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Why Struggle To Reach Your Goals And Dreams
When There's A Far Simpler Way?

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"Gives You A Fool-proof Way Of Zapping Stress And Realizing Your Most Treasured Goals And Dreams In Less Than 30 Days"


You are just a few simple steps away from realizing your most sacred dreams and goals.  Dream-Minder software gives you all the energy and wisdom you’ll ever need to de-stress and live with clarity and passion. Picture yourself enjoying the kind of life you know you deserve.  Realize in days what it took you years to accomplish before.

From: Paul Bauer

Dear Friend,

Do you ever find yourself saying "I'm so tired of struggling to get ahead"?

Do you ever feel
that even when you've "succeeded" you still feel unfulfilled or wondering - like the old song once said, "Is that all there is?

I'm here to tell you you're not alone... and there's a simple way to solve this age old struggle.

FACT: "We often spend so much time working, our minds grow weary, our hearts grow uninspired and our bodies become weary."  - Author Chin Ning Chu 

Have you ever felt this way?

Burned out in your job?
Restless ?
Unfulfilled in your relationships?

Do you ever wonder when your "ship is coming in"?

What if there was a way that you could end this struggle and
realize your
most treasured dreams and goals?

After years of heartache and struggle, I "stumbled" onto a software breakthrough that not only helps you release any stress or struggle - but also helps you find and realize your most treasured Dreams and goals - and it's so easy to use - even high school kids use it.

Let me tell you a story...

Years ago, two normal guys got together in their garage and came up with an idea. They wanted to build the world's first personal computer. All the "experts" told them they couldn't do it - and IBM was the "only game in town" - but they listened to their Hearts and after a while they launched what became the most successful company of its time - Apple Computer.

Those two guys were named Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak - who are now both multi-millionaires. (In fact Steve Jobs is a billionaire!)

Why am I telling you this story?

Every person has a Dream - 
Passion Within Them

Because everyone
- every person in this world has a Dream -
a passion  - a vision in their life that pulls them and urges them to move forward in life. You my friend have this vision within you - it "whispers" to you occasionally - but in some cases it cries out. It cries out to be listened to and acted upon because this vision comes from your Soul (not your mind).

Within this "Inner Vision" this lies the magic
of living your life with passion, fulfillment and purpose.

This means being true to who you really are - and living your life on purpose with all the passion and energy you are capable of living.

So what separates the ones who realize their dreams
and the ones who don't?

Three simple things:

1) A deep passion and commitment in what they're doing.

2) A clear focus and inner clarity of what's most important in their lives

3) An unwavering sense of purpose - beyond "the mind" - in other words a spiritual sense of a greater purpose in their lives and their "work". ("Work" for these "Successful Dreamers" (as I call them) is fun - not a chore. They wake up every day with a passionate purpose - they know that there are great things to be created each and every day.

You can feel this same way in your own life!

Who am I -and how can I help you achieve your "impossible dreams"?

My name is Paul Bauer and I've helped people across the world find their inner passions and realize them. My software, Dream-Minder is now in over 70 countries and has helped over 10,000 people find a deeper purpose and meaning in their lives.

Dream-Minder will help you find your
inner fire - your sense of purpose - and help you harness strengths you're not even aware you have.

There are essentially two ways
you can live your life:

1) Living your life at the mercy of others - hoping "your day will come" (if you work had enough, suffer, and keep your nose to the grindstone)


2) Being connected with your inner passions - your Life's Dreams and living that passion daily.

When you live from your inner passions - you'll never have to seek approval from others - you'll "chart your own course" and be the master of your own destiny.

More importantly, you'll feel whole, connected and inspired.

Does this sound like the kind of life you'd like to have?

My software,
Dream-Minder, gives you all the essentials of realizing this inner power in your life and you can begin it today.

What's unique about Dream-Minder is it's about YOU - not 10 more principles of "How to Live Your Life" - we know that doesn't work -because it doesn't involve your inner wisdom. Most motivational methods quickly fade -


Because they're based on the mind only -and they don't include the deeper parts of you - Your Heart and your Spirit.

You have skills and resources within you that you're not even aware of, right now as you're reading this. If you're sincerely interested, I'll teach you how to access these inner resources and live life on your terms.

