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About Paul Bauer

Who Is Paul Bauer?

Sometimes called "Joe-Dreamer", Paul Bauer is a humorous and inspirational trainer, speaker and author who loves helping people find their Life's Dreams and re-claim their Spirit. His seminars are attended by people across the world as they learn to re-discover their natural strengths and talents and how to use them for more clarity, happiness and deeper fulfillment.

Paul BauerBorn and raised in Glenview, Illinois - a suburb of Chicago, Paul graduated from Marquette University in 1981 with a B.S. in Business Administration. He began working as a salesman in the paper industry for four years. During this time, he felt disillusioned about what he wanted versus what he was actually creating.

Paul "hit the wall" spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally in the summer of 1986. It seemed as if the "walls came closing down" upon him. He almost went bankrupt, lost his girlfriend, his dog was killed... he had hit "rock bottom".

This marked a new beginning for him though. Ancient wisdom teaches us that prior to any great rise or growth stage in our lives that we experience a fall of some kind. Paul experienced his own fall profoundly. In 1986, he began to realize that if his world was going to change, he needed to change first.

So, a new path had begun for Paul - a journey inward. A journey that Paul is quoted as saying "is the greatest journey anyone can ever take - the journey inside oneself - to the Real You". He realized that he could create what he chose in life - if he was willing to let go of the past. Let go of past thoughts, past conditioning by other people or beliefs.

A famous quote reads "To thine own self be true".

Paul has dedicated his entire life to helping people help themselves realize this Truth within themselves - that has always been there!

Let's get to know Paul more...

My Mission: To help people of all kinds re-discover their child-like Spirit, their genius and their creativity       : - )

My Passions:
Ecology, Helping people find their Spirit and their Dreams

My Hobbies: Ice-Hockey (Back on the Ice after a sabbatical), music (I'm building a recording studio - step by step), journeying to new places (physical and non-physical)

My Truth: All beings are created equal (including animals) - and we are here to honor and protect these wonderful beings

More pictures of Paul

A list of some of Paul's accomplishments:

  • President and Founder of Dreams Alive International, Inc. - a company that specializes in helping people uncover their genius within through seminars, tapes and software

  • Over 15 years of extensive research into the fields of the Subconscious Mind and the Human Energy Field

  • Author of the Dream-Minder - The first interactive CD-ROM that helps anyone create more results they desire in their life.

  • Developer and producer of the nationally known Creating Abundance and Awaken Your Dreams seminars.

  • Teaches meditation regularly at many of his events and seminars

  • Over 15 years of experience in sound and music research and how it affects the body and nervous system

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming(tm) (NLP) expert
    (but don't think this is all that impressive -ask me why...)

  • Certified Hypnotherapist. Member: Hypnodyne Foundation

  • Studied with internationally known Dr.Teri Mahaney - A pioneer in the field of Supraliminal Tape research.

  • Co-Creator of the new Opening Your Heart To Love and Co-Teacher of Living From Vision seminar series with nationally recognized Guided Imagery Expert Susan M. Castle OTR/L, CHT

  • Author of The Secrets of Creating Your Destiny Tape Series

  • Author of The Secrets of Harmonic Visualization(tm)

  • Appearances on:
    • Healthline 2000 radio show WCBR-FM Chicago
    • Humanware radio show WKTA-AM Chicago
    • Spirit At Work radio show WALE-FM, Providence, Rhode Island - Hosted By Dr. Richard Sandore - Creator of The Shaman's Path Workshops

    For more information about Paul's keynotes and workshops, click here

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