Goal Setting - The Right Way

By Paul Bauer

Here's how you can create what you really want in life.

Don't Set Your Goals this year.

"What?" you say?

Yes, I'm suggesting that you don't set goals this year.

What a crazy thing to say! (some may say), but you'll quickly
see why...

Goals are primarily ego-driven desires which are based on
the mind (and often neglect our Hearts). Many people who set
goals do so thinking that they'll be happier when they achieve

This is where the problem starts...

But what many people discover is that the result of achieving
the goal makes them "want even more". Thus a cycle of
unfulfilled "wants" begins and unless the person truly looks
within themselves (to their Heart and Spirit) they may get
caught up on the merry-go-round of "strive for the goal, get
the goal, strive for more, get more", etc, etc...

The goal-getters now are screaming - "this guy's nuts!"

Stay with me a minute...

If you've been reading this website over time, you've begun
to see how the process of goal-setting and other left-brained
activities often pull us away from who we really are (at the
spiritual level).

Most goals are based on the assumption that "something is
" in your life which needs "fixing". This false assumption
creates a feeling of inadequacy within the person and gets
played out in their daily life.

People that believe this myth (that "something is wrong" in their
life which needs "fixing") begin to realize that trying to fix the
wrong problems is a poor recipe for living a joyous and fulfilled

Instead, all you really need to do is to tune into your Life's Dreams.
Most people set goals to avoid a feeling that they'd rather not have.
So, instead of taking care of the problem at the root level (the
emotion itself), most people set goals or "wish" for a way out
of the way of life they've created for themselves.

By ignoring the underlying cause of WHY they want something
more, the person ends up creating more of what they DON'T
want (feelings of anger, depression, apathy, frustration, etc)

This also causes many goal-seekers to look outside of
themselves for answers instead of within themselves - where
the best answers always come from.

This "looking outside effect" causes many to become materialistic (seeking better cars, better houses, more money, better job, etc). The more a person allows themselves to become conditioned by outside factors, (advertising, opinions of society, family or friends, etc) the more cut off from their own Spirit they become (called Spiritual Deficit Disorder - see
http://www.dreamsalive.com/thrive.htm for more on this serious problem).

Does this make sense to you?

So most people get caught up in "chasing after success", rather
than just paying attention to what really matters to them most:

Their Family
Their Health
Their Spirit
Their Life's Dreams
The Legacy They Leave Behind

SO What Do We DO Instead of Setting Goals?

Connect With Your Dreams.

Not just Pie-in-the-sky "someday life will get better" wishing
and hoping - but what your Heart and Soul long for.

Remember one important point:

"Goals come from the mind (ego)
but Dreams come from the Heart"

Does this mean that you should never set any goals?

No. But don't allow yourself to get caught up in the "mind-trap"
of goal-setting (a primarily male-based ego way of thinking).
When I say "mind-trap", what I mean is goals are a linear
(left brain) concept. And many people get caught in the loop
of striving (therefore exert too much effort) in "chasing after"
their goals. Whereas intuition and creativity come from the
right brain and from the Heart (which are decidedly non-linear).

The key is to not over-rely on left brain goal orientation. When
you really consider what makes you happy, in other words,
the ESSENCE of your happiness, it all comes down to one

Does the process of getting what you want make you
feel good?

Not just the goals themselves, but the process of creating
them. (and who you become in the process.)

Let's look at some examples of people who live their
passion daily and enjoy the process.

Steven Spielberg - he loves the movie making process

Michael Jordan - he loves the game of basketball

Oprah - she loves sharing stories of inspiration with others.

We can find hundreds of examples of people who live
their joy daily. (and you deserve the same)

What these people did to get where they are today is they
enjoyed the process - irrespective of the destination they
may have seen in their vision.

This is called detachment.

So if you want to be thinner, or wealthier, or find a better job, or
live with passion and joy, learn to connect with ALREADY being
this way (well before it shows up in physical "reality").

Connect to the ESSENCE of what brings you JOY. The feeling
of joy will attract what you want automatically (also known as
The Law Of Attraction).

In other words, living your passions - Your Life's Dreams is the
recipe - and the ingredients are already within you.

You know, a lot of people tell me the reason why they get stuck
in day to day short term thinking (and goal chasing) is because
they don't have a Life Purpose or a long term vision. For this
reason, I've created a Special Life Purpose Report that you can
get when you own Dream-Minder.

If you don't know your Life's Purpose, now's the perfect time
to discover it. (You can get our free Life Purpose Exercise when
you order Dream-Minder today).

So y friend, while you ponder your what you want in life, just this
once allow yourself to "Forget Your Goals" and instead "Follow
Your Dreams".


You'll be glad you did...

: - )

And So It Is...


Tap Your Life's Dreams Now

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Let's listen to Nisa Ryan share her thoughts
about Dream-Minder...

"Loved it from the very moment I started using it. The
music, quotes, the pictures, the entire creative format are
brilliant. Dream-Minder has been helpful in so many ways
in my life. I use it daily and sometimes a few times a day. I'm
most grateful to you Paul for exercising your creative energy
by sharing it and inspiring others with such great work.
Magical (just as I wrote the word "magical" my Dream-Minder
popped up and of course this brings me a smile) - things
keep happening to me especially when I visualize tasks
and projects as completed.

     So thank you, thank you, thankyou! You have opened my
     heart and the beauty of it is that my heart remains open
     for longer stretches of time.

     One day, things just didn't seem to be going right and then I
remembered from Dream-Minder: How do you handle
setbacks? Well, in that moment I felt like I had a friend who
was remembering me. I felt so nurtured. Somehow my
problems were transforming. They weren't necessarily
solved, but I felt renewed and fresh and had the feeling
that I could tackle anything. I was starting on new ground
and I felt magnificent! And this was all because I had been
associating with the right energy sources in Dream-Minder."
- Nisa Ryan - Berkeley, California

You deserve to discover and realize your passions and Dreams
like Nisa Ryan has. Let today be the day that you allow yourself
to begin...

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Watch how they treat people. What does your gut say about them? Do they make you feel accepted and understood or pushed and manipulated?

Just stop and

Your guidance system (your intuition) will tell you.

As you become more aware of your True Nature - Your
Spirit, you'll be able to re-connect with your passions, your joy, your Life's Dreams.

And so it is...

So today, just...

b - r - e - a - t - h - e

Take today to free yourself from the dark side, the male-centric ego struggle that has had so many of us caught in the mind-trap of motivation and achievement.

B r e a t h e, and take a moment to Dream today my friend...

You don't need self improvement, you're already complete. (and the solutions to your biggest problems are within you - not in some guru).

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May the warm sun of your imagination flow easily,
effortlessly as you make your Dreams real...


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