Joseph Campbell once wrote:

"People say that what we're all seeking is the
meaning of life...I think that what we're
really seeking is the experience of being alive."

I've studied the greatest thinkers of all time - Socrates, Blake, Emerson, DaVinci, and the one thing they all had in common was they were creative visionaries. They also had to overcome major obstacles in their life. They found a way to create something from nothing. The ancients called this process alchemy (the ability to turn lead into gold!). This tool will help you to do the same thing - because it helps you tap the most powerful inner resource you have:

Your intuition.


The only way out is to go through
  - Robert Frost

If you really want to grow whether it be in:

Your Personal life
Your Relationships
Your Prosperity and Finances
Your Career
Your Family Life

You need to influence and guide your subconscious mind like you would a child's - to gradually accept these changes - or they simply won't happen - they'll just seem temporary and revert back to their old nature.

You see, most people think that in order to change (or grow), all they need to do is to set goals, plan their time better, discipline themselves more, etc.

This is False!

Somehow we've bought into this myth of "set goals, work harder, set more goals more harder..." - sounds like a skipping record doesn't it??

It's time to get off this "merry go-round" and start living the kind of life you were meant to live. From your whole Heart and Spirit - (not just your mind).

With just three simple steps, Dream-Minder will help you:

1) Find your inner passions and Life's Dreams

Attract the people to help you build your Dreams

Stay "present" - and in-touch with what brings you inner joy and fulfillment

No other software in the world does what
Dream-Minder does for you.

"You have created something so magical Paul, that can be so powerful that it moved me to tears. ...Your software can create Miracles in peoples lives. I use Dream minder everyday now and Dream guide weekly and whenever I take the time to really focus on the programme, I access this special feeling again. It's completely amazing!" 
- Berni Woods - London, England

I will show you how much
incredible strength and inner power you really have. The kind that lasts. The kind that doesn't just fade away like most goal-setting or achievement programs teach.

You'll learn that in order to live a life of true inner peace and financial freedom, you need to be doing something you LOVE, something you're
passionate about.

In other words, having a
Life's Dream

When you have a
passion - a purpose in life, it keeps you going, even on the darkest days. In fact, dark days will only fuel your success after you learn the secrets that I will reveal to you.

"Your Dream IS the Foundation"

I will show you how you can have unstoppable clarity in your life when you realize how important it is to have a Life's Dream - A Life Vision that inspires you day in and day out.

I'll share with you the most powerful ways for you to calm your mind, trust your intuition, and live your life with less stress and deeper fulfillment than you've ever dreamed possible.

How can you do this?

I reveal the secret ways of doing this in my kit called
Dream-Minder. The single best software tool in the
to help you get clarity, passion and fulfillment
in your personal and professional life.

The KEY to Dream-Minder is that it helps you experience the power
and wisdom within you on an feelings level (energetically) - not just intellectualizing it. 

In other words - when you use Dream-Minder you'll feel the difference, not just think about it. (Thoughts are a fairly low vibration compared to your feelings, with Dream-Minder, you'll understand the difference!)

This clear difference will save you years of heartache and struggle
that you'd spend trying to find and realize your most precious Dreams and goals.

Daniel W. Lamont
Success Coach

"Dream-Minder just became the most important piece of software I own. It's a resource that will help you live a more successful and meaningful life...I just discovered this recently and all I could say after the first time I used it was, "WOW!" It helped me become very centered, powerfully focused and deeply in touch with my purpose."

Dream-Minder helps you tap your innate wisdom and genius. And it helps you daily with gentle reminders of your highest values and talents to accomplish your Dreams and goals. Dream-Minder helps you free your subconscious mind - that incredible resource within you that fuels your success. In order to successfully create your goals and dreams, first you need to be able to tap your subconscious mind.

In Dream-Minder, you'll learn the subconscious principles of how to live the life you've imagined (and why one day "band-aid" methods don't work).

Dream-Minder - Software for Personal Life Enhancement, is not about sleeping dreams, but your Life's Dreams - your passions - things you LOVE to do.
Dream-Minder is "Software That Frees Your Mind and Lifts Your Spirit".

