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Who is Joe-Dreamer?


Joe Dreamer is a character created by Paul Bauer that allows the kid inside him to play and have fun again. Inspired by my brother, Dave Bauer and by John Cairns (a cool inspirational speaker we met in Hawaii), Joe Dreamer symbolizes the kid-Spirit in all of us.

So, Where did the name "Joe-Dreamer" come in?

Paul was talking with John Cairns (the inspirational speaker he met in Hawaii) and they were talking about their respective families, where they were from, etc...

John asked Paul, "Do you have any brothers or sisters?"and Paul replied,

"Yes. One brother, and one sister".

"They must be proud of you?" John asked.

"Yes, they are proud of me   : - )". But every once and a while I think my brother doesn't understand me..."

"What do you mean", John asked...

Paul replied, "Well... every once and a while when my Mom and I talk, she tells me my brother asks her something like "So, where's Joe Dreamer lately, off in Dreamland still?" My Mom laughs and says, I don't know, call him and ask him". Brotherly rivalry? Maybe not, maybe it's Dave's way of saying he respects Paul...    : - )

So, John Cairns heard Paul tell this story and remembered it for a special moment... So later in the week, John was listening to Paul tell a story to the people in one of his seminars. Right as Paul said something about child-like Spirit in all of us, John yelled Johhh-Dreamer!

Everyone looked at John and wondered "What?"

And in that instant , Joe-Dreamer was born... 

So, John suggested to Paul, "When can I get a shirt that has that saying on it?", and Paul said "Hmm, let me think that over a bit...

So, we're going to have T-Shirts available soon with the Hawaiian Petroglyph figures (that's the Joe-Dreamer energy) that you've seen on this page...

Get your own Joe Dreamer T-Shirt!
 So, if you would like your own Joe-Dreamer T-Shirt when they become available, please fill-in your name and e-mail address and we'll notify you the first day they're available!

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Joe-Dreamer over and out...

: - )