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These works have made a profound impact upon my life and the lives of many others. Rich with wisdom and practical knowledge, my life has significantly changed for the better because of these works of art. Think of these books as keys to help you unlock your inner wisdom - wisdom that has always been there - waiting to be tapped. Enjoy!

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**Denotes Highly Recommended

Chapman, Joyce
Live Your Dreams - How to Discover and Achieve Your Life’s Purpose

Choquette, Sonia
The Psychic Pathway, Your Hearts Desire, Instructions for a Miracle

Chopra, Deepak
The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, The Path to Love - Renewing The Power of Spirit in Your Life

Dyer, Wayne
**Manifest Your Destiny, Real Magic, You’ll See It When You Believe It, Your Sacred Self

Hill, Napoleon
Think and Grow Rich

** Finley, Guy
The Secret of Letting Go

** Fischer, Mark
The Instant Millionaire

Jeffers, Susan
Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

Keyes, Ken
Your Life is a Gift

** Mahaney, Teri
Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

** Murphy, Joseph
The Power of Your Subconscious Mind

Naperstek, Bellaruth
Staying Well with Guided Imagery

Ostrander and Shroeder
SuperLearning 2000, SuperMemory and Superlearning

** Patent, Arnold
You Can Have It ALL

Rasberry, Sally
Living Your Life Out Loud

**Roman, Sonaya
Creating Money

Inspiration Sandwich, Stories To Inspire Our Creative Spirit

Sinetar, Marsha
To Build the Life You Want, Create the Work You Love, Do What you Love and the Money Will Follow

Winter, Barbara
How to Make a Living without a Job: Winning Ways of Finding Work You LOVE to DO

**Zin, Jon-Kabat
Wherever You Go, There You Are


Dyer, Wayne
Real Magic, Manifesting Your Destiny
Check Nightingale Conant for more listings

** Mahaney, Teri
Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

** Naperstek, Bellaruth
Guided Imagery for Wellness (and 8 other topics-
Relationship, Cancer, HIV, Etc.)

Robbins, Anthony
PowerTalk Series Volumes 1-24


Voice of The Feminine Spirit

Hearts of Space
Compilations - 92, 93, 94

Obmana, Vidna
The River of Appearance

Reaves, Giles
Sea of Glass, Soundscape Gallery Compilation

Rich, Robert
Gaudi, Fissures

Rich, Robert & Lisa Moskow

** Roach, Steve On This Planet, Structures in Silence, ** Dreamtime Return, Desert Solitaire, Western Spaces, World’s Edge, Strata, ** Quiet Moments Vol. 3, **The Dream Circle, **The Magnificent Void, **Caverns of Sirens, The Lost Pieces, **Origins, Truth and Beauty (Lost pieces # 2)

Roach, Steve & Robert Rich

Suspended Memories, Forgotten Gods
Earth Island

**Serrie, John
Ixlandia, Flightpath

Stearns, Michael
Sacred Sites

Antarctica, Opera Sauvage, Blade Runner SoundTrack, 1492-The Conquest of Paradise **Voices, Oceanic

Windham Hill
Path - Compilation

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