What Dream-Minder will do for you:

1) It helps you clear your mind and create more balance in your life
Click here to learn why having a clear mind is essential to achieving what you want in life

2) It helps you
focus on what you truly desire
Learn why focusing is so important

3) It reminds you with a unique reminder window throughout your day with calming music, soothing images and simple ways to create what you desire. Click here to learn more about the revolutionary re-minder feature

Dream-Minder also:

  • Helps you get clarity on your life's purpose and your goals and Dreams and how to make them real

  • Relieves day to day stress and frees up your creative energy

  • Opens up your creativity to allow more of what you truly desire in your life

  • Builds your intuition - your most powerful innate resource

  • Helps you make better and more productive (and profitable!) decisions

If you can imagine it, you can achieve it.
If you can dream it, you can become it.

William Arthur Ward

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Amazing secrets that you will learn as 
you begin to use Dream-Minder:

  • Why using willpower and goal-setting actually prevents you from achieving your dreams and goals (wait till you realize what's really at the core of your happiness)

  • I'll show you how to avoid Dream-Squashers (people who try to kill your Dreams and passions - whether they know it or not). This single step will be save you years of heartache and struggle - because you won't be at the mercy of the "good opinion of others - instead you'll rely on your own inner compass)

  • How to save hundreds of $$ on personal growth, self help, and new age books, tapes, seminars and software

  • Learn the master steps to manifesting your desires

  • The art of visualizing success in advance (there's a right way to visualize
    and a wrong way - I'll show you the
    right way that will skyrocket your results

  • Discover how to apply the mysterious Law of Attraction (and why it will help you make breakthroughs you've never thought possible!)

  • How to tap the innate genius within you

  • Discover 7 secrets of tapping your subconscious mind

  • Learn how to quiet your mind and re-discover your intuition

  • Learn how to quiet your mind and re-discover your intuition - 
    the place of your truth, regardless of what anyone tells you!

  • How to attract people to help you create your dreams and goals

  • One thing you must do so you'll never buy useless products or services again

  • Discover hidden techniques that will propel you towards your goals and Dreams

  • The hidden truth about the power of music and sound & how to effortlessly create what you desire

  • How to transform any fear or obstacle into success in your life

"You cannot teach a man anything;
you can only help him to find it within himself."



 Dream-Minder Is Guaranteed To Help
You Find What Is
Sacred Within You

There is more - much more than I can list here. What you have just read is a small sample of the exciting information in Dream-Minder. If you truly want to get balance back in your life, enjoy life more with family and friends, and create more real wealth than you ever have before - then the information I'm offering is CRUCIAL!

The most exciting thing is you can tap this information today!

Here's what others are saying about Dream-Minder :

"One of the most effective tools I have ever discovered"

"For the first time, software that truly helps you listen to your Heart. Dream-Minder is one of the most effective tools I have ever discovered to help an individual identify, energize, and create what they do best in life."

Dr. Richard Sandore - President
Soaring Spirit, Inc., Chicago, IL

"What I love... is it's about me - it's so personalized"

"What I love about the Dream-Minder is it's about me - it's so personalized. I get to go on my journey and discover my passions and how to put them to best use"

Mr. Mike Toye, Human Resources Manager
Giddings & Lewis, Fond Du Lac, WI

"What a breath of fresh air. This software works!"

"What a breath of fresh air - Dream-Minder is the best of a new breed of software that lives up to its claims. Using the Dream-Minder has helped me reduce stress during the day and remind myself of and create those things in my life that are the most important to me. This software works!"

Chris Young, District Manager
Cisco Corporation, Chicago, IL

"Dream-Minder is indescribably valuable to me."

"Dream-Minder is indescribably valuable to me. The images in Dream-Minder are gorgeous - I would pay to have these pictures alone in my home. It invites me to dream, smile, laugh, hope and trust. I use it because it relaxes me ...and my soul. Dream-Minder is my secret hiding place...where my passions and peace reside anytime I want to go there "

Fred Nelson, President
Fred Nelson Associates Network, Barrington, IL

"I love this software"

"I love this software. The Dream-Minder gives me inspiration and reminders to follow my dreams and live from my passions - not just tasks. My business is growing faster and I work less because of what I've learned from using Dream-Minder! I would have paid triple the price!"

