits for your health, energy, and ability to fuel your creativity and Dreams Highly Recommended!

If you've ever wanted to write something - a great poem or book, but you weren't sure how to market it - here's a great site that will help you do it.
A unique and beautiful site that helps you unwind and find your Heart's Desire. Created by Internationally known Guided Imagery Expert Susan Castle. 5 Star Site!

Living From Vision - An exceptional course on how to manifest. Learn the beauty of Dolphins and how we can learn from their unconditional love and ability to communicate. While you're there check out, Journey to the Center of Creation, a great book on how connecting with dolphins helps you re-discover your innate power and spirit!

Motivational Mecca
A great source for Positive quotes and motivation. - A wealth of personal growth information and resources

Quantum Focus
Quantum Focus enables you to concentrate your mind's full power on your goals and focuses the power of your subconscious mind. A beautiful site that helps you understand the wisdom of the sages

Live Your Dream
Joyce Chapman - Author of the book Live Your Dream - Wonderful insights into opening up your imagination and tapping the power of your dreams in life.

The Dream Tree - A resource center for Dreamers - Cool site!

Motivating Moments
Motivating Moments is an ever growing on-line collection of Inspirational Quotes and Stories that touch your Heart and Soul.

Your Home - Start, Grow, and Succeed in Your Home Based Business

Mind Media - Great Source for Software for your mind

Dream-Up - Your Dream Analysis Assistant

Dream-Gate What a great list of on-line resources! This is the largest list of resources I have found to date

Nightingale Conant     The world-wide leader in inspirational and motivational tapes

Transitions Bookplace    The best personal growth bookstore in the world!

Jonathan Goldman - Healing Sounds
The Power of Resonance and Harmonics to heal and restore harmony
in our lives. Author of Healing Sounds - The Power of Harmonics
Visit his web site to read two chapters of Jeff's new book, Attitude is
Everything -- and to sign up for our FREE monthly e-mail newsletter, "Here's
To Your Success."

Click here to visit Transitions -
The Finest Personal Growth Bookstore in the World!

More Information sources:

Hay House  Publishers of such great authors as Wayne Dyer, visit this site for inspiration!

Successories     Tools to promote personal and team excellence

Lightworks     Publishers of the Monthly Aspectarian - A great source for new inspiring ideas to add value to your life

New Age Magazine    Rethinking the Way We Live  - One of the best alternative healing magazines available

Other Interesting Sites...

Success Magazine     The defacto standard in business magazines! Grow your business!

More sites to come. Any suggestions, please e-mail us and let us know!

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