Bill Jacques - President, Natural Health Connection, Inc.
Wheaton, IL

"Dream-Minder has helped make my life richer and more rewarding"

"Dream-Minder is great! I know that it will take me to heights I have never been before!"

Dream-Minder has helped make my life richer and more rewarding. I also have more confidence that I will reach my dreams! In fact, I'm presenting your program at a sales meeting next week (I'm a stockbroker w/Dean Witter and a mentor to junior brokers). I do agree, your company thriving will only make the world a better place. Thanks again for sharing...           : - )

Sheila Jamison, Dean Witter Securities
Cliffside Park, NJ

Click here to read more testimonials

If you want to order, I insist you do so entirely at my risk. That is why the software comes with a... No Risk, 100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee. There is absolutely NO RISK on your part with this One-year 100% Money-Back Guarantee. Therefore, I want you to order this software today... experience it, use it... if for any reason you aren't completely satisfied, simply return it for an immediate refund of your purchase price. You simply can't lose.

And there's no rush for you to make up your mind becasue you can take advantage of our free 7 day trial of Dream-Minder. Take 1 full week to "kick the tires" and see for yourself how Dream-Minder can help you discover and awaken your core passions and your purpose.

Option 1  This essential software is normally priced at $159.00, but as a special Internet introductory offer it is available now for only $97.00.

That's less than what most people spend on dinner and a movie for two. Just one of the over 100 tips and secrets will pay for the software.

Option 2  Includes a 1 hour consultation with the creator of Dream-Minder, Paul Bauer. Paul has helped hundreds of people in all walks of life re-discover their passions and dreams and help make them real. You can have one full hour with Paul to assist you in attaining your life's dreams.

Normally, a session with Paul would cost over $300.00, but because of this special offer, you can receive both the Dream-Minder and one hour of Paul's time for only $197.00 total! What this means to you is that he can help personalize Dream-Minder to fit your unique needs. Dream-Minder will then be able to reinforce daily the value of your customized one-on-one session with Paul.

"But I'm not even clear on what my goals are", you say? That's OK! Many of my clients who had no idea what their life's dreams and goals were before they began working with me said the same thing, and now they are producing results that they didn't think they were capable of creating! Click here to learn more about how a Personal Session with Paul can help you create your Life's Dreams and goals.

Click here to listen to Paul share how Dream-Minder can transform your life and how you can re-ignite your passions and Dreams again.

The true value is not in the cost of the offer, but in the
value you will gain by having Dream-Minder. Plus, if you order within the next 48 hours, I will also send you FOUR exciting Free Bonuses.

Free Bonus # 1 (A $49.00 value): The first special report will reveal "How To Develop Your Intuition". Remember, I've created amazing alliances and created the Dream-Minder using this method. I will not only show you one way, but three different ways to do this easily. A similar report revealing only one of these techniques was sold by a California man for $79.95. This report alone is worth the price of the software. It is now yours absolutely free!

Free Bonus # 2: (A $39.00 value): The second report will reveal HOW TO save hundreds on self help and personal growth seminars and products. With this report, you'll know intuitively and simply what books, tapes, software or services will help you the most. You'll be able to easily see through the hype and right to the core of the right choices for you. Can you afford not to have this kit?

Free Bonus # 3: (A $57.00 value): Also, if you order by midnight tonight, you'll receive a Free special report on "How to Create More Real Wealth With Far Less Effort". This free report describes how you can learn the secrets of the most successful people in any walk of life. What's so powerful about this report is how simple it is to learn. Even high-schoolers have successfully used this method to easily create what they want in life and even create great new successful product ideas.

Free Bonus # 4: (A $49.00 Value): Creativity Booster: A special method that will help you create better & more ideas than you've ever thought possible. This method has helped thousands unleash their creative genius and create breakthrough ideas that skyrocket their personal and professional lives!

Finally, a FREE upgrade to our new version 3.0 - our best version yet. Packed with new & updated features that help you clarify and realize your Life's Dreams, (A $79.00 Value)

That is a total value of $273.00 in free gifts, yours to keep regardless of whether you keep Dream-Minder.

Special Update: You can also discover your unique Life Purpose with our new
Discovering Your Life Purpose™ kit. With this unique addition to Dream-Minder,
you'll learn:

  • How to discover your unique Life Purpose
  • How to develop your own personal blueprint for activating and
    realizing your purpose
  • Specific daily steps you can take to begin realizing your God-given talents and begin to feel the deep fulfillment and inspiration of knowing that you are serving humanity
  • Additional exercises that help you clarify your purpose and have the confidence you need to keep going

But here comes the best news.
By being an owner of Dream-Minder, you'll join a select group of people around the world who receive special updates about "hidden" features in Dream-Minder. Called Your Life's Dreams Newsletter, and worth over $157.00 of a year's tips and strategies on how to harness and maximize the unlimited potential and genius within you. 

There's a lot beneath the surface of this software - and you'll be among a small group that receive special tips throughout a full year on how to harness the power of your imagination and subconscious mind with this exceptional product.

If you're looking for a "quick-fix" or something that gives you a short term rah-rah effect, Dream-Minder is the wrong product for you. If you truly want to begin to create results that you only used to dream of, order yours today!

Remember, order now, to receive your four Free bonuses and 50% off of what people are calling the best software they've ever used. There are three easy ways to order.

The first and fastest way to order is directly online by clicking here for our SECURE SERVER or if your web browser will not support secure servers... use our other order form.

Or, you can use your credit card and order by phone. To get this special price when you call, please tell the operator the "publication number" is # . Call 1-800-966-4899

The last way to order is through "snail" mail. Click here for our mail order form

I look forward to getting a letter from you, telling me about how your life has changed, how your stress levels have dropped, and how you've been able to create dreams and goals that you maybe never thought possible before purchasing Dream-Minder. Even though I get an enormous amount of mail, keep the letters coming, I love to hear your success stories!

Paul Bauer
Dreams Alive International

System Requirements:
Windows® 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP or Windows NT 4.0
16MB RAM (32 MB recommended), minimum 60MB of hard disk space, Sound Blaster Card or compatible, CD-ROM drive, SVGA (800x600 256 color minimum), Mouse or tablet.

Mac Users: We're working on a version for you! Click here to be notified
when it's done.

Click here for frequently asked questions about Dream-Minder.

Order Dream-Minder now and make up your mind anytime. If you ever decide you don't like it, just ask for your money back. You have 365 days to experience how Dream-Minder can transform your life.


“Until you are committed, there is hesitancy...Whatever you
can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius,
power and magic in it. Begin it now.”
  - Goethe                

Why wait even one more day to begin living your Dream and realizing your Vision?

Imagine now how you will feel knowing that you've successfully created what you really want in life. Do you realize the power that you have
within you in this moment?

Take a deep breath... just for a moment...

Allow yourself
now to imagine the kind of life you really want...

Are you prepared to begin the next major step on your life's journey?
Are You willing to realize your God-given potential?

Click here now to order your copy of Dream-Minder and set yourself

: - )

It's time to
LIVE your life with passion and feel alive and fulfilled again.
Click here to begin Your Dream today!

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P.S. That's all there is to it...when you order now, you'll receive:

  • Dream-Minder Software - (A $159.00 value)
  • Free Report #1 - How to Discover Your Intuition (Worth $49.00)
  • Free Report #2 - How to Save Hundreds on Self Help Products (Worth $39.00)
  • Free Bonus # 3: How to Create More Real Wealth With Far Less Effort"
    (A $57.00 value)
  • Special Report: Creativity Booster - (A $49.00 value)
  • Free Version 3.0 upgrade - the best version yet! - (A $79.00 value)
  • Your Life's Dream's newsletter - (A $157.00 value)

The entire package is valued at over $472.00, but all of these are yours for only $97.00 - when you order now. Your software, and four free reports will be shipped immediately, and after that, you are the judge. You must be 100% satisfied or ... you can return it for a full and immediate refund, no questions asked... PLUS... you still get to keep the four free reports.

P.P.S. -  Remember, if you've ever considered buying ONE product or service concerning personal growth, be certain it contains every bit of benefits that you read above... Insist on it!

Click here
to order your copy today via our SECURE SERVER

We appreciate any comments or feedback, email us at We want to serve you better.

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